2011 International Board of Governors Meeting

May 13-21, 2011

Inspiring -- and fun. Those are the two words TAU's American Friends use most often to describe their time at this year's Board of Governors meeting.

hat.gifThe AFTAU delegation — 45 strong — made the most of an active calendar of events. Identifiable in our spiffy blue AFTAU caps, we were seen everywhere. Cultural events. Governance meetings. Celebrations. Symposia.

And above all, we turned out to applaud the achievements and projects created by our smart and inventive AFTAU colleagues. Inspiring fun indeed!

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AFTAU Toasts the Productive Leadership of William F. Cohen

May 14, 2011

Bill Cohen and Gail Reiss

Outgoing Chairman of the Board is honored at warm reception in Tel Aviv.

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American Friend Jon Gurkoff Brings the International "I AM" Project to TAU

May 15, 2011


Evocative portrait exhibition gives children an opportunity for self-expression.

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Constantiner Prize Goes to Educators Who Serve a "Human Mosaic" in Israel

May 16, 2011

Dr. Arturo Constantiner, Tamar Hakimi, Claudia Constantiner,

TAU recognizes school devoted to Jewish education for underprivileged children.

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State-of-the-Art Rothman Surgical Suite is Dedicated at Dental School

May 18, 2011


American Friend Marc Rothman honors his father with a fitting tribute.

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Sackler Prizes Awarded to Two North American Chemists

May 19, 2011

Prof. Eran Rabani et al.

Researchers recognized for breakthroughs in bio-molecular science and spectroscopy.

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Legendary Hollywood Directors and Renowned Researchers Awarded Dan David Prizes

May 15, 2011

Three $1 million awards presented at gala ceremony.

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TAU Confers Its Highest Honor on Eight Distinguished Individuals

May 14, 2011

TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter, Yoram Kaniuk and TAU Rec

Honorary doctorates awarded to leaders in science, business, law, and the arts.

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TAU Raises the Green Bar

May 16, 2011

Scroll-signing ceremony for new state-of-the-art "EcoBuilding" paves the way for cornerstone laying.

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A Stunning Memorial to Hopeful Jewish Immigrants

May 15, 2011

Ron Arad's "Kesher" sculpture memorializing Ethiopian Jewry is unveiled in Schreiber Square.

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June 7 through 12, 2012
We look forward to seeing you there!

Reflections from Gail Reiss

President & CEO


Let me share just one day of my remarkable first trip to what is affectionately known as "the BOG."

Here's my Monday. First, a tour through the Zoological Gardens with the father-daughter team of Jona and Melinda Goldrich. Next, a rousing caucus led by our friend and BOG Chair Harvey Krueger. Then, a luncheon, hosted by AFTAU, showcasting international students.

And I'm just getting started.

Next, a ceremony for recipients of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler's generous Chemistry Prize. Then a celebration initiating The Porter School's magnificent new EcoBuilding.

And finally, "Under the Stars" — an outdoor sound-and-light extravaganza across the campus, featuring fabulous food, live music, and Tel Avivian chic.

A jam-packed day, showcasing the strengths of Israel's leading university and the impact of her American Friends. A day to remember.

I can't wait till next year — and I'm counting on you to be there with me!



Our AFTAU Delegation

Alan Aufzien
Norma Aufzien
Dan Bochner
Zippi Bochner
Arturo Constantiner
Caren Constantiner
Claudia Constantiner
Steven Constantiner
William Cohen
Michael Geiger
Sara Geiger
Amnon Golan
Dina Golan
Robert Goldberg
Jona Goldrich
Melinda Goldrich
Jon Gurkoff
Stevi Gurkoff
Harvey Krueger
Joan Lessing
Julie Tauber McMahon
Gerald Niznick
Reesa Niznick


Jerry Oren
Marc Oren
Marshall Polk
Howard Pranikoff
Gail Reiss
Allen Ressler
Betti Ressler
Marc Rothman
Tamar Rudich
Rina Saraf
Yoel Saraf
Heather Sarkin
Norman Sarkin
Shoshana Schreiber
Alan Silberstein
Carol Silberstein
Richard Sincere
Hava Topor
Shimon Topor
Ari Wein
Gail White
Ben Williamowsky


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