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Medicine and Health

Aging and Gerontology
Alzheimer's Disease
Cancer Research
Cardiac Health
Diet and Nutrition
Fertility and Pregnancy

Medical Appliances
Pain Management
Pediatric Medicine
Pharmaceutical Science
Stem Cell Research
Vision and Hearing

General Medicine and Health

Aging and Gerontology

Finding Reason in Delusion 03.27.12

Excess Fat May Be "Protective" in Seniors Over 85 02.28.12

Fluctuating Weight, Fluctuating Mind? 01.14.10

Out of Joint 09.19.08

A Therapy for Baby Boomers to Sleep On 08.15.08

Languages and Aging 05.07.08

Aging is in the Bones 04.09.08

The Art of Medicine and The Medicine of Art 08.01.07

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Alzheimer's Disease

Restoring Order in the Brain 03.11.14

Untangling Alzheimer's Disease 10.28.13

Bursts of Brain Activity May Protect Against Alzheimer's Disease 04.18.13

Measuring Metabolism Can Predict the Progress of Alzheimer's with 90% Accuracy 11.07.12

Into the Mind of the Common Fruit Fly 09.24.12

Finding Reason in Delusion 03.27.12

Alzheimer's Prevention in Your Pantry 06.27.11

"Bird Brains" Are Smart on Alzheimer's 04.18.11

An Alzheimer's Vaccine in a Nasal Spray 02.28.11

Good Diets Fight Bad Alzheimers Genes 02.15.11

Memory's Master Switch 07.29.10

Upending Textbook Science on Alzheimer's Disease 11.23.09

A Nervous System Drug-by-Design 10.26.09

A Window into the Brain 08.12.09

One Step Closer to Fixing Alzheimer's Through the Nose 03.18.09

Appealing the Death Sentence for Brain Cells 05.29.08

A Nasal Spray for Alzheimer's Disease? 08.15.07

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Cancer Research

Researchers Devise a Fast and Effective Mechanism to Combat One of the Most Aggressive Cancers 02.24.14

TAU Scientists Honored for Cutting-Edge Proposals in Melanoma Research 02.18.14

When Good Cells Go Bad 06.16.13

Cell Phones Could Increase Cancer Risk 07.29.13

Can Cancer Be Turned Against Itself? 01.02.13

Promising Stem Cell Therapy for Children with Renal Cancer 01.02.13

RNA-Based Therapy Brings New Hope for an Incurable Blood Cancer 10.10.12

Fighting Melanoma's Attraction to the Brain 09.19.12

Launching a "Social Networking War" Against Cancer 08.14.12

TAU Research Links Childhood Obesity to Cancer Risk 07.23.12

Pediatric Regime of Chemotherapy Proves More Effective for Young Adults 06.18.12

A Better Delivery System for Chemotherapy Drugs 05.30.12

New Method to Manage Stress Responses for More Successful Tumor Removal 01.30.12

Patterns of Chromosome Abnormality: The Key to Cancer? 01.23.12

Blasting Cancer from the Inside Out 12.06.11

When It Comes to Speaking Out, Cells Wait Their Turn 09.06.11

Painting a "Bullseye" on Cancer Cells 08.22.11

Fighting Cancer at Your Local Indian Restaurant 03.02.11

TAU Scientist Is First Israeli to Win Prestigious U.S. Award for Cancer Research 01.27.11

Infiltrating Cancer's Recruitment Center 01.26.11

Breakthrough: With a Chaperone, Copper Breaks Through 10.18.10

A Cluster Bomb for Cancer Care 08.23.10

SPF on Your Plate 08.16.10

A "Magnetic" Solution to Identify and Kill Tumors 08.09.10

Is Your Hemoglobin "Trending"? 08.02.10

A New Drug Treatment to Close the Window on Colon Cancer 07.21.10

Diabetes May Double Cancer Risk in Women 06.10.10

A Turn-Off for Cancer 06.07.10

Finding the Achilles' Heel of Cancer 12.10.09

Champions Biotechnology Signs Exclusive Agreement with TAU for New Cancer Drug 12.02.09

