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Business and Management

Is Stress a Perk? 04.07.14

Corporate Layoff Strategies Are Increasing Workplace Gender and Racial Inequality 03.27.14

Listening to Whispers at the Water Cooler 03.06.14

Warning! Warning Labels Can Be Dangerous to Your Health 01.16.14

Business Education: The Path to Peace and Prosperity? 05.08.13

It's True! Feeling Powerful Leads to Happiness 03.26.13

TAU's Innovation Incubator Hosts International Business Week 02.05.13

Living Abroad Can Bring Professional Success — If You Do It Right 11.06.12

TAU Hosts Second Annual Sofaer International MBA Case Competition 07.06.12

Mom Was Right: It's What You Know, Not Who You Know 03.29.12

Burning Calories at the Gym Avoids Burnout at Work 02.23.12

Storm Warning: Financial Tsunami Heading This Way 02.09.12

Businessmen with Heart 01.20.12

Hang Out at the Water Cooler = Life Longer 08.04.11

Sofaer Case Competition Goes Global 07.18.11

Is a Little Negativity the Best Marketing Policy? 07.11.11

Using Fear to Guide Smart Investments 06.30.11

Diagnosing "Seizures" in the U.S. Economy 05.12.11

Shopping Religiously 11.15.10

Boosting Productivity Without Additional Capital 11.02.10

Fishing for Peace at TEDxTelAviv 05.05.10

Close, But Not Too Close 05.04.10

Flexing Your Marathon Muscles at Work 03.03.10

"Subjective Time" Can Improve Your Bottom Line 02.04.10

To Be or To Become: That's the Question for Advertisers 02.02.10

Finding More in "Most" 11.19.09

Reversing Brain Drain 10.08.09

Your Tools Are as Good as You Think They Are 08.04.09

More McBang for Your McBuck 07.13.09

If You Do Good, You Look Good 06.11.09

Three Degrees of Separation for Getting That Job 06.08.09

Avoiding Social Potholes on Your Career Path 05.14.09

Working Your Friendships at Work 04.30.09

Seizing the Day 12.31.08

A Simple Questionnaire to Replace a Doctor's Exam 12.22.08

To Queue or Not to Queue? 09.22.08

Negotiating Through the Glass Ceiling 06.25.08

"Great Expectations" in the Workplace 04.29.08

Is Globalization as Old as the Earth? 04.02.08

Log Off or Burn Out 11.26.07

Business Class Round Trip, Tel Aviv to Chicago 08.24.07

TAU Means Business 07.01.07

Legal Credit 03.17.06

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Computers and Technology

Revive Your Smartphone in 30 Seconds 04.10.14

Conquering Computer Armies 03.17.14

Broadcom Foundation Establishes Cyber-Authentication Research Fund at TAU 11.26.13

Tel Aviv University Boots Up Cyber Curriculum 07.15.13

A Privacy Risk in Your DNA 02.07.13

Is Facebook a Factor in Psychotic Symptoms? 11.20.12

TAU Named to Spearhead Groundbreaking Nanotechnology Consortium 10.18.12

Radiation-Enabled Computer Chips Could Lead to Low-Cost Security Imaging Systems 09.12.12

Controlling Superconductors with Light 08.27.12

TAU Teams with New York's CA Technologies to Open New Innovation Center 07.16.12

Carbon-Based Transistors Ramp Up Speed and Memory for Mobile Devices 07.16.12

Smart Phones Are Changing Real World Privacy Settings 04.10.12

Biodegradable Transistors — Made from Us 03.07.12

Making Collective Wisdom Wiser 11.29.11

Bats, Dolphins, and Mole Rates Inspire Advances in Ultrasound Technology 11.14.11

