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Los Altos Hills, CA
December 2, 2014

The Next Step: A Road to an Industrial Nation

AFTAU national board member and long-standing member of the TAU Board of Governors Ricki Alon and her husband Zvi Alon welcomed friends of Tel Aviv University to their stunning Silicon Valley home for a special presentation by one of the founders of Israeli high-tech, Dr. Giora Yaron. He spoke about start-up technology and entrepreneurship in Israel and where it all begins — TAU.

The conversation was well received by a high-energy crowd including TAU governor and AFTAU board member Dr. Murray Zucker and his wife Roberta, and AFTAU board member Dr. Nik Wolfson and Luba Troyanovsky. Richard Sincere, TAU governor and AFTAU board secretary, flew in from Chicago, and AFTAU president & CEO Gail Reiss flew in from New York for the occasion. Old and new friends among the guests included Carmela and Eli Pasternak, Shoshana and Amatzia Benartzi, Ilene Adler, and Sandra and Vlad Shmunis.

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