About TAU

The future is being forged at Tel Aviv University — today.

Expanding the Future

TAU is Israel's leading center of higher learning, providing an education for 30,000 students ranked among the finest in the world.

Attracting the brightest minds from across the country and around the globe, the university is distinguished by its emphasis on excellence and its pioneering, multidisciplinary approach to research.

TAU is one of Israel's most important research centers, engaged in more than 5,000 innovative projects in classic disciplines and in cutting-edge fields from bioinformatics to nanotechnology. That's why more than 150 of the world's leading academic and corporate institutions regularly conduct joint programs on campus.

TAU helps shape Israel's social future, too, opening the doors of knowledge and opportunity to all. And university faculty and students are part of the daily fabric of life in Tel Aviv, reaching into the community in innumerable ways — from social welfare programs to legal clinics, from dental care to community theater, and from adult education to urban renewal.

In the fields of science, business, medicine, the humanities, government, the arts and the art of scholarship, Tel Aviv University leads the way — expanding and enriching our shared future.

Guide to the University

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Annual Report

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It would be difficult to imagine a more exciting moment for Tel Aviv University.

It is my privilege to lead TAU just as we are entering the topmost tier of universities worldwide.

One of the measures of a university's standing can be summed up as "international exposure" — the scope and influence of its research and study programs in global terms.

We're increasing our international exposure significantly, working to become an international magnet in TAU's strongest fields. We're competing for the largest and most sought-after scientific grants, building sophisticated labs that draw post-docs and researchers from abroad, and transforming TAU into a "must-visit" institution for the world's best scientists and students.

Most important, we're drawing on the University's strength as Israel's most comprehensive institution of higher learning to advance our pre-eminent interdisciplinary research and teaching. Our goal is to continue tearing down barriers between classic areas of study and encouraging our researchers and students to work together in new and surprising directions.

Each of our American Friends has played an important role in bringing us to this moment, but that ongoing support isn't the sole basis of our special connection. It is, rather, our mutual commitment to expanding knowledge — in directions we cannot yet conceive — in service of the future of our planet.

We share an exhilarating vision for the future, one in which Tel Aviv University's reach, influence, service and impact continue to expand, and I look forward to working together with you to realize it.