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Prof. Israel Finkelstein Receives Prestigious Delalande-Guérineau Prize 03.05.14

Finding Israel's First Camels 02.03.14

Everything Old is New Again: Cavemen Recycled to Survive 11.07.13

Genetic Study Proves Israel's Wild Boars Originated in Europe 11.04.13

TAU Solves a 3,000-Year-Old Mystery with Pollen 10.22.13

Proof of Solomon's Mines Found in Israel 09.03.13

TAU Archaeologists Find Massive Fortifications from the Iron Age 08.19.13

TAU Archaeologists Find Treasure amid Trash 08.12.13

Mysterious Monument Found Beneath the Sea of Galilee 06.10.13

Desecrated Ancient Temple Sheds Light on Early Power Struggles at Tel Beth-Shemesh 11.12.12

Ancient Seal May Add Substance to the Legend of Samson 08.13.12

Neolithic Man: The First Lumberjack? 08.09.12

Hoard of Crusader Gold Found in Ruins 07.26.12

Ancient Jugs Hold the Secret to Practical Mathematics in Biblical Times 06.04.12

Unique Gold Earring Found in Intriguing Collection of Ancient Jewelry at Tel Megiddo 05.21.12

Ancient "Graffiti" Unlock the Life of the Common Man 03.06.12

Exploration of Mythical David and Goliath Battle Site Reaches New Depth 02.27.12

Fossilized Pollen Unlocks Secrets of Ancient Royal Garden 02.16.12

The Disappearance of the Elephant Caused the Rise of Modern Man 12.12.11

Archaeologists Find Sophisticated Blade Production Much Earlier Than Originally Thought 10.17.11

Seaside Fortress Was a Final Stronghold of Early Islamic Power 09.15.11

2000-Year-Old Burial Box Could Reveal Location of the Family of Caiaphas 08.29.11

Scanning Antiquity Underfoot 03.08.11

World's First Skyscraper Was a Monument to Intimidation 02.17.11

Was Israel the Birthplace of Modern Man? 12.30.10

Secrets of an Ancient Tel Aviv Fortress Revealed 12.28.10

Warring Greeks Find Peace in Ancient Egypt 12.06.10

Paradise Lost — And Found 10.27.10

The World's Oldest Steak Knife 08.26.10

Reading the Zip Codes of 3,500-Year-Old Letters 08.05.10

"Dynasty" Redux? 03.25.10

A 200,000-Year-Old Cut of Meat 10.14.09

Exploring Israel's Own Atlantis 07.22.09

Was a "Mistress of the Lionesses" a King in Ancient Canaan? 04.06.09

Face to Face with Moses and Jesus 12.09.08

TAU Welcomes Volunteers to Ramat Rachel Archaeological Dig 12.05.08

Archaeologists Strike It Rich in Jerusalem 08.07.08

Is Globalization as Old as the Earth? 04.02.08

Digging Biblical History 10.31.07

Clues to Noah's Flood Found Beneath the Sea 09.07.07

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Arts and Culture

In Memoriam: Avraham Yaski, Founding Father of Israeli Architecture 04.01.14

Award-winning Producer Steve Tisch Will Chair Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival at TAU 03.31.14

Putting a Price Tag on Peace 10.14.13

Shhh ... Talking about Mothers in Prostitution 08.21.13

Leading Theatre Director and TAU Professor Emeritus Awarded Israel Prize 04.09.13

Is "Objective Journalism" Possible? 01.09.13

History's Impostors Inspire Modern Bureaucracy 01.08.13

A Cimet Family Gift — By and For Generations 12.10.12

Embracing the Art of Science 12.05.12

History of Human Conflicts Revealed by Mathematical Model 11.29.12

Reflections 08.21.12

AFTAU and Israel's Ministry of Tourism Show American Journalists the Cutting-Edge World of Israeli Film 07.18.12

TAU Honors its "Founding Father of the Arts" 07.13.12

Horizons Expand for TAU Summer Yiddish Program 04.26.12

First Homer Encyclopedia Brings Epic Poetry and Ancient Greece to Life 04.17.12

TAU Grad and Lecturer Wins Big at Sundance 03.13.12

Re-inventing the Planned City 03.12.12

TAU and Cambridge University Celebrate the "Outside Critic" 02.01.12

TAU Film to Screen at Sundance 01.10.12

South Tel Aviv School is a Model for Language Intervention 10.27.11

Contemporary Protests Are Embracing an "Open Door" Policy 10.24.11

Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen Among 2011 Dan David Prize Winners 02.25.11

Designing a City for Safe Protests 02.23.11

Reading Avatar's DNA 12.21.10

El Al Will Show TAU Films Onboard 12.20.10

Choose a Movie's Plot — While You Watch It 12.13.10

Now At a Theatre Near You 06.17.10

Spotting the Next Great Music Superstar 12.08.08

TAU Film Wins International Competition 09.09.08

To Sing Like Shakira, Press "One" Now 06.30.08

Tuning In to Girls on TV 01.29.08

UN Holocaust Commemoration Features Concert by TAU Symphony Orchestra 01.24.08

Art in a Petri Dish 12.14.07

How Do You Say "E=mc2" in Yiddish? 12.06.07

Ode to the Environment 09.26.07

The Art of Medicine and The Medicine of Art 08.01.08

To Israel with Love 02.01.07

TAU Student Wins First Prize in Brooklyn International Film Festival for Best Director and Creator 11.03.05

