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As you know, TAU International (formerly known as OSP — the School for Overseas Students) is a unique institution, offering a variety of graduate, undergraduate and language programs every year. We are especially proud of the many North American students who tell us they have had their lives changed by this intellectually and emotionally powerful experience. And it’s been happening for more than forty years.

A Once-in-a-Lifetime Experience

You may have attended as an individual, or taken advantage of one of the many partnerships the School maintains with its North American collaborators. Currently, more than 150 institutions, including NASA, NIH, Harvard, IBM and Intel, have joint programs with TAU. They come for TAU's vast research expertise and its innovative, cross-disciplinary approaches to meeting scientific challenges.

But TAU International provides more than just an education. Alumni talk of Tel Aviv's Bauhaus architecture, trendy cafes and clubs at the old harbor, open air markets, summer street festivals and the charm of old Jaffa and its artists' colony.

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TAU International alumni are coming together to enjoy each other's company and organize a calendar of interesting and engaging events.

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