Making Sense of Our Senses
Revive Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds
Is Stress a Perk?
TAU and Northwestern University Become "Sister Universities"
Drawing Conclusions
In Memoriam: Avraham Yaski, Founding Father of Israeli Architecture
Award-winning Producer Steve Tisch Will Chair Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival at TAU
Corporate Layoff Strategies Are Increasing Workplace Gender and Racial Inequality
The Knesset Comes Calling
Not Just What You Eat
Conquering Computer Armies
Restoring Order in the Brain
Listening to Whispers at the Water Cooler
TAU's Prof. Israel Finkelstein Receives Prestigious Delalande-Guérineau Prize
Off with Your Glasses
Pulitzer Prize Historian Saul Friedlander and MIT Visionary Marvin Minsky Among 2014 Dan David Prize Winners
TAU Scientists Honored for Cutting-Edge Proposals in Melanoma Research
New Study Finds the Early Universe "Warmed Up" Later than Previously Believed
Finding Israel's First Camels
A Digital Test for Toxic Genes
Canadian Prime Minister Awarded TAU Honorary Doctorate
Nipping Diabetes in the Bud
The Unexpected Power of Baby Math
Warning! Warning Labels Can Be Dangerous to Your Health
Heart Attacks Hit Poor the Hardest
Turning Off the "Aging Genes"
Toward a Molecular Explanation for Schizophrenia
Crowdsourcing Medicine
Making Sad Sense of Child Abuse
Chewing Gum is Often the Culprit for Migraine Headaches in Teens
Do Patients in a Vegetative State Recognize Loved Ones?
How Bats Took Over the Night
A Personal Antidepressant for Every Genome
Coffee or Beer? The Choice Could Affect Your Genome
AFTAU Hosts Gala Dinner Honoring Wall Street Legend and Visionary Philanthropist Harvey Krueger
TAU Professor Coordinates Israel Defense Forces' Aid in Devastated Philippines
In Memoriam
A New Weapon in the War Against Superbugs
Broadcom Foundation Establishes Cyber-Authentication Research Fund at TAU
The Good News in Bad News
Learning the Secrets of the "Innovation Nation"
French President Francois Hollande Visits TAU
TAU Study Helps Make Sense of New Hamas Textbooks
TAU Part of Team Launching Global Human Brain Project
Putting the Brakes on Immunity
American Friends Take All-Access Tour of Israel
Everything Old is New Again: Cavemen Recycled to Survive
Torture Permanently Damages Normal Perception of Pain
Genetic Study Proves Israel's Wild Boars Originated in Europe
Shining a Light on the Spooky World of Bats
Surviving -- Then Thriving
Untangling Alzheimer's Disease
Finding Psychiatric Drugs in the Movements of Mice
1.8 Million-Year-Old Skull Sheds New Light on Human Evolution
TAU Solves a 3,000-Year-Old Mystery with Pollen
Bugs Not Gay, Just Confused
Israel Must Reverse Brain Drain, Says TAU President
Putting a Price Tag on Peace
What Makes a Man?
TAU Sackler Professor Wins Nobel Prize
TAU Smartphone App Brings Genetic Analysis to the Palm of Your Hand
Sending Multiple Sclerosis Up in Smoke
What Makes Triathletes So Tough?
Vaccination and the Gentle Art of Persuasion
In Memoriam: Shalom Yoran
Putting the Spring Back in Broken Hearts
New Paths to the East
Why Kids Breathe Easier in Summer
When Good Cells Go Bad
The Difference Between Obsession and Delusion
Shhh ... Talking about Mothers in Prostitution
"Holocaust Journeys" Can Cause Mental Health Problems
TAU Archaeologists Find Massive Fortifications from the Iron Age
In Memoriam: Dina Ettinger
Meal Timing Can Significantly Improve Fertility in Women with Polycystic Ovaries
TAU Archaeologists Find Treasure amid Trash
A "GPS System" in the Human Brain
Micro-Machines for the Human Body
Eating a Big Breakfast Fights Obesity and Disease
Tel Aviv University Ranked Among Best Producers of Startups
TAU Professor Tapped to Head Israel's Central Bank
Radio Waves Carry News of Climate Change
Cell Phones Could Increase Cancer Risk
Breastfeeding Could Prevent ADHD
A Conversation with Dr. Stephen Lazar
A Heart of Gold
An Intellectual Feast
Tel Aviv University Boots Up Cyber Curriculum
Israel Makes Dramatic Advance in Blindness Prevention
Newly Identified Bone Marrow Stem Cells Reveal Markers for ALS
Disrupting Memories Could Help Alcoholics Stay on the Wagon
"Student City" Project Will Provide Affordable Housing for Thousands
Are We "Anti-Philosophical"?
Distinguished Constantiner Education Prize Awarded to the Summer Shlichim Program for Jewish Camping
Video Games an Effective Tool for Stroke Rehabilitation
The Tauber Initiative: The Road to Success
Annual Gandel Symposium Highlights Fight for Freedom and Independence
New International Students' Hub Is Inaugurated in the Name of the Clifton-Passaic Jewish Federation
Tiny Medical Nanosystems = Huge Impact
$1 Million Dan David Prizes Awarded to Renowned Academics and Intellectuals
Four Exceptional Americans Are Awarded Honorary Doctorates
Artificial Sweetener a Potential Treatment for Parkinson's Disease
A Peptide to Protect Brain Function
Understanding the Heart's Rhythm
Mysterious Monument Found Beneath the Sea of Galilee
India's Tata Industries Invests $5 Million in Tel Aviv University Technology Fund
Manipulating Memory in the Hippocampus
Low Doses of THC Can Halt Brain Damage
Common Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders
Reversing Paralysis with a Restorative Gel
Positive Social Support at Work Shown to Reduce Risk of Diabetes
Business Education: The Path to Peace and Prosperity?
New York University to Establish Research Institute at TAU
Israel Prefers to Remain on Sidelines in Syrian Conflict, Former Israeli Ambassador to US Says
Will the Start Up Nation Become the Blast Off Nation?