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Astronomy and Astrophysics

TAU's Space Observatory Scientists Observe Rare Astronomical Event 04.24.14

New Study Finds the Early Universe "Warmed Up" Later than Previously Believed 02.05.14

Will the Start Up Nation Become the Blast Off Nation? 05.01.13

TAU Researcher Honored for Innovative Work on Gauge and Gravity Theories 04.25.13

Looking for Life by the Light of Dying Stars 04.24.13

Using Black Holes to Measure the Universe's Rate of Expansion 04.22.13

Seeing the Birth of the Universe in an Atom of Hydrogen 09.05.12

TAU Researchers Part of Team of International Scientists to Uncover the "God Particle" 07.25.12

Planets Circling Around Twin Suns 02.02.12

Two Nations' Leading Universities to Collaborate in the Stars 12.05.11

Lightning Sprites Are Out-of-This-World 11.21.11

Most Ancient Supernovas Are Discovered 10.05.11

When the Black Hole Was Born 12.27.10

Top U.S. Science Prize Awarded to TAU Physicist Prof. Yakir Aharonov 10.19.10

Avoid Swimming in Interplanetary Lakes 09.21.10

Avoiding an Asteroid Collision 09.13.10

Reaching for the Stars 06.22.10

Heavenly Bodies Beyond Neptune 01.05.10

A Lightning Strike in Africa Helps Take the Pulse of the Sun 11.11.09

Sensing Disasters from Space 10.22.09

An Astronomical Milestone 09.24.09

We Owe It All to Comets 04.28.09

Turn Left at Orion, Just Past the Unicorn 02.11.09

How to Destroy an Asteroid 12.03.08

Crossing "A Bridge to Nowhere" 10.20.08

Next Step: The Fourth Dimension 09.03.08

Swerve Left to Avoid That Satellite 07.09.08

Shedding Light on Black Holes 10.24.07

Reading the Planetary Tea Leaves 09.21.07

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Biology and Evolution

A Digital Test for Toxic Genes 01.29.14

How Bats Took Over the Night 12.12.13

Shining a Light on the Spooky World of Bats 10.31.13

1.8 Million-Year-Old Skull Sheds New Light on Human Evolution 10.23.13

Bugs Not Gay, Just Confused 10.21.13

The Bad News: Just in Time for Passover, Plague of Locusts Arrives in Israel 03.25.13

Israel Prize Awarded to TAU Biochemist for Research into Molecular Biology and Proteins 01.29.13

Into the Mind of the Common Fruit Fly 09.24.12

A GPS in Your DNA 08.16.12

TAU Researcher Says Plants Can See, Small, Feel, and Taste 07.30.12

Naked Mole Rat May Hold the Secret to Long Life 07.02.12

Looking for the Next American Hyrax? 06.28.12

The Developing Genome? 02.13.12

Fungi: Another Tool in Bacteria's Belt? 11.28.11

Smart Swarms of Bacteria Inspire Robotics Researchers 11.17.11

Bats, Dolphins, and Mole Rates Inspire Advances in Ultrasound Technology 11.14.11

Amphibians: Beware Young Beetles' Deadly "Siren Call" 09.26.11

Repairing Our Inner Clock with a Two-Inch Fish 07.21.11

Traumatizing Your DNA 03.23.11

Angling to Understand Nature's Design 03.09.11

Roaches Inspire Robotics 02.07.11

The Genius of Bacteria 01.24.11

Is the Hornet Our Key to Renewable Energy? 01.05.11

Do Our Bodies' Bacteria Play Matchmaker? 12.02.10

Fat Sand Rats Are SAD Like Us 11.08.10

Nothing New Under the Sun? Not So. 10.25.10

Is Anxiety Contagious? 10.14.10

Gambling on Bacteria 10.12.10

A Chip Off the Early Hominin Tooth 09.16.10

"Magical Thinking" About Islands Is an Illusion 07.08.10

Protein Power for Jack and the Beanstalk 05.17.10

Catching Multiple Sclerosis Before It Strikes 04.29.10

Bunkers for Bats 03.02.10

From Carnivorous Plants to the Medicine Cabinet? 02.18.10

Corals Fight Back — Fish Beware! 12.09.09

Enormous Dividends from Thinking Small 10.22.09

"Reverse Ecology" Reveals Ancient Environmental Clues 03.16.09

Biofeedback from the Zoo 01.27.09

The Truth About Cats and Dogs 09.08.08

Humans' Evolutionary Response to Risk Can Be Unnecessarily Dangerous 08.06.08

Long Lost Sisters 05.15.08

Haifa Home to First Homo sapiens? 09.10.07

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