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Events Superstorm Guru Colin Price tells all. MORE
Donate Please help. MORE
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Off Campus TAU Prof. Chamovitz is on a misison to secure the world's food supply. . MORE
Alumni Spotlight Alumni We at Tel Aviv University boast an actively engaged alumni network. And we hope you’ll join us. Discover what your fellow alumni are doing, both academically and otherwise. MORE
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University University TAU is the largest investor in bringing Israeli faculty home. MORE
Friends Friends Steyer Scholars redefine true Grit. MORE
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Friends Prescription APP APP helps diagnose changes in patients with bipolar disorder. MORE
Friends Entrepreneurship 101 Successful serial entrepreneur and TAU alum Liad Agmon is in New York July 9. Register. MORE
Friends A Revolution in Drug Delivery One in 72 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. MORE
Study Abroad From Benign to Melanoma Malignant melanoma is the most aggressive of all human skin cancers. MORE
Cover Photo Carbon Tax vs. Cap & Trade The costs of climate change are borne most by the poor. MORE
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The Jerusalem Report September 22, 2014 "ISIS: Apocalypse Now?" by Bruce Maddy-Weitzman 
Iran Pulse Iran Pulse September 11, 2014 "Authorities Dispense Death Sentences, Families Grant Reprieves: Executions and Pardons in the Islamic Republic" by Dr. Raz Zimmt 
Tel Aviv Notes September 10, 2014 "The Yezidis: Traumatic Memory and Betrayal" by Idan Barir 
Peace Index August 2014 A monthly publication from the Evens Program for Mediation and Conflict Resolution at TAU and the Israel Democracy Institute 
Iqtisadi August 31, 2014 "Economics and the Gaza War" by Paul Rivlin 
Beehive: Middle East Social Media July 2014 "Traitors and Terrorists" by Michael Barak 


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Feeling Their Pain at the Multiplex September 18, 2014 TAU researcher shows movie audiences and schizophrenics share brain activity patterns.  
New TAU Materials Science and Engineering Department Poised for Global Leadership September 16, 2014 In just one year, its cutting-edge multidisciplinary science and technology already recognized around the world.  
Study Finds Drop in Death Rates from Strokes Over Last Two Decades September 15, 2014 But positive trend is inconsistent among different age groups, warns TAU researcher.  
Back to School? Bring Your Inhaler September 10, 2014 TAU research says September is the cruellest month for kids with asthma.  
New Molecular Target is Key to Enhanced Brain Plasticity September 8, 2014 TAU researcher says discovery may lead to improved memory, cognitive function in Alzheimer's patients.  
TAU Team Takes Gold at International Math Olympics September 8, 2014 Israeli students ace annual contest against 73 groups representing universities around the world.  
International Undergrads and Grads Take Active Role in TAU Research at Biological and Neuroscience Laboratories September 4, 2014 New summer program trains students from around the world.  
Innovative Algorithm Spots Interactions Lethal to Cancer September 3, 2014 TAU research identifying cancer-busting "genetic partners" can personalize cancer treatment.  
Ancient Metal Workers Were Not Slaves But Highly Regarded Craftsmen August 28, 2014 Iron Age copper smelters were respected leaders with sophisticated skills, say TAU archaeologists.  
TAU Among Top 10 Universities for Venture Capital-Backed Entrepreneurs August 28, 2014 TAU joins Stanford, UC Berkeley, and MIT on global VC database list.  
"Junk" Blood Tests May Offer Life-Saving Information August 27, 2014 TAU says contaminated blood cultures can serve as diagnostic predictor for more targeted antibiotics.  

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