From Tel Aviv to Ohio for a World-Class Education in Pediatrics
Sniffing Out Schizophrenia
TAU Researcher Honored for Innovative Work on Gauge and Gravity Theories
Henry Kissinger Is Featured Speaker at TAU's Hartog School Reception in New York
Using Black Holes to Measure the Universe's Rate of Expansion
Bursts of Brain Activity May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease
"Legitimized Neo-Nazism" on the Rise Across Europe
Multidisciplinary Research on Physics of "Living Systems" Earns Prestigious Prize
Leading Theatre Director and TAU Professor Emeritus Awarded Israel Prize
Sustained Stress Heightens Risk of Miscarriage
President Obama Puts Much-Needed Money Where the Brain Is
New Relief for Gynecological Disorders
It's True! Feeling Powerful Leads to Happiness
The Bad News: Just in Time for Passover, Plague of Locusts Arrives in Israel
It's a Sure Thing: Knowledge of the Game Is Not an Advantage in Sports Gambling
Global Leaders in Women's Rights Advocacy Converge at TAU
Job Burnout Can Severely Compromise Heart Health
Study Finds Fat and Bone Mass Are Genetically Linked
Star-Shaped Glial Cells Act as the Brain's "Motherboard"
Walking Away from Back Pain
Closer Personal Relationships Could Help Teens Overcome Learning Disabilities
Crowd-Sourced Funding Provides Missing Help for Rare Genetic Diseases
TAU International Spearheads Unique Gap Year Program
Backs Bear a Heavy Burden
New Republic Editor Leon Wieseltier and British Historian Sir Geoffrey Lloyd Among Recipients of 2013 Dan David Prize
Gene Associated with High Anxiety Can Have Protective Effect on the Battlefield
Medicine Gets More Personal
A Privacy Risk in Your DNA
TAU's Innovation Incubator Hosts International Business Week
Can Cancer Be Turned Against Itself?
TAU Inaugurates Historian Bernard Lewis' Personal Collection of Middle Eastern Scholarship
Israel Prize Awarded to TAU Biochemist for Research into Molecular Biology and Proteins
Discovering the Missing "LINC" to Deafness
It's True: Medical Cannabis Provides Dramatic Relief for Sufferers of Chronic Ailments
Oxygen Chamber Can Boost Brain Repair
Remembering Marisol
Israel Prize Awarded to TAU Scientist for Innovations in Water Research
Prof. Jacob Frenkel Assumes Chairmanship of TAU's Board of Governors
Paging Dr. Charles Dickens!
In Memoriam: Florence Rosenberg Wise
Parkinson's Treatment Can Trigger Creativity
Is "Objective Journalism" Possible?
History's Impostors Inspire Modern Bureaucracy
TAU Faculty and Students Share Their Experience of Life Within Missile Range
Promising Stem Cell Therapy for Children with Renal Cancer
Helmsley Charitable Trust Awards $3.3 Million Matching Grant to TAU for Nanomedicine Initiative
Mistaking OCD for ADHD Has Serious Consequences
Speaking Skills Crucial for Hearing Impaired Children in the Classroom
Uncovering a Flaw in Drug Testing for Chronic Anxiety Disorder
A Cimet Family Gift -- By and For Generations
"Commitment-Phobic" Adults Could Have Mom and Dad to Blame
Embracing the Art of Science
Fish Oil Helps Heal Bed Sores of the Critically Ill
A Greenhouse of Creativity for the Filmmakers of Tomorrow
Examining Truth and Justice at Israel's Supreme Court
Incubating Innovation: Google Israel and StarTAU
A Unique View of Expanding Social Action in Israel
History of Human Conflicts Revealed by Mathematical Model
Tracking Pollution from Outer Space
TAU Stars Shine on Jam-Packed Campus Visit
Are Political Elections Shaping the Future of Israel?
Behind the Veil
Is Facebook a Factor in Psychotic Symptoms?
Can't Stop? Smoking Less Helps
Fantasy-Reality Confusion a Primary Cause of Childhood Nighttime Fears
Desecrated Ancient Temple Sheds Light on Early Power Struggles at Tel Beth-Shemesh
Going with Your Gut
Measuring Metabolism Can Predict the Progress of Alzheimer's with 90% Accuracy
Living Abroad Can Bring Professional Success -- If You Do It Right
Rats Could Be Key to Solving Human Depression
Are Schizophrenia and Autism Close Relations?
Nicotine Dependency Puts the Brakes on Parkinson's Development
TAU Named to Spearhead Groundbreaking Nanotechnology Consortium
TAU Researchers Use Satellite Technology to Identify Potential Dead Sea Sinkhole Sites
Israel's Former Foreign Minister and Kadima Party Leader Joins Top TAU Think Tank
RNA-Based Therapy Brings New Hope for an Incurable Blood Cancer
A Spoonful of Honey to Ease Night Time Coughing
TAU Lays Cornerstone for the Pouran and Parviz Izak Nazarian Building
Into the Mind of the Common Fruit Fly
Two Bionic Ears Are Better Than the Sum of Their Parts
Fighting Melanoma's Attraction to the Brain
Radiation-Enabled Computer Chips Could Lead to Low-Cost Security Imaging Systems
Predicting Wave Power Could Double Marine-Based Energy
Seeing the Birth of the Universe in an Atom of Hydrogen
Viruses Could be the Key to Healthy Corals
Moshe Dayan Center Hosts Top International Academics for Workshop on the Middle East
Controlling Superconductors with Light
UN Counter Terrorism Group Names TAU Alumnus Chief Legal Advisor
Bernard Lewis and Fouad Ajami on WNYC Radio
Sleep Deprivation After Trauma Could Prevent PTSD
A GPS in Your DNA
Launching a "Social Networking War" Against Cancer
Ancient Seal May Add Substance to the Legend of Samson
Neolithic Man: The First Lumberjack?
One in Three Post-Partum Women Suffers PTSD Symptoms After Giving Birth
What Sets Allergies in Motion?
Protein-Based Coating Could Help Rehabilitate Long-Term Brain Function
TAU Researcher Says Plants Can See, Smell, Feel, and Taste
Hoard of Crusader Gold Found in Ruins
TAU Researchers Part of Team of International Scientists to Uncover the "God Particle"
More Gold -- and Other Minerals -- in Them Thar Hills?
TAU Research Links Childhood Obesity to Cancer Risk
AFTAU and Israel's Ministry of Tourism Show American Journalists the Cutting-Edge World of Israeli Film
Anti-Semitic Violence Down 27%, But Harassment is on the Rise
TAU Teams with New York's CA Technologies to Open New Innovation Center
Carbon-Based Transistors Ramp Up Speed and Memory for Mobile Devices
TAU Honors its "Founding Father of the Arts"
ASHA Grant Funds Cutting-Edge AIDS Research at TAU
TAU Helps U.S. University Presidents Discover the "Start-Up Nation"
Climate Change May Lead to Fewer -- But More Violent -- Thunderstorms
Wiring Bats for Neuroscience Research
TAU Hosts Second Annual Sofaer International MBA Case Competition
Naked Mole Rat May Hold the Secret to Long Life
Looking for the Next American Hyrax?