New Old Drug Fights Colon Cancer 10.12.09

Killing Cancer Like a Vampire Slayer 09.17.09

New Drug for Children with High-Risk Leukemia 07.28.09

New Drug Candidate Prolongs the Lives of Pancreatic Cancer Patients 07.20.09

Cancer-Causing Protein Can Also Help Fight the Tumors It Causes 06.18.09

A Real-Time Diagnosis for a Treatable Cancer 06.09.09

New "Bubble" Targets Only Cancer Cells 02.09.09

An Individual Approach to Breast Cancer Treatment 01.26.09

Young Blood Fights Cancer 12.30.08

Not Just for Depression Anymore 12.18.08

A Simple Blood Test for Colon Cancer 11.17.08

The Relative Risk of Brain Cancer 11.02.08

Anti-Cancer Flower Power 08.25.08

Stress and Fear Can Affect Cancer's Recurrence 02.27.08

Cell Phone-Cancer Link Found by TAU Scientist 02.14.08

A Cancer Cure Made in Israel? 10.12.07

A New Tool for Breast Cancer Diagnosis 10.09.07

Joint Israeli-American Team Closes in on Cause of Colon Cancer 11.03.05

TAU Cancer Specialist Wins Prestigious EMET Prize 11.03.05

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Cardiac Health

Heart Attacks Hit Poor the Hardest 01.08.14

Putting the Spring Back in Broken Hearts 09.23.13

A Heart of Gold 07.17.13

Understanding the Heart's Rhythm 06.11.13

Job Burnout Can Severely Compromise Heart Health 03.12.13

Air Pollution Linked to Chronic Health Disease 06.05.12

Taking Depression to Heart 02.14.12

Taking a "Shine" to Heart Repair 08.11.11

Standing Up for Athletes at Risk 04.21.11

The Heartfelt Truth About Sudden Death in Young Athletes 04.05.11

Getting to the Heart of the Matter 08.30.10

A New Beat in Heart Research 03.11.10

Smoker Alert: Information You Can Live With 02.01.10

Bypassing Bypass Surgery 08.13.09

Your Arteries on Wonder Bread 06.25.09

Heart Attacks: The Tipping Point 04.27.09

Statins a "Heart Smart" Choice 03.09.09

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A Promise Fulfilled: TAU's New Postgraduate Dental Clinics Lay Cornerstone 06.14.12

Doing the Tooth Implant Two-Step 05.22.12

A Chip Off the Early Hominin Tooth 09.16.10

Can a New Implant Coating Technique Create a New Six Million Dollar Man? 06.29.09

A Breath Mint Made from ... Coffee? 06.24.09

Are You Okay to Kiss? 05.18.09

A Warning for Teens 06.20.08

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Nipping Diabetes in the Bud 01.27.14

Positive Social Support at Work Shown to Reduce Risk of Diabetes 05.09.13

Stem Cell "Memory" Can Boost Insulin Levels 07.13.11

A Bittersweet Warning for Women with Gestational Diabetes 07.07.10

Diabetes May Double Cancer Risk in Women 06.10.10

Taking the Needle's Sting Out of Diabetes 08.10.09

New TAU Research Links Diabetes to Cognitive Deterioration 03.05.09

Battling Diabetes with Beta Cells 09.02.08

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Diet and Nutrition

Not Just What You Eat 03.20.14

Eating a Big Breakfast Fights Obesity and Disease 08.05.13

Can a Ray of Sunshine Help the Critically Ill? 04.03.12

Top Off Breakfast with — Chocolate Cake? 02.07.12

"Just Chill?" Relaxing Can Make You Fatter 12.01.11

Can Eggs Be a Healthy Breakfast Choice? 08.02.11

Putting the Squeeze on Fat Cells 11.22.10

A Chip Off the Early Hominin Tooth 09.16.10

Powerful Nutrient Cocktail Can Put Kids with Crohn's into Remission 06.16.09

A Miracle Cure from the Supermarket 01.10.08

Bad Breath Is a Weighty Issue 12.13.07

New Hope for Obese Teens 11.01.07

New Drug Makes Weight Loss Safer 09.25.07

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Fertility and Pregnancy

Meal Timing Can Significantly Improve Fertility in Women with Polycystic Ovaries 08.13.13

