TAU Celebrates the Inauguration of Six Major New Projects

Ceremony honors significant philanthropic initiatives of the past year

Nazarian Pavilion
Visitor facilities at the Pouran and Izak
Parviz Nazarian Building.
Credit: Yoram Eldan.

A first-ever ceremony celebrating the vision behind the diverse projects created by Tel Aviv University's major benefactors this year was a highlight of the 2012 Board of Governors Meeting. Speaking at the Sunday, June 10th event, TAU President Joseph Klafter noted the excitement of this moment in time, with so many philanthropists investing in the University and its student body.

Six projects were celebrated, each designed to make a unique contribution to the university's future.

The Yehiel Ben-Zvi Visitors Pavillion
Named to honor TAU's late, long-serving and beloved Vice President who was committed to raising the University's stature in Israel and abroad, the pavilion will serve to welcome visitors to the campus. The facilities, which include a large auditorium, an exhibition area, and a refreshments room, will help TAU make all visitors — diplomats, foreign delegations, visiting academics, school groups and more – feel at home. The project is supported by American Friends Dina Ettinger and Tamar Rudich, as well as David Birène, Hanna and Shalom Blustein, Aviva Felber, Bela Gerstel, François Heilbronn, Georg Katcz, Karl-Heinz Kipp, Woolf and Hélène Marmot, David and Shoshana Rabinovici, Loni Silleran Moos, the Australian Friends of Tel Aviv University, the German Friends of Tel Aviv University and the Ben-Zvi family.

The Porter EcoBuilding
A dedicated building for the only graduate school in Israel advancing the research, teaching and sharing of environmental knowledge, the Porter EcoBuilding will significantly raise the bar for green building standards in Israel. Through the leadership of Dame Shirley Porter, the primary benefactor of the Porter School of Environmental Studies, the building has been upgraded to LEED Platinum Status, making it the country's first LEED Platinum Certified building, the highest accreditation of the US Green Building Council.

Jeremy Coller
Jeremy Coller

The Coller Institute of Venture
seeks to further of global venture capitalism by forging a stronger connection between academic research led by Tel Aviv Uniuversity and the real business world. The Institute will foster collaborations between scholars, investors, policymakers, venture capitalists and high-tech professionals. Jeremy Coller, Founder and CIO of Coller Capital, has funded this project.

The Helen Sarah Steyer and Thomas Mark Steyer Scholarship Endowment Fund
will annually support seven outstanding undergraduate students yearly who would have otherwise been unable to afford a world-class higher education. Scholars will receive full tuition and partial living stipends, as well as personalized guidance through the academic process. This fund is supported by the Steyer family.

Harvey Krueger, William F. Cohen, Gail White, Joseph Klafter
Harvey Krueger, William F. Cohen,
Gail White, and Prof. Joseph Klafter

The Helene Westreich Film and Television Studio
Honoring the philanthropy and passions of their late mother, American Friends of Tel Aviv University Board members William F. Cohen and Gail White funded a, state-of-the-art professional high-definition studio to expand the capabilities of TAU's internationally recognized Department of Film and Television.

The UK Living Legacy Mission
led by Tel Aviv University Legacy Chairman Geoffrey Simmonds, allows participants in the Legacy Mission program to make bequests to TAU in their wills, and be honored for the contribution during their lifetime. Bequests can be directed towards scholarships or support for any field of research conducted at the University. Participants are invited to be guests on a fully-sponsored, eye-opening tour of Israel, and have the opportunity to inscribe their names, and the names of their loved ones, on the Legacy Wall of Honor on the TAU campus.

Though the projects are vary widely in nature, they are unified by a belief in the promising future of TAU.

Harvey Krueger, Dame Shirley Porter, and Prof. Joseph Klafter
Harvey Krueger, Dame Shirley Porter,
and Prof. Joseph Klafter

Speaking about the Porter EcoBuilding, Dame Shirley Porter noted that there was a new excitement in the air, and a feeling that TAU has entered a new era. William Cohen, a member of the Board of Governors and Chairman Emeritus of American Friends of Tel Aviv University, agreed. "There are 30,000 reasons to support this university," he said, referring to TAU's inspiring student body.

Uniquely crafted to help donors use their endowments for the benefit of scholarship funds and future research, Geoffrey Simmonds noted that the UK Legacy Mission has so far raised nearly $4 million for the arts, sciences and more. The participants' connection to TAU is cemented through their experience, he said, and "they treasure the chance to take part in ensuring the University's future."



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