TAU's Constantiner Prize Awarded to First Hebrew College of Education
Annual Gandel Symposium Puts the Spotlight on Iran and Egypt
The Eternal Question: "How to be a Jew?"
Steyer Family Inaugurates New Scholarship Endowment Fund
TAU Celebrates the Inauguration of Six Major New Projects
Bio-Engineering a Better World
Helene Westreich Film and Television Studio Inaugurated at Tel Aviv University
American Friends Helen Sarah Steyer and Thomas Mark Steyer Awarded Honorary Doctorates from TAU
Biographer, Artist, and Genomic Researchers Awarded $1 Million Dan David Prizes
Unique Collection of Iranian History Opens to Students and Scholars at TAU
Pediatric Regime of Chemotherapy Proves More Effective for Young Adults
A Promise Fulfilled: TAU's New Postgraduate Dental Clinics Lay Cornerstone
Predicting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Before it Happens
Treating Childhood Anxiety with Computers, Not Drugs
Steel-Strength Plastics -- and Green, Too!
We Love a Parade!
Air Pollution Linked to Chronic Heart Disease
Ancient Jugs Hold the Secret to Practical Mathematics in Biblical Times
Chinese Executives to Study Entrepreneurship at TAU
A Better Delivery System for Chemotherapy Drugs
Diabetes Drug Could Be a Promising Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury
Common Acne Medication Doubles Risk of Eye Infections
Doing the Tooth Implant Two-Step
Unique Gold Earring Found in Intriguing Collection of Ancient Jewelry at Tel Megiddo
Teaching Creativity to Children from a Galaxy Away
Symphony Orchestra of TAU's Buchmann-Mehta School of Music Makes Its Carnegie Hall Debut May 21
"Dip Chip" Technology Tests Toxicity On-the-Go
Smart Phones Are Changing Real World Privacy Settings
TAU Engineer Awarded Prestigious Benjamin Franklin Medal
Freezing Parkinson's in its Tracks
A New Drug to Manage Resistant Chronic Pain
Horizons Expand for TAU Summer Yiddish Program
"Junk DNA" Can Sense Viral Infection
Israel Names TAU's Renewable Energy Center a "Center of Research Excellence"
First Homer Encyclopedia Brings Epic Poetry and Ancient Greece to Life
Swifts Return to the Holy City
Endangered Bats Find Sanctuary in Israeli "Ghost Bunkers"
Has the Dead Sea Used Up its Nine Lives?
New Lab Mice Cut Search for Genetic Links to Disease by More Than a Decade
Can a Ray of Sunshine Help the Critically Ill?
New York Attorney General Speaks at TAU Law School
Pain Relievers Could be Spiking Your Blood Pressure
TAU Leaps into the Top 90 in Global Education Rankings
Steinhardt Collections Open a Dialogue on the "Future of Physical Anthropology in Israel"
TAU Grad and Lecturer Wins Big at Sundance
Re-inventing the Planned City
Biodegradable Transistors -- Made from Us
Ancient "Graffiti" Unlock the Life of the Common Man
Is Seaweed the Future of Biofuel?
TAU Establishes New School of Psychological Sciences
Excess Fat May Be "Protective" in Seniors Over 85
Exploration of Mythical David and Goliath Battle Site Reaches New Depth
Burning Calories at the Gym Avoids Burnout at Work
Tel Aviv University Sibling Team Wins World Debating Championship
Fossilized Pollen Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Royal Garden
Taking Depression to Heart
The Developing Genome?
Storm Warning: Financial Tsunami Heading This Way
Top Off Breakfast with -- Chocolate Cake?
Saving Lives and Aircraft on the Bird Superhighway
Planets Circling Around Twin Suns
TAU and Cambridge University Celebrate the "Outside Critic"
New Method to Manage Stress Responses for More Successful Tumor Removal
Muscling In on MS
TAU Dean Named Supreme Court Justice
Patterns of Chromosome Abnormality: The Key to Cancer?
Businessmen with Heart
TAU Film to Screen at Sundance
East Meets West to Boost Fertility
Diabetic Mice Provide a Surprising Breakthrough for Multiple Sclerosis Research
Brain's Connective Cells Are Much More Than Glue
Turn Down the iPod to Save Your Hearing
Childhood Hypersensitivity Linked to OCD
Reclaiming the Land After a Forest Fire
A Nexus of Academia and Experience
Are the Anxious Oblivious?
A "Fantastic Voyage" Through the Body -- with Precision Control
TAU International Now Offering English-Language Degrees for Undergrads
The Disappearance of the Elephant Caused the Rise of Modern Man
Beating Superbugs with a High-Tech Cleanser
Blasting Cancer from the Inside Out
Two Nations' Leading Universities to Collaborate in the Stars
"Just Chill?" Relaxing Can Make You Fatter
Making Collective Wisdom Wiser
Fungi: Another Tool in Bacteria's Belt?
Lightning Sprites Are Out-of-This-World
Smart Swarms of Bacteria Inspire Robotics Researchers
A Conversation with TAU's North Africa Expert
Bats, Dolphins, and Mole Rats Inspire Advances in Ultrasound Technology
A Light Wave of Innovation to Advance Solar Energy
Carbon Monoxide -- The Silent Calmer?
Polio Still a Threat to Public Health
Hybrid Power Plants Can Help Industry Go Green
Thousand-Color Sensor Reveals Contaminants in Earth and Sea
New iPhone App Keeps Eyesight from Deteriorating
Relief from "Parking Wars"
South Tel Aviv School is a Model for Language Intervention
Growing Something out of Nothing
Contemporary Protests Are Embracing an "Open Door" Policy
Piecing Together the Priceless "Cairo Genizah"
Archaeologists Find Sophisticated Blade Production Much Earlier Than Originally Thought
"Ghostwriting" the Torah?
Prof. Uzi Rabi Assesses UN Bid for Palestinian Recognition in National Teleconference
The Age of "Coming Out" Is Now Dramatically Younger
A Shot of Cortisone Stops Traumatic Stress
Breakthrough: A Robot Brain Implanted in a Rodent
"Finding Yourself" on Facebook
Amphibians: Beware Young Beetles' Deadly "Siren Call"
Finding Relief in Ritual
In Memoriam: Anna Webb
Using Bone Marrow to Protect the Brain
Shake Hands with the Invisible Man
Seaside Fortress Was a Final Stronghold of Early Islamic Power
Diagnosing Hearing Loss at a Fraction of the Time and Cost
SAFEPED Helps Cities Fix Dangerous Intersections
Is Estrogen Going to Your Head?