Sustained Stress Heightens Risk of Miscarriage 04.08.13

New Relief for Gynecological Disorders 04.03.13

One in Three Post-Partum Women Suffers PTSD Symptoms After Giving Birth 08.07.12

East Meets West to Boost Fertility 01.09.12

Is Estrogen Going to Your Head? 09.08.11

Rocking the Cradle After 45 12.07.10

Overcoming the IVF Baby Blues 11.09.10

Breaching the Breech Protocol 10.26.10

Cow's Milk Does a Baby Good 07.14.10

A Bittersweet Warning for Women with Gestational Diabetes 07.07.10

Increasing Fertility Threefold 07.01.10

Autism in a Test Tube? 06.14.10

A Sonata a Day Keeps the Doctor Away 01.07.10

Healthy Babies by the Numbers 11.10.09

Let the Baby Cry, New TAU Study Recommends 09.14.09

Infertility and the Battle of the Sexes 09.08.09

Men Are the Weaker Sex 03.24.09

Engineering Bouncing Babies, One at a Time 03.02.09

Does a Younger Dad Mean a Healthier Child? 12.15.08

Smart Heart Advice for Pregnant Women 10.06.08

War Between the Sexes Begins Before Twins' Birth 04.07.08

The Surprising Power of the Pill 03.24.08

Giving Preemies a Fighting Chance 12.04.07

A Summertime Baby, A Myopic Child 08.24.07

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Turning Off the "Aging Genes" 01.02.14

Coffee or Beer? The Choice Could Affect Your Genome 12.05.13

TAU Smartphone App Brings Genetic Analysis to the Palm of Your Hand 10.08.13

Newly Identified Bone Marrow Stem Cells Reveal Markers for ALS 07.09.13

Common Food Supplement Fights Degenerative Brain Disorders 05.21.13

Crowd-Sourced Funding Provides Missing Help for Rare Genetic Diseases 02.27.13

A Privacy Risk in Your DNA 02.07.13

Embracing the Art of Science 12.05.12

A GPS in Your DNA 08.16.12

"Junk DNA" Can Sense Viral Infection 04.24.12

New Lab Mice Cut Search for Genetic Links to Disease by More Than a Decade 04.05.12

Shake Hands with the Invisible Man 09.19.11

Diagnosing Hearing Loss at a Fraction of the Time and Cost 09.14.11

Those Aching Joints Could Be in Your Genes 07.05.11

An X-Ray for Your Genes 10.07.10

Diving Deeper into the Gene Pool 09.27.10

Keeping DNA "All in the Family" 10.06.09

Open Source DNA 08.31.09

In Pursuit of a Happiness Gene 06.23.09

Meet DNA's Personal Assistants 05.07.09

Scaling the Wall of Deafness 04.14.09

Is Stuttering in Our DNA? 10.23.08

Long Lost Sisters 05.15.08

The Lean Gene 04.01.08

Women's Jeans Size Determined by Genes? 08.31.07

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Medical Appliances

Bats, Dolphins, and Mole Rates Inspire Advances in Ultrasound Technology 11.14.11

