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Middle East Affairs

TAU Study Helps Make Sense of New Hamas Textbooks 11.14.13

"Legitimized Neo-Nazism" on the Rise Across Europe 04.16.13

Are Political Elections Shaping the Future of Israel? 11.26.12

Israel's Former Foreign Minister and Kadima Party Leader Joins Top TAU Think Tank 10.11.12

Moshe Dayan Center Hosts Top International Academics for Workshop on the Middle East 08.29.12

UN Counter Terrorism Group Names TAU Alumnus Chief Legal Advisor 08.23.12

Anti-Semitic Violence Down 27%, But Harassment is on the Rise 07.17.12

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Speaks at Moshe Dayan Center's International Forum at TAU 03.29.12

A Conversation with TAU's North Africa Expert 11.15.11

Prof. Uzi Rabi Assesses UN Bid for Palestinian Recognition in National Teleconference 10.11.11

"Youth, Media and Revolution in the Middle East" 06.10.11

Designing a City for Safe Protests 02.23.11

TAU's Dayan Center and Institute for National Security Studies Big Names in the "Marketplace of Ideas" 02.22.11

TAU Policy Analyst Calls Egypt's Revolution an "Earthquake with Huge Ramifications" for Israel 02.09.11

Is Iran Israel's Problem to Solve? 04.12.10

No Parking Space? 02.11.10

A Conversation with TAU's Prof. Eyal Zisser 07.14.09

American "Yes We Can" Showed Iranian Youth They Could, Too 07.06.09

A New Exodus if Iran Gets the Bomb 06.01.09

TAU Hospital Treats Iranian Boy for Brain Tumor 10.31.08

Building New Relationships on Shaky Ground 02.05.08

A New Light of Ethiopian Jewry at TAU 12.19.07

Middle East Expert Addresses AFTAU Members in December 4 Teleconference 12.05.07

Roleplaying for Peace 10.12.07

Arab Meets Israeli in the Classroom 07.18.07

Legal Credit 03.17.06

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Psychology and Psychiatry

Making Sense of Our Senses 04.14.14

Drawing Conclusions 04.03.14

Toward a Molecular Explanation for Schizophrenia 12.30.13

A Personal Antidepressant for Every Genome 12.09.13

The Good News in Bad News 11.25.13

Surviving — Then Thriving 10.29.13

Finding Psychiatric Drugs in the Movements of Mice 10.24.13

The Difference Between Obsession and Delusion 09.04.13

"Holocaust Journeys" Can Cause Mental Health Problems 08.20.13

Sniffing Out Schizophrenia 04.29.13

It's a Sure Thing: Knowledge of the Game Is Not an Advantage in Sports Gambling 03.19.13

Closer Personal Relationships Could Help Teens Overcome Learning Disabilities 02.28.13

Gene Associated with High Anxiety Can Have Protective Effect on the Battlefield 02.13.13

Mistaking OCD for ADHD Has Serious Consequences 12.18.12

"Commitment-Phobic" Adults Could Have Mom and Dad to Blame 12.10.12

Is Facebook a Factor in Psychotic Symptoms? 11.20.12

Fantasy-Reality Confusion a Primary Cause of Childhood Nighttime Fears 11.13.12

Going with Your Gut 11.08.12

Rats Could Be Key to Solving Human Depression 10.24.12

Are Schizophrenia and Autism Close Relations? 10.23.12

Sleep Deprivation After Trauma Could Prevent PTSD 08.20.12

Predicting Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder Before it Happens 06.13.12

Treating Childhood Anxiety with Computers, Not Drugs 06.11.12

Teaching Creativity to Children from a Galaxy Away 05.17.12

Finding Reason in Delusion 03.27.12

TAU Establishes New School of Psychological Sciences 03.01.12

Childhood Hypersensitivity Linked to OCD 12.27.11

Are the Anxious Oblivious? 12.20.11

The Age of "Coming Out" Is Now Dramatically Younger 10.10.11

A Shot of Cortisone Stops Traumatic Stress 10.04.11

"Finding Yourself" on Facebook 09.27.11

Message to Gay Soldiers: It's Your Army Too 08.18.11

Hang Out at the Water Cooler = Life Longer 08.04.11

Leaving Anger on the Field 07.06.11

In It to Win It? 04.11.11

Overcoming the "Fear of Insignificance" 02.14.11

Getting Inside the Mind of Islam 12.22.10

Overcoming the IVF Baby Blues 11.09.10

Fat Sand Rats Are SAD Like Us 11.08.10

Teaching Kids to Work Through Trauma 10.21.10

Obsessing Over Strep Throat in Kids 10.20.10

Is Anxiety Contagious? 10.14.10

Re-evaluating the Time of Your Life 10.11.10

Battlefield Psychologists Investigate Stress in Combat and After 07.19.10

Smoking Mind Over Smoking Matter 07.13.10

Proof: Smoking Is Dumb 04.01.10

Stopping Schizophrenia Before It Starts? 01.26.10

How to Live Your Life Twice 01.21.10

Estrogen in the Fight Against Schizophrenia 01.19.10

Fluctuating Weight, Fluctuating Mind? 01.14.10

Now You See It, Now You Know You See It 11.30.09

Hunting for the Prozac Gene 10.27.09

Scary Music Is Scarier with Your Eyes Shut 09.15.09

Keeping the Suicidal Soldier Alive 09.02.09

Trust in a Teardrop 08.24.09

In Pursuit of a Happiness Gene 06.23.09

Depression Does "Make Your Brown Eyes Blue" 05.05.09

Decoding Funny Faces to Detect Disease 02.04.09

Not Just for Depression Anymore 12.18.08

Unlocking the Mysteries of Memory 12.04.08

Easing the Stress of Trauma 12.01.08

Keep Boys and Girls Together 04.11.08

Can't Smell the Roses? 01.03.08

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TAU Events and Announcements