New York Press Recognizes TAU's Interdisciplinary Energy
Innovative Superconductor Fibers Carry 40 Times More Electricity
In Memoriam: Dan David
When It Comes to Speaking Out, Cells Wait Their Turn
The Geophysicist's Guide to Striking It Rich
Watching Viruses "Friend" a Network
2000-Year-Old Burial Box Could Reveal Location of the Family of Caiaphas
Why HIV Virus Infection Rates Are on the Rise
"Open Wide" for New Stem Cell Potential
Painting a "Bullseye" on Cancer Cells
Message to Gay Soldiers: It's Your Army Too
Soft Coral Builds Strong Reefs
Can the Spanish Flu Devastate Us Again?
Taking a "Shine" to Heart Repair
A New Line of Defense Against Sexual Assault
Tracking Crime in Real Time
Hang Out at the Water Cooler = Live Longer
Irv Geffen Joins AFTAU as Southeast Region's Vice President
Raptor Usurpers in Neighboring Habitats Reshape the Conventional Wisdom
Can Eggs Be a Healthy Breakfast Choice?
Israeli High-Tech Is Improving U.S. Education
On the Road to an Oscar
Catching the West Nile Virus in Action
Repairing Our Inner Clock with a Two-Inch Fish
Environmental Pollutants Lurk Long After They "Disappear"
Sofaer Case Competition Goes Global
Conducting Energy on a Nano Scale
Stem Cell "Memory" Can Boost Insulin Levels
Cracking the Code of the Mind
Is a Little Negativity the Best Marketing Policy?
TAU Professor Named Chief Historian by Yad Vashem
Leaving Anger on the Field
Those Aching Joints Could Be in Your Genes
Using Fear to Guide Smart Investments
Getting an Accurate Read on Parkinson's
Alzheimer's Prevention in Your Pantry
"Youth, Media and Revolution in the Middle East"
American Friends Shalom and Varda Yoran Honored with the Organization's Chairman's Award
American Friend Jon Gurkoff Brings the International "I AM" Project to TAU
Jon Gurkoff Elected Chairman of American Friends of Tel Aviv University
AFTAU Toasts the Productive Leadership of William F. Cohen
Coveted Constantiner Prize Goes to Educators Who Serve a "Human Mosaic" in Israel
State-of-the-Art Rothman Surgical Suite Is Dedicated at TAU's Dental School
TAU Raises the Green Bar
TAU Confers Its Highest Honor on Eight Distinguished Individuals
A Stunning Memorial to Hopeful Jewish Immigrants
TAU's Sackler Prizes Awarded to Two North American Chemists
Legendary Hollywood Directors and Renowned Researchers Awarded 2011 Dan David Prizes
Diagnosing "Seizures" in the U.S. Economy
Lessening the Dangers of Radiation
TAU President Joseph Klafter Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences
Standing Up for Athletes at Risk
"Bird Brains" Are Smart on Alzheimer's
Programming Regret for Google
Remembering a Rising Star
In It to Win It?
The Heartfelt Truth About Sudden Death in Young Athletes
Clumsy Kids Who Don't "Grow Out of It"
Mucus: Fighting the War Against Pollutants
Traumatizing Your DNA
"Fault-Finding" Coral Reefs Can Predict the Site of Coming Earthquakes
TAU Formalizes Cooperation Agreement with Cyprus Institute
An Israel Prize for a TAU Philosophy Star
A Seismograph for Ancient Earthquakes
An Israel Prize in Sweet Harmony
Angling to Understand Nature's Design
Scanning Antiquity Underfoot
An Israel Prize in His Genes
Fighting Cancer at Your Local Indian Restaurant
A Fulfilling Option for Studying Abroad
An Alzheimer's Vaccine in a Nasal Spray
Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen Among 2011 Dan David Prize Winners
Renowned TAU Chemist One of World's Top 100
Designing a City for Safe Protests
TAU's Dayan Center and Institute for National Security Studies Big Names in the "Marketplace of Ideas"
World's First Skyscraper Was a Monument to Intimidation
Running on a Faster Track
Good Diets Fight Bad Alzheimer Genes
Overcoming the "Fear of Insignificance"
Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Awarded Honorary Doctorate by TAU
TAU Policy Analyst Calls Egypt's Revolution an "Earthquake with Huge Ramifications" for Israel
Tel Aviv Named One of the World's Top Three Destination Cities
Roaches Inspire Robotics
A Cool Way to Make Glass
Taking Unpleasant Surprises Out of Cosmetic Surgery
The Science of Bike-sharing
TAU Scientist Is First Israeli to Win Prestigious U.S. Award for Cancer Research
Infiltrating Cancer's Recruitment Center
The Genius of Bacteria
Just What the Doctor Ordered
Success Stories: The Tauber Initiative
Challenging the Limits of Learning
Keeping Your Digital Secrets Safe
The "Spaser" Heats Up Laser Technology
Dr. Giora Yaron Chosen as Chairman of TAU's Executive Council
Debunking Solar Energy Efficiency Measurements
Is the Hornet Our Key to Renewable Energy?
TAU Scientist Puts Google into "Fast Company"
Gail Reiss Named CEO of American Friends of Tel Aviv University
Was Israel the Birthplace of Modern Man?
Secrets of an Ancient Tel Aviv Fortress Revealed
When the Black Hole Was Born
After the Fire, a "Bottle Tree" Brings Christmas to Haifa
Getting Inside the Mind of Islam
In Memoriam: Ralph Burton Rothstein
Reading Avatar's DNA
Back to the Dead (Sea, That Is)
The Sweetness of Biodegradable Plastics
Israel's Top Eco-Friend Is for the Birds
Rocking the Cradle After 45
Warring Greeks Find Peace in Ancient Egypt
Do Our Bodies' Bacteria Play Matchmaker?
A Fountain of Youth in Your Muscles
From the Brain of a Locust ...
Monitoring Wear in Helicopters -- and Hips, Knees, and Ankles, Too
Putting the Squeeze on Fat Cells
Webb Presence: A Half-Century of Impact on the TAU Campus
What Will Threaten Us in 2040?
TAU Leading Israel in Academic "Brain Gain"
Shopping Religiously
Out-Sniffing Bomb-Sniffing Dogs
Overcoming the IVF Baby Blues
Fat Sand Rats Are SAD Like Us
A Global Crystal Ball
Boosting Productivity Without Additional Capital
Time for a Rain Dance?