A Tracking Device That Fits on the Head of a Pin 10.05.10

Finding the Soft Spot 05.18.10

A "Fat Forward" Research Tool 05.06.10

A Virtual Muscle Machine for Kids with Disabilities 04.27.10

A Coating for Life 11.24.09

A Second Skin 11.17.09

Virtual Maps for the Blind 09.10.09

Washing Away Painful Wounds 08.26.09

Hearing the Words Beneath the Noise 08.05.09

A "Super Sensor" for Cancer and CSI's 08.03.09

A "Bionic Nose" That Knows 03.30.09

A Fantastic Voyage Brought to Life 01.15.09

A Perfect Bond 11.10.08

Innovative Laser for Glaucoma Surgery 09.10.07

TAU Researchers Bring Nanotechnologies to Life 11.03.05

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The Unexpected Power of Baby Math 01.22.14

Do Patients in a Vegetative State Recognize Loved Ones? 12.16.13

New Hope for Victims of Traumatic Brain Injury 11.18.13

TAU Part of Team Launching Global Human Brain Project 11.13.13

A "GPS System" in the Human Brain 08.08.13

Disrupting Memories Could Help Alcoholics Stay on the Wagon 07.02.13

Artificial Sweetener a Potential Treatment for Parkinson's Disease 06.17.13

A Peptide to Protect Brain Function 06.13.13

Manipulating Memory in the Hippocampus 06.03.13

Reversing Paralysis with a Restorative Gel 05.13.13

Sniffing Out Schizophrenia 04.29.13

President Obama Puts Much-Needed Money Where the Brain Is 04.04.13

Star-Shaped Glial Cells Act as the Brain's "Motherboard" 03.06.13

Oxygen Chamber Can Boost Brain Repair 01.23.13

Parkinson's Treatment Can Trigger Creativity 01.14.13

Uncovering a Flaw in Drug Testing for Chronic Anxiety Disorder 12.13.12

Nicotine Dependency Puts the Brakes on Parkinson's Development 10.22.12

Protein-Based Coating Could Help Rehabilitate Long-Term Brain Function 07.31.12

Wiring Bats for Neuroscience Research 07.09.12

Predicting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Before it Happens 06.13.12

Diabetes Drug Could Be a Promising Therapy for Traumatic Brain Injury 05.29.12

Freezing Parkinson's in its Tracks 05.02.12

Diabetic Mice Provide a Surprising Breakthrough for Multiple Sclerosis Research 01.05.12

