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Off Campus Among most sought after graduates. MORE
Off Campus Day-by-day itinerary. MORE
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Friends Friends Chairman Gurkoff ends term June 30, 2015. MORE
University University TAU is the largest investor in bringing Israeli faculty home. MORE
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On Campus Hear his speech here. MORE
Off Campus More TAU start-ups open their homes to Airbnb. MORE
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On Campus $10M gift transforms TAU Film School MORE
Alumni Spotlight Alumni We at Tel Aviv University boast an actively engaged alumni network. And we hope you’ll join us. Discover what your fellow alumni are doing, both academically and otherwise. MORE
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Friends IDEAS LOS ANGELES See the highlights in pictures. MORE
Friends Prescription APP APP helps diagnose changes in patients with bipolar disorder. MORE
Friends Entrepreneurship 101 Successful serial entrepreneur and TAU alum Liad Agmon is in New York July 9. Register. MORE
Friends A Revolution in Drug Delivery One in 72 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. MORE
Study Abroad From Benign to Melanoma Malignant melanoma is the most aggressive of all human skin cancers. MORE
Cover Photo Carbon Tax vs. Cap & Trade The costs of climate change are borne most by the poor. MORE
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Tel Aviv Notes September 10, 2015 "The 'Sisi-Meter' is Ticking" by Mira Tzoreff. 
Ifriqiya: Africa Research Program August 19, 2015 "Africa — The GCC's Food Reservoir?" by Nachum Shiloh. 
Iqtisadi: Middle East Economy August 19, 2015 "Hosni Mubarak's Economic and Social Policies in Perspective" by Moshe Efrat. 
Peace Index July 2015 A monthly publication from the Evens Program for Mediation and Conflict Resolution at TAU and the Israel Democracy Institute. 
Iran Pulse Iran Pulse July 30, 2015 "The Nuclear Accord with Iran: The Day After" by Prof. David Menashri. 
Bayan: The Arabs in Israel June 2015 A Konrad Adenauer Stiftung/Dayan Center/INSS publication. 
Beehive: Middle East Social Media April 2015 From the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. 
The Jerusalem Report May 4, 2015 "Brothers in Arms" by Bruce Maddy-Weitzman. 
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Rudeness Damages Medical Staff Performance September 8, 2015 TAU researcher finds incivility has grave consequences for quality of medical care and diagnostic accuracy.  
Two TAU Students Win Top Prize at European Debating Championship August 27, 2015 Stav Singer and Iddan Golomb defeat teams from Ben-Gurion, Technion, and Hebrew U.  
TAU Alum's Film "Sandstorm" Receives Top Nod at Locarno Film Festival August 26, 2015 Film studies grad wins first prize for a penetrating drama about a torn Bedouin family.  
Get Happy with an App August 20, 2015 TAU alums develop app to build skills for emotional resilience and lasting happiness.  
Underwater Stonehenge-like Monument Discovered by TAU Researcher August 18, 2015 Monolith found on island submerged by flood nearly 10,000 years ago.  
Rapid Eye Movements in Sleep Reset Dream "Snapshots" August 12, 2015 TAU, UCLA researchers find eye movements during REM sleep reflect brain activity patterns associated with new images.  
A Single Interrupted Pregnancy May Impact Later Deliveries, New TAU Research Finds August 11, 2015 Researchers say only one incident of abortion or miscarriage can have repercussions for subsequent pregnancies.  
TAU Researcher Discovers Trigger of Deadly Melanoma August 3, 2015 Study pinpoints cause of melanoma transformation within the epidermis.  
Computerized Treatment May Combat PTSD Symptoms July 30, 2015 TAU, NIMH, and Creighton University researchers devise a computerized training program to curb debilitating syndrome for veterans.  
Introducing Wireless Spyware — in a Pita July 29, 2015 A new device developed at TAU demonstrates the vulnerability of computers to data theft.  
Diabetics Who Skip Breakfast Provoke Hazardous Blood Sugar Spikes July 28, 2015 Type-2 diabetics who "fast" until noon risk day-long consequences, says TAU researcher.  

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