Hybrid Power Plants Can Help Industry Go Green 11.03.11

Thousand-Color Sensor Reveals Contaminants in Earth and Sea 11.02.11

New iPhone App Keeps Eyesight from Deteriorating 11.01.11

Piecing Together the Priceless "Cairo Genizah" 10.18.11

"Ghostwriting" the Torah? 10.10.11

Innovative Superconductor Fibers Carry 40 Times More Electricity 09.07.11

The Geophysicist's Guide to Striking It Rich 09.01.11

Watching Viruses "Friend" a Network 08.30.11

Can the Spanish Flu Devastate Us Again? 08.15.11

A New Line of Defense Against Sexual Assault 08.09.11

Tracking Crime in Real Time 08.08.11

Conducting Energy on a Nano Scale 07.15.11

Programming Regret for Google 04.13.11

Running on a Faster Track 02.16.11

Roaches Inspire Robotics 02.07.11

A Cool Way to Make Glass 02.02.11

Taking Unpleasant Surprises Out of Plastic Surgery 02.01.11

The Science of Bike-sharing 01.31.11

Challenging the Limits of Learning 01.19.11

Keeping Your Digital Secrets Safe 01.18.11

The "Spaser" Heats Up Laser Technology 01.12.11

Debunking Solar Energy Efficiency Measurements 01.10.11

TAU Scientist Puts Google into "Fast Company" 01.04.11

Reading Avatar's DNA 12.21.10

Choose a Movie's Plot — While You Watch It 12.13.10

What Will Threaten Us in 2040? 11.17.10

Out-Sniffing Bomb-Sniffing Dogs 11.10.10

A Tracking Device That Fits on the Head of a Pin 10.05.10

How Safe Is Your Swipe? 09.20.10

"Greening" Your Flat Screen TV 08.25.10

Micromachines for a Safer World 08.10.10

A Pinch of Light 07.06.10

Shining a Light Around Corners 06.16.10

A "Fat Forward" Research Tool 05.06.10

An Optical Traffic Cop for Rapid Communication 05.03.10

A Virtual Muscle Machine for Kids with Disabilities 04.27.10

An Artificial Eye on Your Driving 04.20.10

Safer Swiping While Voting and Globetrotting 04.15.10

Laser Security for the Internet 03.23.10

Seeing a Bionic Eye on Medicine's Horizon 03.22.10

A More Sensitive Sensor 03.17.10

A Window that Washes Itself? 12.03.09

Calling Off Disaster 11.12.09

Keeping Hearts Pumping with "LifeFlow" 11.05.09

Protecting Your Virtual Privacy 11.03.09

Keeping DNA "All in the Family" 10.06.09

TAU Lays Foundation for World's Smallest Laser 09.03.09

Open Source DNA 08.31.09

Flying by the Skin of Our Teeth 08.19.09

Hearing the Words Beneath the Noise 08.05.09

A Police Woman Fights Quantum Hacking and Cracking 07.30.09

Hurricane Katrina: Phone Home 07.06.09

Zooming In to Catch the Bad Guys 06.30.09

Treating Lazy Eyes with a Joystick 06.22.09

A Dose of PlayStation to Heal Severe Burns 05.19.09

Monitoring Water Through a Snake's Eyes 05.11.09

Violent Video Games Can Improve Vision 04.07.09

Intruder Alert: TAU's "Smart Dew" Will Find You! 03.26.09

Putting Nanoparticles Together 03.11.09

Evildoers Everywhere: Get a Whiff of This 02.18.09

Tiny "Lab-on-a-Chip" Can Detect Pollutants, Disease and Biological Weapons 02.17.09

Fighting Tomorrow's Hackers 02.05.09

Decoding Funny Faces to Detect Disease 02.04.09

Spotting the Next Great Music Superstar 12.08.08

The Beauty Machine 11.06.08

Could Dr. House Be Replaced by a Computer? 10.16.08

Putting a "Korset" on the Spread of Computer Viruses 09.09.08

Expanding Fields of Vision 08.08.08

A Digital Haven for Terrorists on Our Own Shores? 05.05.08

NASDAQ-Traded Internet Company Partners with TAU 04.18.08

The Beauty Machine 04.04.08

Preventing the Big American Blackout 03.12.08

Mind the (Online) Gap 02.04.08

They're Having a "Heatwave" 10.10.07

Whose Fault Is It? 10.02.07

Is the Internet a Digital Danger? 08.15.07

TAU Researchers Bring Nanotechnologies to Life 11.03.05

Computer Program Learns Language Rules and Composes Sentences Without Outside Help 11.03.05

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Environment and Ecology

The Knesset Comes Calling 03.25.14

Radio Waves Carry News of Climate Change 07.30.13

TAU Researchers Save a Dying Tadpole Species 05.28.13

Israel Prize Awarded to TAU Scientist for Innovations in Water Research 01.18.13

Tracking Pollution from Outer Space 11.27.12

TAU Researchers Use Satellite Technology to Identify Potential Dead Sea Sinkhole Sites 10.16.12