Brain's Connective Cells Are Much More Than Glue 12.29.11

Breakthrough: A Robot Brain Implanted in a Rodent 10.03.11

Finding Relief in Ritual 09.22.11

Cracking the Code of the Mind 07.12.11

Getting an Accurate Read on Parkinson's 06.29.11

From the Brain of a Locust ... 09.29.10

Mapping a Brain Atlas 09.07.10

Saving the Brain's White Matter with Mutated Mice 08.17.10

Memory's Master Switch 07.29.10

Can't Place That Face? 07.28.10

A Pacemaker for Your Brain 06.28.10

Remember Magnesium If You Want to Remember 02.22.10

A Common Cholesterol Drug Fights Cataracts, Too 02.09.10

Scary Music Is Scarier with Your Eyes Shut 09.15.09

Depression Does "Make Your Brown Eyes Blue" 05.05.09

"Buckyballs" to Treat Multiple Sclerosis 03.19.09

New TAU Research Links Diabetes to Cognitive Deterioration 03.05.09

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Pain Management

Walking Away from Back Pain 03.05.13

Fish Oil Helps Heal Bed Sores of the Critically Ill 12.04.12

A New Drug to Manage Resistant Chronic Pain 04.30.12

Those Aching Joints Could Be in Your Genes 07.05.11

Changing "Channels" to Eliminate Chronic Pain 04.26.10

Pinch Away the Pain 02.16.10

Pain Management, Habanero Style 05.04.09

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Pediatric Medicine

Chewing Gum is Often the Culprit for Migraine Headaches in Teens 12.19.13

Why Kids Breathe Easier in Summer 09.17.13

Breastfeeding Could Prevent ADHD 07.22.13

A Spoonful of Honey to Ease Night Time Coughing 10.05.12

Clumsy Kids Who Don't "Grow Out of It" 04.04.11

Teaching Kids to Work Through Trauma 10.21.10

Obsessing Over Strep Throat in Kids 10.20.10

A Virtual Muscle Machine for Kids with Disabilities 04.27.10

A Magical Way to Move Kids 03.15.10

Innovative Method to Teach Tots About Personal Cleanliness 06.03.09

Mind Out of Balance, Body Out of Balance 01.22.09

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Pharmaceutical Science

Medicine Gets More Personal 02.12.13

A New Drug to Manage Resistant Chronic Pain 04.30.12

A 24-karat Gold Key to Unlock the Immune System 03.26.12

Outsmarting Killer Bacteria 09.14.10

From Carnivorous Plants to the Medicine Cabinet? 02.18.10

An Underwater Drugstore 02.26.09

Can Cannibalism Fight Infections? 02.02.09

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Stem Cell Research

Promising Stem Cell Therapy for Children with Renal Cancer 01.02.13

Using Bone Marrow to Protect the Brain 09.20.11

"Open Wide" for New Stem Cell Potential 08.23.11

Taking a "Shine" to Heart Repair 08.11.11

Stem Cell "Memory" Can Boost Insulin Levels 07.13.11

Turning Back the Cellular Clock 06.29.10

A Launch Pad for Stem Cell Research 06.08.10

Telltale Moss 09.29.09

Watching Stem Cells Repair the Human Brain 08.17.09

Embryonic Stem Cells Caused Cancer in Boy's Brain, TAU Researchers Confirm 03.04.09

TAU Researchers Create New Stem Cell Screening Tool 09.04.08

TAU Researchers Collaborate on New Therapy Using Adult Stem Cells to Treat Parkinson's Disease 11.03.05

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Vision and Hearing

From Mouse Ears to Man's? 03.24.14

Off with Your Glasses 03.04.14

Israel Makes Dramatic Advance in Blindness Prevention 07.18.13

Discovering the Missing "LINC" to Deafness 01.28.13

Speaking Skills Crucial for Hearing Impaired Children in the Classroom 12.17.12

Two Bionic Ears Are Better Than the Sum of Their Parts 09.20.12

Turn Down the iPod to Save Your Hearing 12.28.11

New iPhone App Keeps Eyesight from Deteriorating 11.01.11

Diagnosing Hearing Loss at a Fraction of the Time and Cost 09.14.11

Seeing a Bionic Eye on Medicine's Horizon 03.22.10

Treating Lazy Eyes with a Joystick 06.22.09

Violent Video Games Can Improve Vision 04.07.09

Innovative Laser for Glaucoma Surgery 09.10.07

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General Medicine and Health

Crowdsourcing Medicine 12.24.13

A New Weapon in the War Against Superbugs 12.02.13

Putting the Brakes on Immunity 11.12.13

Torture Permanently Damages Normal Perception of Pain 11.05.13

What Makes a Man? 10.10.13

Sending Multiple Sclerosis Up in Smoke 10.07.13

What Makes Triathletes So Tough? 10.03.13

Vaccination and the Gentle Art of Persuasion 10.01.13

Micro-Machines for the Human Body 08.07.13

Video Games an Effective Tool for Stroke Rehabilitation 06.27.13

Low Doses of THC Can Halt Brain Damage 05.30.13

TAU School of Public Health Hosts Second Summer Institute in Collaboration with Johns Hopkins University 04.15.13

Study Finds Fat and Bone Mass Are Genetically Linked 03.11.13

Walking Away from Back Pain 03.05.13

Backs Bear a Heavy Burden 02.21.13

Medicine Gets More Personal 02.12.13

It's True: Medical Cannabis Provides Dramatic Relief for Sufferers of Chronic Ailments 01.24.13

"Marisol's Mice" Guide Scientists to New Hope for a Rare Genetic Disorder 01.22.13

Paging Dr. Charles Dickens! 01.16.13

Helmsley Charitable Trust Awards $3.3 Million Matching Grant to TAU for Nanomedicine Initiative 12.19.12