Paradise Lost -- And Found
Northeast Alumni Scholarship Campaign Reaches Goal for 2010
Breaching the Breech Protocol
Nothing New Under the Sun? Not So.
Teaching Kids to Work Through Trauma
Obsessing Over Strep Throat in Kids
Top U.S. Science Prize Awarded to TAU Physicist Prof. Yakir Aharonov
Breakthrough: With a Chaperone, Copper Breaks Through
Is Anxiety Contagious?
Gambling on Bacteria
Re-evaluating the Time of Your Life
An X-Ray for Your Genes
A Tracking Device That Fits on the Head of a Pin
The Dual Nature of Dew
Diving Deeper into the Gene Pool
Avoid Swimming in Interplanetary Lakes
How Safe Is Your Swipe?
A Chip Off the Early Hominin Tooth
Outsmarting Killer Bacteria
Avoiding an Asteroid Collision
Mapping a Brain Atlas
TAU Team Treats Young Burn Victims in Romania
Getting a Tail Up on Conservation?
Getting to the Heart of the Matter
The World's First Steak Knife
"Greening" Your Flat Screen TV
TAU President Affirms Academic Values in Israel
A Cluster Bomb for Cancer Care
Harvey Krueger Elected Chairman of TAU's International Board of Governors
Saving the Brain's White Matter with Mutated Mice
SPF on Your Plate
Prof. Joseph Klafter Addresses California's Israeli Leadership Council
Micromachines for a Safer World
A "Magnetic" Solution to Identify and Kill Tumors
Reading the Zip Codes of 3,500-Year-Old Letters
A Nemesis for Oil Spills
Is Your Hemoglobin "Trending"?
Memory's Master Switch
Can't Place That Face?
Keeping Trains on Track
A New Drug Treatment to Close the Window on Colon Cancer
Cow's Milk Does a Baby Good
Smoking Mind Over Smoking Matter
"Magical Thinking" About Islands Is an Illusion
A Bittersweet Warning for Women with Gestational Diabetes
A Pinch of Light
Increasing Fertility Threefold
Turning Back the Cellular Clock
A Pacemaker for Your Brain
The Wisdom of Tel Aviv University's Owls
Now At a Theatre Near You
Shining a Light Around Corners
Autism in a Test Tube?
Diabetes May Double Cancer Risk in Women
A Launch Pad for Stem Cell Research
A Turn-Off for Cancer
TAU's International Friends Recognize Board of Governors Chairman Bobby Goldberg
TAU Awards Honorary Doctorate to American Telecommunications Pioneer Irwin Jacobs
An Evolving Legacy for Israeli Society
A New Home for Pioneering Genetics Research
TAU Confers Its Highest Honor on Three American Friends
Finding the Soft Spot
Celebrating a Rare Species
Protein Power for Jack and the Beanstalk
TAU's Constantiner Prize Awarded to Israel's Center for Educational Technology
To Tel Aviv, With Love
Political, Scientific and Artistic Luminaries Awarded Dan David Prizes
A "Fat Forward" Research Tool
Fishing for Peace at TEDxTelAviv
Close, But Not Too Close
An Optical Traffic Cop for Rapid Communication
Catching Multiple Sclerosis Before It Strikes
A Virtual Muscle Machine for Kids with Disabilities
Changing "Channels" to Eliminate Chronic Pain
Where There's Smoke ...
Water, Fair and Foul
An Artificial Eye on Your Driving
Safer Swiping While Voting and Globetrotting
A Lab Rat -- Created in the Lab
Is Iran Israel's Problem to Solve?
Different Strokes for Married Folks?
Through the Arabic Glass Ceiling
Proof: Smoking Is Dumb
"Dynasty" Redux?
Laser Security for the Internet
Seeing a Bionic Eye on Medicine's Horizon
A More Sensitive Sensor
A Magical Way to Move Kids
A New Beat in Heart Research
Vice President Biden Delivers Major Policy Address at TAU
A New Energy Source from the Common Pea
Flexing Your Marathon Muscles at Work
Bunkers for Bats
Three TAU Researchers Awarded 2010 Israel Prize
Margaret Atwood, Giorgio Napolitano and Leonard Kleinrock Among 2010 Dan David Prize Winners
Remember Magnesium If You Want to Remember
From Carnivorous Plants to the Medicine Cabinet?
Pinch Away the Pain
No Parking Space?
A Common Cholesterol Drug Fights Cataracts, Too
Animals Cope with Climate Change at the Dinner Table
"Subjective Time" Can Improve Your Bottom Line
Sofaer IMBA Uniting Town and Gown
To Be or To Become: That's the Question for Advertisers
Smoker Alert: Information You Can Live With
Stopping Schizophrenia Before It Starts?
How Arthritis Thrives
How to Live Your Life Twice
TAU Debate Team Takes World Title
Estrogen in the Fight Against Schizophrenia
Fluctuating Weight, Fluctuating Mind?
TAU's War and Peace Index Featured in Newsweek
A Deadly Scorpion Provides a Safe Pesticide
A Sonata a Day Keeps the Doctor Away
Alumni Notes for Murray J. Haberman (1971-72)
Putting Limits on Vitamin E
Moving Video to "Captcha" Robot Hackers
Sleeping Off Childhood?
Adding a Genetic Supertool
Bacteria Wouldn't Opt for a Swine Flu Shot
Marketing a "Spoonful of Sugar"
DNA Needs a Good Editor
Finding the Achilles' Heel of Cancer
Corals Fight Back -- Fish Beware!
A Window that Washes Itself?
Champions Biotechnology Signs Exclusive Agreement with TAU for New Cancer Drug
Now You See It, Now You Know You See It
A Coating for Life
Upending Textbook Science on Alzheimer's Disease
Finding More in "Most"
Can Iran Be Stopped?
