New York, NY
November 14, 2011

Palestinean Statehood: What Now?

AFTAU Chairman Jon Gurkoff,
Karen Abravanel, Oren Heiman
and Prof. Gabriella Blum

Nearly 40 young legal professionals attended a breakfast hosted by the law firm of Zysman, Aharoni, Gayer and Sullivan & Worcester for the first meeting of AFTAU's Law Affinity Alumni Group.

After a welcome from Kobi Kastiel, co-chair of AFTAU's Alumni Leadership Committee, Prof. Gabriella Blum, Assistant Professor at Harvard Law School, spoke about the status and challenges of the Palestinian statehood question now before the United Nations. Her knowledge and perspective on Israel's options and the role of the United States in the question were welcomed by the enthusiastic audience. Following the discussion, guests stayed for an extended question-and-answer session.


Assaf Nahum, Jonathan Achiron, Ehud Cohen
Assaf Nahum, Jonathan Achiron
and Ehud Cohen

Yuval Nir, Reuven Klein
Yuval Nir and Reuven Klein






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