Fish Oil Helps Heal Bed Sores of the Critically Ill 12.04.12

Can't Stop? Smoking Less Helps 11.19.12

TAU Named to Spearhead Groundbreaking Nanotechnology Consortium 10.18.12

Sleep Deprivation After Trauma Could Prevent PTSD 08.20.12

What Sets Allergies in Motion? 08.02.12

ASHA Grant Funds Cutting-Edge AIDS Research at TAU 07.12.12

Common Acne Medication Doubles Risk of Eye Infections 05.23.12

A New Drug to Manage Resistant Chronic Pain 04.30.12

A 24-karat Gold Key to Unlock the Immune System 03.26.12

Pain Relievers Could be Spiking Your Blood Pressure 03.20.12

Muscling In on MS 01.26.12

A "Fantastic Voyage" Through the Body — with Precision Control 12.15.11

Beating Superbugs with a High-Tech Cleanser 12.08.11

Polio Still a Threat to Public Health 11.07.11

Is Estrogen Going to Your Head? 09.08.11

Watching Viruses "Friend" a Network 08.30.11

Why HIV Virus Infection Rates Are on the Rise 08.25.11

Can the Spanish Flu Devastate Us Again? 08.15.11

Hang Out at the Water Cooler = Life Longer 08.04.11

Catching the West Nile Virus in Action 07.25.11

Leaving Anger on the Field 07.06.11

Those Aching Joints Could Be in Your Genes 07.05.11

Lessening the Dangers of Radiation 05.11.11

Mucus: Fighting the War Against Pollutants 03.30.11

Taking Unpleasant Surprises Out of Plastic Surgery 02.01.11

Just What the Doctor Ordered 01.20.11

A Fountain of Youth in Your Muscles 12.01.10

Monitoring Wear in Helicopters — and Hips, Knees, and Ankles, Too 11.23.10

TAU Team Treats Young Burn Victims in Romania 09.02.10

A Medical Exchange of Minds 08.12.10

Smoking Mind Over Smoking Matter 07.13.10

Catching Multiple Sclerosis Before It Strikes 04.29.10

A Lab Rat — Created in the Lab 04.13.10

Different Strokes for Married Folks? 04.08.10

Proof: Smoking Is Dumb 04.01.10

How Arthritis Thrives 01.25.10

Estrogen in the Fight Against Schizophrenia 01.19.10

Enormous Dividends from Thinking Small 10.22.09

Going Out on a Limb 10.19.09

Fighting the Swine Flu Pandemic with Mathematics 07.08.09

Stopping Viral Hijackers in Their Tracks 05.21.09

A Dose of PlayStation to Heal Severe Burns 05.19.09

Biofeedback from the Zoo 01.27.09

Breathing Easier 01.05.09

Seizing the Day 12.31.08

A Simple Questionnaire to Replace a Doctor's Exam 12.22.08

There's a Life-Saving Medical Device Sitting on Your Sink 12.11.08

Unlocking the Mysteries of Memory 12.04.08

Easing the Stress of Trauma 12.01.08

Reducing Epidemic Proportions 11.05.08

Play at Your Own Risk 10.29.08

Could Dr. House Be Replaced by a Computer? 10.16.08

TAU Isolates World's Oldest Case of Tuberculosis 10.16.08

Seeing Through the Skin 09.11.08

Expanding Fields of Vision 08.08.08

Alleviating the Fear of Falling 07.28.08

Art in a Petri Dish 12.14.07

Fate Not So Unpredictable After All 12.03.07

A Smile Is His Greatest Reward 10.25.07

An Alernative to Painful Liver Biopsy 08.31.07

Johnson & Johnson Partners with Ramot, TAU and TAUAC for Medical Research 07.20.07

Survival Aids 03.23.06

Bracing for a Pandemic 03.17.06

TAU Researchers Coax Liver Cells to Produce Insulin 11.03.05

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