Campus News
Competitions and Awards

Campus News

TAU and Northwestern University Become "Sister Universities" 04.07.14

Pulitzer Prize Historian Saul Friedlander and MIT Visionary Marvin Minsky Among 2014 Dan David Prize Winners 02.19.14

Israel Prize Awarded to Influential TAU Historian for Study of Sparta and Ancient Greek Migration 02.12.14

Canadian Prime Minister Awarded TAU Honorary Doctorate 01.28.14

TAU Professor Coordinates Israel Defense Forces' Aid in Devastated Philippines 12.03.13

French President Francois Hollande Visits TAU 11.21.13

Israel Must Reverse Brain Drain, Says TAU President 10.15.13

Professor at TAU Wins Nobel 10.08.13

TAU Launches Online Courses with Academic Credit 09.30.13

New Paths to the East 09.18.13

TAU Ranked Among Best Producers of Startups 08.01.13

TAU Professor Tapped to Head Israel's Central Bank 07.31.13

India's Tata Industries Invests $5 Million in TAU Technology Fund 06.04.13

New York University to Establish Research Institute at TAU 05.07.13

TAU Researcher Honored for Innovative Work on Gauge and Gravity Theories 04.25.13

Henry Kissinger Is Featured Speaker at TAU's Hartog School Reception in New York 04.23.13

TAU School of Public Health Hosts Second Summer Institute in Collaboration with Johns Hopkins University 04.15.13

Multidisciplinary Research on Physics of "Living Systems" Earns Prestigious Prize 04.10.13

Leading Theatre Director and TAU Professor Emeritus Awarded Israel Prize 04.09.13

TAU International Students Make the Regional Finals of the Clinton Initiative's $1 Million Hult Prize 03.20.13

Global Leaders in Women's Rights Advocacy Converge at TAU 03.18.13

TAU International Spearheads Unique Gap Year Program 02.25.13

New Republic Editor Leon Wieseltier and British Historian Sir Geoffrey Lloyd Among Recipients of 2013 Dan David Prize 02.20.13

TAU's Innovation Incubator Hosts International Business Week 01.31.13

TAU Inaugurates Historian Bernard Lewis' Personal Collection of Middle Eastern Scholarship 01.31.13

Israel Prize Awarded to TAU Biochemist for Research into Molecular Biology and Proteins 01.29.13

Israel Prize Awarded to TAU Scientist for Innovations in Water Research 01.18.13

Prof. Jacob Frenkel Assumes Chairmanship of TAU's Board of Governors 01.17.13

TAU Faculty and Students Share Their Experience of Life Within Missile Range 01.03.13

Helmsley Charitable Trust Awards $3.3 Million Matching Grant to TAU for Nanomedicine Initiative 12.19.12

A Cimet Family Gift — By and For Generations 12.10.12

Israel's Former Foreign Minister and Kadima Party Leader Joins Top TAU Think Tank 10.11.12

TAU Lays Cornerstone for the Pouran and Parviz Izak Nazarian Building 10.04.12

UN Counter Terrorism Group Names TAU Alumnus Chief Legal Advisor 08.23.12

TAU Teams with New York's CA Technologies to Open New Innovation Center 07.16.12

TAU Honors its "Founding Father of the Arts" 07.13.12

Horizons Expand for TAU Summer Yiddish Program 04.26.12

U.S. Ambassador to Israel Speaks at Moshe Dayan Center's International Forum at TAU 03.29.12

New York Attorney General Speaks at TAU Law School 03.22.12

TAU Leaps into the Top 90 in Global Education Rankings 03.16.12

Steinhardt Collections Open a Dialogue on the "Future of Physical Anthropology in Israel" 03.15.12

TAU Establishes New School of Psychological Sciences 03.01.12

TAU Dean Named Supreme Court Justice 01.24.12

American Friend Jon Gurkoff Brings the International "I AM" Project to TAU 06.03.11

AFTAU Toasts the Productive Leadership of William F. Cohen 06.01.11

Coveted Constantiner Prize Goes to Educators Who Serve a "Human Mosaic" in Israel 05.31.11

State-of-the-Art Rothman Surgical Suite Is Dedicated at TAU's Dental School 05.26.11

TAU Raises the Green Bar 05.24.11

TAU Confers Its Highest Honor on Eight Distinguished Individuals 05.23.11

A Stunning Memorial to Hopeful Jewish Immigrants 05.20.11

TAU's Sackler Prizes Awarded to Two North American Chemists 05.19.11

Legendary Hollywood Directors and Renowned Researchers Awarded 2011 Dan David Prize 05.18.11

