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Off Campus Dr. Yossi Yovel and Noam Cvikel reveal the 'bag of chips' effect. MORE
Alumni Spotlight Alumni We at Tel Aviv University boast an actively engaged alumni network. And we hope you’ll join us. Discover what your fellow alumni are doing, both academically and otherwise. MORE
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Planned Giving Do well by doing good. MORE
Donate Please help. MORE
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University University TAU is the largest investor in bringing Israeli faculty home. MORE
Friends Friends Steyer Scholars redefine true Grit. MORE
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Friends TAU bat expert Dr. Yossi Yovel and Noam Cvikel reveal the 'bag of chips' effect. MORE
Friends Prescription APP APP helps diagnose changes in patients with bipolar disorder. MORE
Friends Entrepreneurship 101 Successful serial entrepreneur and TAU alum Liad Agmon is in New York July 9. Register. MORE
Friends A Revolution in Drug Delivery One in 72 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. MORE
Study Abroad From Benign to Melanoma Malignant melanoma is the most aggressive of all human skin cancers. MORE
Cover Photo Carbon Tax vs. Cap & Trade The costs of climate change are borne most by the poor. MORE
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Tel Aviv Notes January 11, 2015 "Russia's Leverage in the Middle East" by Brandon Friedman. 
Peace Index December 2014 A monthly publication from the Evens Program for Mediation and Conflict Resolution at TAU and the Israel Democracy Institute 
Beehive: Middle East Social Media November 2014 "Not in My Name — ISIS and Protests Against It as Reflected on SNS" by Dr. Michael Barak. 
Iqtisadi: Middle East Economy December 21, 2014 "Oil Prices Crash: The Trillion Dollar Question" by Paul Rivlin. 
The Jerusalem Report September 22, 2014 "ISIS: Apocalypse Now?" by Bruce Maddy-Weitzman 
Iran Pulse Iran Pulse September 11, 2014 "Authorities Dispense Death Sentences, Families Grant Reprieves: Executions and Pardons in the Islamic Republic" by Dr. Raz Zimmt 


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Sending Bat Signals: Unique “Supper's Ready” Alert Beckons Hungry Bats January 22, 2015 TAU researcher discovers bat homing call informs other bats of enticing prey several hundred feet away.  
TAU’s Prof. Yosef Shiloh Receives First Olav Thon Foundation Prize January 21, 2015 Norway's largest charitable foundation bestows cash prize for TAU cancer geneticist's research on cell survival and DNA stability.  
"Trustworthy" Hedge Fund Execs Generate More Business but Weaker Returns January 20, 2015 TAU study finds attractive money managers attract more clients — but are also more likely to disappoint.  
Dr. Morton H. Levitt and Cynthia Levitt Endow Scholarship for Medical Education at TAU January 15, 2015 Florida philanthropists expand a family legacy of support for TAU.  
Shoulder to the Wheel: Parental Intervention Improves Teen Driving January 14, 2015 TAU researcher's two-pronged strategy found to reduce risks involved in adolescent driving.  
Shaoul Family Fund for Visiting Scholars and Fellows Will Expand International Academic Collaboration for TAU January 13, 2015 New York philanthropists create innovative fund to foster international exchange opportunities.  
Fear of Terror May Lead to Job Burnout Over Time January 8, 2015 TAU study finds anxiety-related insomnia depletes vital resources, paving the way for occupational burnout.  
Alpha Omega Honors Members at Annual Meeting at TAU January 7, 2015 Chairman Dr. Marc Rothman hails fraternity's "incredible synergy of action through partnership."  
A Toast to Old Age? January 6, 2015 TAU research finds conditions of retirement can lead to substance abuse disorders among older adults.  
TAU's Porter Building Awarded Top LEED Distinction January 5, 2015 Environmental studies facility receives "Platinum" designation from U.S. Green Building Council.  
In Memoriam: Guilford Glazer (1921-2014) December 29, 2014 Prominent American real estate developer, international philanthropist, and passionate champion of Israel passes away.  

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