Predicting Wave Power Could Double Marine-Based Energy 09.10.12

Viruses Could be the Key to Healthy Corals 08.30.12

More Gold — and Other Minerals — in Them Thar Hills? 07.24.12

Climate Change May Lead to Fewer — But More Violent — Thunderstorms 07.10.12

Steel-Strength Plastics — and Green, Too! 06.06.12

Air Pollution Linked to Chronic Health Disease 06.05.12

"Dip Chip" Technology Tests Toxicity On-the-Go 05.14.12

Israel Names TAU's Renewable Energy Center a "Center of Research Excellence" 04.18.12

Swifts Return to the Holy City 04.16.12

Endangered Bats Find Sanctuary in Israeli "Ghost Bunkers" 04.12.12

Has the Dead Sea Used Up its Nine Lives? 04.10.12

Is Seaweed the Future of Biofuel? 03.05.12

Saving Lives and Aircraft on the Bird Superhighway 02.06.12

Reclaiming the Land After a Forest Fire 12.22.11

A Light Wave of Innovation to Advance Solar Energy 11.10.11

Carbon Monoxide — The Silent Calmer? 11.08.11

Hybrid Power Plants Can Help Industry Go Green 11.03.11

Thousand-Color Sensor Reveals Contaminants in Earth and Sea 11.02.11

Growing Something out of Nothing 10.26.11

The Geophysicist's Guide to Striking It Rich 09.01.11

Soft Coral Builds Strong Reefs 08.16.11

Raptor Usurpers in Neighboring Habitats Reshape the Conventional Wisdom 08.03.11

Environmental Pollutants Lurk Long After They "Disappear" 07.20.11

TAU Raises the Green Bar 05.24.11

Mucus: Fighting the War Against Pollutants 03.30.11

"Fault-Finding" Coral Reefs Can Predict the Site of Coming Earthquakes 03.21.11

A Seismograph for Ancient Earthquakes 03.14.11

Debunking Solar Energy Efficiency Measurements 01.10.11

Getting a Tail Up on Conservation? 09.01.10

"Greening" Your Flat Screen TV 08.25.10

A Nemesis for Oil Spills 08.03.10

The Wisdom of Tel Aviv University's Owls 06.24.10

Protein Power for Jack and the Beanstalk 05.17.10

Where There's Smoke ... 04.22.10

Water, Fair and Foul 04.21.10

A New Energy Source from the Common Pea 03.04.10

Bunkers for Bats 03.02.10

Animals Cope with Climate Change at the Dinner Table 02.08.10

How Arthritis Thrives 01.25.10

A Deadly Scorpion Provides a Safe Pesticide 01.11.10

Corals Fight Back — Fish Beware! 12.09.09

Calling Off Disaster 11.12.09

A Thermometer for the Earth 10.01.09

TAU Invention Busts Dust 09.22.09

A "Super Sensor" for Cancer and CSI's 08.03.09

Hurricane Katrina: Phone Home 07.06.09

Monitoring Water Through a Snake's Eyes 05.11.09

A Flash of Lightning in a Hurricane's Eye 04.20.09

A Dirty Job But ... 04.13.09

A Winged Alternative to Toxic Pesticides 04.02.09

Intruder Alert: TAU's "Smart Dew" Will Find You! 03.26.09

A Sprightly Explanation for UFO Sightings? 02.23.09

Changing Sexes on the Sea Floor 02.11.09

TAU Researcher Makes Airways (and Birdways) Safer 02.03.09

The Flash Before the Flood 11.20.08

TAU's Eco-Architecture Could Produce "Grow Your Own" Homes 08.21.08

More Crop Per Drop 07.30.08

TAU Announces New "Supercenter" for Renewable Energy 06.13.08

One Green Leap for Mankind 05.27.08

Fate Not So Unpredictable After All 12.03.07

Disappearance of Soft Corals May Mean Global Catastrophe 10.18.07

Ode to the Environment 09.26.07

Man's Best Friend, the Bat 08.31.07

Saving the Breadbasket 08.13.07

Bracing for a Pandemic 03.17.06

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