TAU Top 50 Lists

Founded just a half-century ago, Tel Aviv University has wasted no time in breaking new paths and leading the way.

Did you know that …

  • TAU’s Documentation Center for the Performing Arts and Theater maintains the largest collection of materials on Hebrew theater in the world?

  • The National Collections of Natural History at TAU, a record of the Middle East region’s plant and animal life, possesses a collection of an estimated 5 million items?

  • TAU’s Jaime and Joan Constantiner School of Education sells nearly a million textbooks a year making the school one of Israel’s three largest publishers?

  • TAU’s School for Overseas Students has more than 20,000 graduates?

  • The Sackler Faculty of Medicine at TAU is the largest medical research and training complex in Israel? (Its 1,400 faculty members work at seventeen major hospitals, and 6,500 students are enrolled in its six separate schools.)

  • Tel Megiddo and Tel Beersheba, two major excavation sites of TAU’s Sonia and Marco Nadler Institute of Archeology, are on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites?

And that’s not all. Find out more about the groundbreaking work of TAU, its faculty and its students here.