Meet TAU International's Jeremy Roberts

Ivy Leaguer's unique "Voyage" at TAU redoubles a passion for medicine

Jeremy RobertsWhile majoring in Human Biology, Health and Society at Cornell University, Long Island native Jeremy Roberts dreams of practicing sports medicine one day. That's why he sought a study abroad program that would give him on-the-ground medical experience — and he found it in Tel Aviv University’s new A Voyage to Medicine in Israel program last semester, a joint program with Asaf Harofeh Hospital.

Combining academic courses with practical experience and cultural education, the program is one of a kind. "It's an experience you literally cannot get anywhere else in the world. Within five months, I learned a new language, participated in a research project, took courses in different departments of the hospital, volunteered with Magen David Adom (Israel's Red Cross equivalent) and watched surgeries being performed first-hand," he says. The program also introduces students to the history of medicine in Israel, including Bedouin medical practices and Jerusalem's hospitals through the ages.

His stand-out memories include work as part of the Magen David Adom mobile intensive care unit, and the opportunity to shadow a sports surgeon, who invited Jeremy into the operating room to take a ringside look. He also joined in on an ongoing research project, looking at different ways to detect shoulder pathologies.

Not only will the experience provide an invaluable edge for Jeremy's med school applications, he says it also invigorated his passion for practicing medicine. "In school, you read books, learn about anatomy and study protocols. But when you're out in the field, racing a patient to the hospital, you suddenly understand in a visceral way that you are saving lives and making an impact on people's health.

"I had the opportunity to do things that I normally wouldn't have been able to experience until residency, so I feel like I'm already way ahead of the curve," he says.

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