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Off Campus Elite Zexer has BA and MFA from TAU.  MORE
On Campus $10M gift transforms TAU Film School MORE
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OFF Campus AFTAU / Jewish Week production  MORE
TAU ONLINE TAU Prof. Havi Dreifuss on Jewish life in Nazi Europe. MORE
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Friends On Campus The new Steinhardt Museum at TAU. MORE
University University TAU is the largest investor in bringing Israeli faculty home. MORE
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Friends Florida's Matthew Goldberg at TAU Study abroad is more than study. MORE
Friends Prescription APP APP helps diagnose changes in patients with bipolar disorder. MORE
Friends Entrepreneurship 101 Successful serial entrepreneur and TAU alum Liad Agmon is in New York July 9. Register. MORE
Friends A Revolution in Drug Delivery One in 72 American women will be diagnosed with ovarian cancer. MORE
Study Abroad From Benign to Melanoma Malignant melanoma is the most aggressive of all human skin cancers. MORE
Cover Photo Carbon Tax vs. Cap & Trade The costs of climate change are borne most by the poor. MORE
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Peace Index January 2016 A monthly publication from the Evens Program for Mediation and Conflict Resolution at TAU and the Israel Democracy Institute. 
Beehive: Middle East Social Media December 2015 From the Moshe Dayan Center for Middle Eastern and African Studies. 
The Jerusalem Report February 8, 2016 "Riyadh and Tehran on a Collision Course" by Bruce Maddy-Weitzman. 
Iqtisadi: Middle East Economy January 27, 2016 "How the KRG Quasi-State Built an Independent Oil Industry" by Eliyahu Kamisher. 
Tel Aviv Notes January 26, 2016 "The Islamic State and al-Qa'ida: Ideology and Practice" by Esther Webman. 
Ifriqiya: Africa Research Program December 22, 2015 "(Re)Searching the Middle Class in Nairobi" by Dr. Yonatan N. Gez and others. 
Iran Pulse Iran Pulse July 30, 2015 "The Nuclear Accord with Iran: The Day After" by Prof. David Menashri. 
Bayan: The Arabs in Israel June 2015 A Konrad Adenauer Stiftung/Dayan Center/INSS publication. 
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Research Discovers Neuroprotective Protein in Blood is Biomarker of Alzheimer's Disease February 8, 2016 TAU, Harvard, Technion team suggests a routine blood test can reveal Alzheimer's risk and IQ measurements.  
Targeting the Mind/Body Connection in Stress February 4, 2016 TAU researchers combine genetic testing and brain imaging to determine vulnerability to PTSD.  
Turtle Soup, Perchance? Prehistoric Man Had a Penchant for Tortoises February 1, 2016 New discovery at TAU excavation of Qesem Cave reveals tortoises played a supplementary role in the diets of early humans 400,000 years ago.  
Insulin-like Growth Factor Linked to Hippocampal Hyperactivity in Alzheimer's Disease February 1, 2016 TAU researchers find IGF-1 receptor plays critically important role regulating the transfer of information within neural circuits.  
How Bats Recognize Their Own "Bat Signals" January 28, 2016 TAU researcher discovers a unique mechanism bats use to overcome communication interference in the wild.  
TAU Discovers Genetic Trigger for Asexual Plant Reproduction January 25, 2016 Collaboration with Freiburg University reveals regulator that produces moss embryos without cross-fertilization.  
Post-term Delivery Raises Risk of Complications and Illness for Newborns January 19, 2016 TAU researcher finds infants born past 42 weeks are far more likely to be admitted to neonatal ICU.  
New Microscopy May Identify Best Sperm Cells January 13, 2016 TAU researcher's cutting-edge innovation pinpoints top candidates for assisted reproductive technology.  
Smokers Diagnosed with Pneumonia Found to Have Higher Risk of Lung Cancer January 7, 2016 TAU study says nearly 10 percent of smokers hospitalized for pneumonia are diagnosed with lung cancer within one year.  
TAU Shines Spotlight on "Mad Men" Creator Matthew Weiner January 5, 2016 The Hollywood writer, director and producer receives President's Award 2015 for his achievements in television.  
Novel RNA Delivery System May Treat Incurable Blood Cancers January 5, 2016 TAU researchers develop unique system to deliver therapy at site of Mantle Cell Lymphoma.  

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