Germany's Chancellor Angela Merkel Awarded Honorary Doctorate by TAU 02.09.11

Dr. Giora Yaron Chosen as Chairman of TAU's Executive Council 01.11.11

TAU Leading Israel in Academic "Brain Gain" 11.16.10

A Global Crystal Ball 11.03.10

TAU President Affirms Academic Values in Israel 08.24.10

Through the Arabic Glass Ceiling 04.07.10

Professor Joseph Klafter Named TAU's Eighth President 10.28.09

TAU to Build Residential "Student City" Complex 07.16.08

TAU Announces New "Supercenter" for Renewable Energy 06.13.08

NASDAQ-Traded Internet Company Partners with TAU 04.18.08

A New Light of Ethiopian Jewry at TAU 12.19.07

It Takes a Village 12.17.07

Roleplaying for Peace 10.12.07

Uniting the Nations at Tel Aviv University 09.20.07

Arab Meets Israeli in the Classroom 07.18.07

U.S. Educators Celebrate Fourth of July at TAU 07.10.07

Introducing President Zvi Galil 07.02.07

TAU Celebrates 50 Years in Higher Education 06.29.06

Legal Credit 03.17.06

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Competitions and Awards

TAU Hosts Second Annual Sofaer International MBA Case Competition 07.06.12

Sofaer Case Competition Goes Global 07.18.11

An Israel Prize for a TAU Philosophy Star 03.15.11

An Israel Prize in Sweet Harmony 03.10.11

An Israel Prize in His Genes 03.07.11

Filmmakers Joel and Ethan Coen Among 2011 Dan David Prize Winners 02.25.11

Renowned TAU Chemist One of World's Top 100 02.24.11

Top U.S. Science Prize Awarded to TAU Physicist Prof. Yakir Aharonov 10.19.10

TAU Confers Its Highest Honor on Three American Friends 05.25.10

Political, Scientific and Artistic Luminaries Awarded Dan David Prizes 05.12.10

Fishing for Peace at TEDxTelAviv 05.05.10

Three TAU Researchers Awarded 2010 Israel Prize 02.25.10

Margaret Atwood, Giorgio Napolitano and Leonard Kleinrock Among 2010 Dan David Prize Winners 02.22.10

TAU Debate Team Takes World Title 01.20.10

Point of Order: Israelis from TAU Out-Debate the British in European Finals 08.27.09

British PM Tony Blair and AIDS Researcher Robert Gallo Among 2009 Dan David Prize Winners 05.21.09

Tony Blair and Robert Gallo Among 2009 Dan David Prize Winners 02.17.09

TAU Researcher Wins Prestigious Rothschild Foundation Award 10.02.08

TAU Film Wins International Competition 09.09.08

Gore and Stoppard Among 2008 Dan David Prize Winners 05.23.08

Wiesel and Whitman Among Notable American Recipients of TAU's Highest Honor 05.20.08

Al Gore and Amos Oz Among 2008 Dan David Prize Winners 02.12.08

TAU Scientists Among World's Best, Says Scientific American 12.17.07

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Moshe Dayan Center Hosts Top International Academics for Workshop on the Middle East 08.29.12

TAU Helps U.S. University Presidents Discover the "Start-Up Nation" 07.12.12

Chinese Executives to Study Entrepreneurship at TAU 05.31.12

President Joseph Klafter Speaks About TAU's Role in Building the "Start-Up Nation" 01.18.12

Two Nations' Leading Universities to Collaborate in the Stars 12.05.11

TAU's Buchmann Faculty of Law Ranked Among World's Top 100 08.04.11

TAU President Joseph Klafter Elected to American Academy of Arts and Sciences 04.27.11

TAU Formalizes Cooperation Agreement with Cyprus Institute 03.17.11

A Fulfilling Option for Studying Abroad 03.01.11

TAU's Dayan Center and Institute for National Security Studies Big Names in the "Marketplace of Ideas" 02.22.11

Just What the Doctor Ordered 01.20.11

TAU Team Treats Young Burn Victims in Romania 09.02.10

Getting to the Heart of the Matter 08.30.10

UN Holocaust Commemoration Features Concert by TAU Symphony Orchestra 01.24.08

Johnson & Johnson Partners with Ramot, TAU and TAUAC for Medical Research 07.20.07

TAU Means Business 07.01.07

TAU Overseas Student Alum Tapped for Hillel President 03.23.06

Ruth Singer to Raise Awareness for Israel's Largest University 11.03.05

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Relief from "Parking Wars" 10.31.11

SAFEPED Helps Cities Fix Dangerous Intersections 09.12.11

Running on a Faster Track 02.16.11

The Science of Bike-sharing 01.31.11

El Al Will Show TAU Films Onboard 12.20.10

Keeping Trains on Track 07.26.10

If It Works in London's Streets, It Can Work in Our Skies 04.22.09

Rats Say: Manhattan Rules! 01.12.09

A License to Drive with ADHD 11.03.08

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