A Second Skin
Calling Off Disaster
A Lightning Strike in Africa Helps Take the Pulse of the Sun
Healthy Babies by the Numbers
Keeping Hearts Pumping with "LifeFlow"
Protecting Your Virtual Privacy
Professor Joseph Klafter Named TAU's Eighth President
Hunting for the Prozac Gene
A Nervous System Drug-by-Design
Going Out on a Limb
A 200,000-Year-Old Cut of Meat
New Old Drug Fights Colon Cancer
Reversing Brain Drain
Keeping DNA "All in the Family"
A Thermometer for the Earth
Taking Unpopular Stands in the Academy
Telltale Moss
An Astronomical Milestone
TAU Invention Busts Dust
Scary Music Is Scarier with Your Eyes Shut
Let the Baby Cry, New TAU Study Recommends
Virtual Maps for the Blind
Infertility and the Battle of the Sexes
TAU Lays Foundation for World's Smallest Laser
Keeping the Suicidal Soldier Alive
Open Source DNA
Point of Order: Israelis from TAU Out-Debate the British in European Finals
Washing Away Painful Wounds
Trust in a Teardrop
Flying by the Skin of Our Teeth
Watching Stem Cells Repair the Human Brain
Bypassing Bypass Surgery
A Window into the Brain
Taking the Needle's Sting Out of Diabetes
Hearing the Words Beneath the Noise
Your Tools Are as Good as You Think They Are
A "Super Sensor" for Cancer and CSI's
A Police Woman Fights Quantum Hacking and Cracking
New Drug for Children with High-Risk Leukemia
Exploring Israel's Own Atlantis
New Drug Candidate Prolongs the Lives of Pancreatic Cancer Patients
TAU's Cohn Institute Adding New Senior Academic Position
A Conversation with TAU's Prof. Eyal Zisser
More McBang for Your McBuck
Fighting the Swine Flu Pandemic with Mathematics
Hurricane Katrina: Phone Home
American "Yes We Can" Showed Iranian Youth They Could, Too
Zooming In to Catch the Bad Guys
Can a New Implant Coating Technique Create a New Six Million Dollar Man?
Your Arteries on Wonder Bread
A Breath Mint Made from ... Coffee?
In Pursuit of a Happiness Gene
TAU's Constantiner Prize Awarded to Israel's Tichon Hadash High School
Treating Lazy Eyes with a Joystick
Cancer-Causing Protein Can Also Help Fight the Tumors It Causes
Chella and Moise Safra Inaugurate a Gate to the Future
Powerful Nutrient Cocktail Can Put Kids with Crohn's into Remission
The Gerald and Reesa Niznick Faculty Clinic Inaugurated at TAU's School of Dentistry
If You Do Good, You Look Good
A Real-Time Diagnosis for a Treatable Cancer
Three Degrees of Separation for Getting That Job
Innovative Method to Teach Tots About Personal Cleanliness
A New Exodus if Iran Gets the Bomb
TAU Hosts Gala Concert to Celebrate New International Music Program
Daniel Schmit Named Director of Latin American Affairs for AFTAU's Southeast Region
Stopping Viral Hijackers in Their Tracks
British PM Tony Blair and AIDS Researcher Robert Gallo Among 2009 Dan David Prize Winners
A Dose of PlayStation to Heal Severe Burns
TAU President Zvi Galil Speech at Dan David Award Ceremony
Are You Okay to Kiss?
Santiago and Robertina Calatrava Host TAU Honorary Degree Recipients
Avoiding Social Potholes on Your Career Path
Monitoring Water Through a Snake's Eyes
Meet DNA's Personal Assistants
Depression Does "Make Your Brown Eyes Blue"
Pain Management, Habanero Style
Working Your Friendships at Work
We Owe It All to Comets
Heart Attacks: The Tipping Point
If It Works in London's Streets, It Can Work in Our Skies
A Flash of Lightning in a Hurricane's Eye
Scaling the Wall of Deafness
A Dirty Job But ...
Violent Video Games Can Improve Vision
Was a "Mistress of the Lionesses" a King in Ancient Canaan?
A Winged Alternative to Toxic Pesticides
A "Bionic Nose" That Knows
Intruder Alert: TAU's "Smart Dew" Will Find You!
Men Are the Weaker Sex
"Buckyballs" to Treat Multiple Sclerosis
One Step Closer to Fixing Alzheimer's Through the Nose
"Reverse Ecology" Reveals Ancient Environmental Clues
Putting Nanoparticles Together
Statins a "Heart Smart" Choice
New TAU Research Links Diabetes to Cognitive Deterioration
Embryonic Stem Cells Caused Cancer in Boy's Brain, TAU Researchers Confirm
Will Business Education Lead to Mideast Peace?
Engineering Bouncing Babies, One at a Time
An Underwater Drugstore?
American Friends' Support Is Helping to Reverse Brain Drain
A Sprightly Explanation for UFO Sightings?
Evildoers Everywhere: Get a Whiff of This
Tony Blair and Robert Gallo Among 2009 Dan David Prize Winners
Tiny "Lab-on-a-Chip" Can Detect Pollutants, Disease and Biological Weapons
Turn Left at Orion, Just Past the Unicorn
Changing Sexes on the Sea Floor
New "Bubble" Targets Only Cancer Cells
Fighting Tomorrow's Hackers
Decoding Funny Faces to Detect Disease
TAU Researcher Makes Airways (and Birdways) Safer
Can Cannibalism Fight Infections?
Biofeedback from the Zoo
An Individualized Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment
Senator George Mitchell Discusses Israel's Security Challenges at INSS Conference
Mind Out of Balance, Body Out of Balance
A Fantastic Voyage Brought to Life
AFTAU Teleconference: Israel Succeeding in a "War of No Choice"
Rats Say: Manhattan Rules!
Breathing Easier
Seizing the Day
TAU's Cohn Institute Awarded New Minerva Center for the Humanities
Young Blood Fights Cancer
A Simple Questionnaire to Replace a Doctor's Exam
Not Just for Depression Anymore
There's a Life-Saving Medical Device Sitting on Your Sink
Face to Face with Moses and Jesus
Spotting the Next Great Music Superstar
TAU Welcomes Volunteers from Around the World to Ramat Rachel Archaeological Dig
Unlocking the Mysteries of Memory
How to Destroy an Asteroid
Alumni Notes for Jeffrey D. Urbach (1971/1972)
Easing the Stress of Trauma
The Flash Before the Flood
A Simple Blood Test for Colon Cancer
The Relative Risk of Brain Cancer
TAU Mid-East Expert Expects Obama Win to Accelerate Diplomatic Dialogue throughout Region
A Perfect Bond
The Beauty Machine
Reducing Epidemic Proportions
In Memoriam: Frances Brody
A License to Drive with ADHD
TAU Hospital Treats Iranian Boy for Brain Tumor
Play at Your Own Risk
Lester Crown Receives Honorary Doctorate from TAU
Is Stuttering in Our DNA?
Crossing "A Bridge to Nowhere"
Could Dr. House Be Replaced by a Computer?
