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Los Angeles, CA
July 24, 2014

Breakfast with "The Birdman"

TAU alumni and friends had an intimate, early morning breakfast at Pat's Restaurant featuring a presentation by world-renowned ornithologist Dr. Yossi Leshem — Israel's revered "Birdman" — of TAU's Department of Zoology. Clark Hoover, TAU alum and co-chair of the Southern California Alumni Leadership Committee, spoke of how important the university was in his life, after David Dorfman, AFTAU's Associate Director of the Western Region, welcomed guests.

Among the American Friends in attendence were Ira Reiner, President & CEO of the Los Angeles Homeland Security Advisory Council and former LA County District Attorney; Dr. R. Michael Rich; Dr. Sheldon Ellis; David Young, Esq.; Oren Yaccobe; Judith Kattan; and Annette Wolf.

Guests enjoyed Prof. Leshem's stories and his presentation about his joint bird studies with countries across the Middle East, covering the gamut from the uniqueness of the birds in flight to the use of pesticides dangerous to birdlife.

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