TAU Isolates World's Oldest Case of Tuberculosis
Out of Joint
Alumni Notes from Larry Abramsky (1973-1974)
Yardena F., 35, born in Ethiopia
TAU Researchers Develop Breakthrough Treatment for Alzheimer's Disease
Survival Aids
TAU Overseas Student Alum Tapped for Hillel President
Joint Israeli-American Team Closes in on Cause of Colon Cancer
Ruth Singer to Raise Awareness for Israel's Largest University
TAU Researchers Coax Liver Cells to Produce Insulin
TAU Researchers Bring Nanotechnologies to Life
TAU Student Wins First Prize in Brooklyn International Film Festival for Best Director and Creator
TAU Researchers Collaborate on New Therapy Using Adult Stem Cells to Treat Parkinson's Disease
Computer Program Learns Language Rules and Composes Sentences Without Outside Help
From Mouse Ears to Man's?
Researchers Devise a Fast and Effective Mechanism to Combat One of the Most Aggressive Cancers
Israel Prize Awarded to Influential TAU Historian for Study of Sparta and Ancient Greek Migration
New Hope for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury
TAU Launches Online Courses with Academic Credit
Proof of Solomon's Mines Found in Israel
In Memoriam: Robert J. Topchik
TAU Researchers Save a Dying Tadpole Species
Looking for Life by the Light of Dying Stars
TAU School of Public Health Hosts Second Summer Institute in Collaboration with Johns Hopkins University
TAU International Students Make the Regional Finals of the Clinton Initiative's $1 Million Hult Prize
"Marisol's Mice" Guide Scientists to New Hope for a Rare Genetic Disorder
Ambassador Daniel Shapiro and Ha'aretz Editor Aluf Benn Discuss the Israeli-American Connection
An All-Access-Pass to Tel Aviv University's Israel
The Next Best Thing to Being There
Mom Was Right: It's What You Know, Not Who You Know
U.S. Ambassador to Israel Daniel Shapiro Speaks at Moshe Dayan Center's International Forum at TAU
Finding Reason in Delusion
A 24-karat Gold Key to Unlock the Immune System
President Joseph Klafter Speaks About TAU's Role in Building the "Start-Up Nation"
TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter Inducted into AAAS
Most Ancient Supernovas Are Discovered
TAU's Buchmann Faculty of Law Ranked Among World's Top 100
El Al Will Show TAU Films Onboard
Choose a Movie's Plot -- While You Watch It
A Medical Exchange of Minds
Battlefield Psychologists Investigate Stress in Combat and After
Reaching for the Stars
Alumni Notes from David Cohen-Mintz (1997, Buchman Faculty of Law)
In Memoriam
Zohar Zisapel Defines "The Art of Innovation" for TAU's American Friends
U.S. Ambassador Susan Rice, Knesset Minister Tzachi Hanegbi Address INSS Conference
Heavenly Bodies Beyond Neptune
TAU's American Friends Applaud Israeli Innovation in Medical High-Tech
Sensing Disasters from Space
Enormous Dividends from Thinking Small
Wide-ranging Colton Vision Bears Abundant Fruit
Killing Cancer Like a Vampire Slayer
Does a Younger Dad Mean a Healthier Child?
American Friends Support New TAU Center for AIDS and Related Infectious Diseases
Smart Heart Advice for Pregnant Women
TAU Researcher Wins Prestigious Rothschild Foundation Award
Mort Zuckerman Assesses Middle East Peace Prospects at AFTAU Event Honoring Lester Pollack
To Queue or Not to Queue?
Lilli Platt Named Vice President of Northeast Region by AFTAU
Seeing Through the Skin
Putting a "Korset" on the Spread of Computer Viruses
TAU Film Wins International Competition
The Truth About Cats and Dogs
TAU Researchers Create New Stem Cell Screening Tool
Next Stop: The Fourth Dimension
Battling Diabetes with Beta Cells
Anti-Cancer Flower Power
TAU's Eco-Architecture Could Produce "Grow Your Own" Homes
In Memoriam
A Therapy for Baby Boomers to Sleep On
Expanding Fields of Vision
Archaeologists Strike It Rich in Jerusalem
Video: TAU Middle East Expert on Shalom TV
Humans' Evolutionary Response to Risk Can Be Unnecessarily Dangerous, Finds TAU Study
Mark Freedman Joins AFTAU as Southeast Region's Vice President
In Memoriam
TAU Researchers Root Out New and Efficient Crop Plants
Alleviating the Fear of Falling
TAU to Build Residential "Student City" Complex
Swerve Left to Avoid That Satellite
Blavatnik Family Foundation Donates $5 Million to Expand Computer Science at TAU
To Sing Like Shakira, Press "One" Now
Alumni Notes for Amanda Niskar (Summer 1992)
Negotiating Through the Glass Ceiling
Saving the Yiddish Language
Warning for Teens: Teeth and Jewelry Don't Mix
TAU Announces New "Supercenter" for Renewable Energy at Conference Opened by Al Gore
Yoran-Szyncer Research Fund in Jewish History Awards Scholarships to Eight Researchers
Tel Aviv University's Constantiner Prize Awarded to Israel's Bina Center
Moise Safra Family Lays Cornerstone for New "Student City" at TAU
Appealing the Death Sentence for Brain Cells
One Small Step for a Laboratory Science, One Green Leap for Mankind
Al Gore and Tom Stoppard Among 2008 Dan David Prize Winners Honored at TAU Ceremony
Whitman Family Inaugurates New Scholarship Fund for Arab-Israeli Students at TAU
Elie Wiesel and Martin J. Whitman Among Notable American Recipients of TAU's Highest Honor
American Academy of Arts & Sciences Elects TAU Economist to Elite Society
Architect Santiago Calatrava Honored by TAU
Long Lost Sisters
Alumni Notes for Susan Lapidus (Greenblatt) (Spring Semester 1979)
Alumni Notes from Wayne Firestone (1989-1990)
Alumni Notes from Cynthia Ittleman (1972-1973)
TAU Study Finds Connection Between Mental Fitness and Multi-Lingualism
A Digital Haven for Terrorists on Our Own Shores?
TAU Film Student Is a Nominee for Special Academy Award
TAU Researchers Examine "Great Expectations" in the Workplace
Acclaimed Concert Pianist and AFTAU Supporter Byron Janis Celebrates 80 Years of Music and Life
NASDAQ-Traded Internet Security Company Partners with TAU
US Organization Recognizes TAU's Contribution to a "Better World"
UCLA Professor Wins Non-Fiction Pulitzer
Keep Boys and Girls Together, TAU Research Suggests
How Fast You'll Age is Written in the Bones, TAU Research Finds
War Between the Sexes Begins Before Twins' Birth, TAU Researchers Say
TAU Scientists Teach a Computer to Recognize Attractiveness in Women
Is Globalization as Old as the Earth?
The Lean Gene
The Surprising Power of the Pill
Preventing the Big American Blackout
In Memoriam
Stress and Fear Can Affect Cancer's Recurrence
Cell Phone-Cancer Link Found by Tel Aviv University Scientist
Al Gore and Amos Oz Among 2008 Dan David Prize Winners
Unprecedented Cross-Border Partnership to Research Earthquake Activity in Middle East
Mind the (Online) Gap
United Nations Holocaust Remembrance Day Commemoration Event Features Concert by TAU Symphony Orchestra
Tuning In to Girls on TV
UN Holocaust Remembrance Date Commemoration Features Concert by TAU Symphony Orchestra
Moshe Dayan Center Selected as One of the World's Leading Think Tanks
Cranberries Really Are a Miracle Cure for Women
Why Some Depressed Girls Can't Smell The Roses
A New Light of Ethiopian Jewry at TAU
Three TAU Researchers Named World's Best Innovators
TAU Student Union Brings New Life to Adopted Village in Tanzania
Art in a Petri Dish
Overweight People Are More Likely to Have Bad Breath, TAU Study Finds
How Do You Say "E Equals MC Squared" in Yiddish?
Middle East Expert Addresses AFTAU Members in December 4 Teleconference
Tel Aviv University Gives Preemies a Fighting Chance
Fate Might Not Be So Unpredictable After All, Tel Aviv University Study Suggests
Burning Out? Try Logging Off
New TAU Study Finds Obese Teens Can Recover Lost Bone Mass
Digging Biblical History, or The End of the World
Monsters or Angels at Night? TAU Finds that Parents Influence Infants' Sleep Habits
TAU Microsurgeon Puts Smiles on Frozen Faces
TAU Scientists Help Discover the Most Massive Stellar Black Hole Ever Found
TAU Professor Finds Global Warming Is Melting Soft Coral
Playing Roles for Peace
American Donors Put Faith (and Dollars) in TAU Cancer Research
Tel Aviv University Chemist Discovers How Molecules "Take the Heat"
A New Tool for Breast Cancer Diagnosis
Roni Krinsky Named President of American Friends of Tel Aviv University
Earthquake Experts at Tel Aviv University Turn to History for Guidance
Ode to the Environment
Tel Aviv University Doctor Designs Weight-Loss Pill With Fewer Side Effects
Tel Aviv University Targets a Star to Find the Oldest Planet in the Universe
Tel Aviv University, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and IsraAID Play Host to the United Nations
Lois and Martin Whitman Give Arab Students the Gift of Knowledge
"Yiddish Theatre" Comes Home
Innovative Laser for Glaucoma Surgery
Haifa Home to First Homo Sapiens?
Tel Aviv University Scientists Probe "Deep" Questions Aboard EcoOcean's Environmental Research Ship
Clues to Noah's Flood Found on Ocean Floor
Man's Best Friend, the Bat
Man's Best Friend, the Bat
Tel Aviv University Develops Basis for World's First Reliable Non-Invasive Liver Disease Test
Women's Jeans Size Determined by Genes?
TAU Researchers Discover Correlation Between Birth Month and Short-Sightedness
Fifty Tel Aviv University M.B.A. Students Head to Northwestern University for Summer Business Credit
Tel Aviv University Researcher Goes "Through the Nose" to Delay Onset of Alzheimer's Disease
Tel Aviv University Redefines "Internet Addiction" and Sets New Standards for Its Treatment
First Frogs, Now Our Wheat?
Researchers at Tel Aviv University Mix Medicine and Art to Uncover Rembrandt's Secret
Israeli Researchers Take First Step Toward Live Computer Chip
TAU Defends Democracy by Educating America's Future Leaders
Johnson & Johnson Partners with Colton Family and Tel Aviv University for Groundbreaking Medical Research
Tel Aviv University Law Students Visit Windy City for a Summer of Legal Learning
Tel Aviv University and Al-Quds University Partner on Conflict Resolution Graduate Program
Tel Aviv University Treats American University Presidents to Academic Fireworks on Fourth of July
Global Community Listens to Acclaimed Tel Aviv University Researcher at European Union Conference on Hearing Loss
Nature Takes Its Southerly Course
Zvi Galil Assumes Presidency of Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University Business Group Meets Texas Secretary of State in Israel
Nature Is for the Birds, TAU Researchers Observe
Tel Aviv University Professor and Leading Menopause Researcher Finds Positive Results for Hormone Replacement Therapy
The Dr. Miriam and Sheldon G. Adelson Center for the Biology of Addictive Diseases Dedicated at Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University Researcher Finds Internet Is Spherical with a Dense Core
Tel Aviv University Monthly Peace Index
Joel Tauber Funds Advancement Program for Ethiopian Youth at Tel Aviv University
Distinguished American Philanthropists Awarded Honorary Doctorates by Tel Aviv University
Tel Aviv University Hosts Second Annual Yiddish Summer School Program
TAU Develops Device Expected to Save U.S. Truckers $400 Million Annually
TAU and Confucius Institute for Chinese Studies Offer Language, Culture and Economics Studies in Israel
The Earth Has a Fever!
Decoding Alzheimer's
Zubin Mehta among six to share $3 million Dan David Prizes
Drug-Delivering Dendrimers Dissolve on Demand
To Israel with Love
100s of Israelis Hillel Students Help Rehabilitate Northern Communities Damaged by War
Columbia University Dean, Leading Israeli Computer Scientist
Join Tel Aviv University: American Council at the UJC General Assembly
TAU Professor Will Head Google's R&D Center in Tel Aviv
A Formula for Beauty: Tel Aviv University Computer Scientists
Tel Aviv University Wraps Up Summer Yiddish Program
A Conflict Fought on Three Levels
Adi B., 27, born in kibbutz Kfar Horesh
Global Democracy
Tel Aviv University Celebrates 50 Years In Higher Education
Chicago Jewish Philanthropist, Avid Israel Supporter Named
Bracing for a Pandemic
Legal Credit
The Times Higher Education Supplement
Adi B., 27, born in kibbutz Kfar Horesh
Israel Wants West to Deal More Urgently With Iran
TAU Cure for Computer Viruses?
The Sweet Smell of Mel's Success
American and Israeli Students Show that all the World's a Stage
TAU Graduates Rated Most-Wanted by Employers
Tel Aviv University Trailblazer in Hebrew Literature & Poetry Wins Prestigious EMET Prize
TAU Cancer Specialist Wins Prestigious EMET Prize