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2015 Mission


Israel Through a TAU Lens

Our congenial group of travelers — attorneys, educators, business people, medical professionals, and a sculptor — arrived in Israel on March 22, 2015, for our "Discover TAU: Campus and Beyond" adventure. The five-day whirlwind tour of TAU's Israel offered rare access to Israeli insiders and decision-makers, brought TAU to life through adventures in the desert, "jungle," and on the coast, and in exclusive meetings with academics, politicians and business insiders. Read More >>

Sweet Music with the Maestro

We are treated to an exclusive closed rehearsal with Maestro Zubin Mehta and the TAU Symphony Orchestra.



Cyber Safety in an Uncertain Sphere

We learn about the unique challenges of a networked world from top cybersecurity experts.



Finding Life in "the Largest Cemetery in the World"

We visit Yad Vashem, the world's preeminent memorial to the Holocaust.



Back to School: An Amazing Day on Campus

We enjoy a riveting day talking with (and debating!) world-renowned researchers and award-winning students.



Living Current Events

We get the inside story on world affairs from the Hon. Dore Gold.



Finale: Just Scratching the Surface

We bid a fond farewell to Tel Aviv.



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Meet Our Featured Speakers

Our Group


Alison Axelrod
New Jersey


Janene Edlin
New Jersey


Rich Edlin
New Jersey


David Furth
Washington, DC


Jon Gurkoff
New Jersey


Stevi Gurkoff
New Jersey


Marjorie Kaplan
New Jersey


Gail Reiss
New York


Richard Sincere


Meryl Topchik
New Jersey


Phyllis Topchik


Jane Weingold
New York


Philip Weingold
New York


Varda Yoran
New York




Timna was out of control. It was like landing on a Martian landscape but one with direct connections to important sections of the Bible. It was unreal.

—Rich Edlin, Tenafly, NJ

They must be child prodigies. What an amazing opportunity to hear them perform. [Of the performance of TAU's Symphony Orchestra at the Israel Philharmonic]

—Richard Sincere, Evanston, IL

As a physical therapist, I was particularly interested in Prof. Dani Offen's stem cell research on spinal cord injuries. This could have major implications for the field of physical therapy, offering hope to many patients.

—Alison Axelrod, Upper Saddle River, NJ

This is truly wild, really unbelievable. [As a peacock strutted past her in a flurry of color]

—Stevi Gurkoff, North Caldwell, NJ

Timna was so interesting because of the sociological aspect — it turns out that the copper workers weren't slaves because the found evidence of what they ate, and they ate very well!

—Janene Edlin, Tenafly, NJ

Had I heard your take on Iran, such a hegemony, it might have affected my initial impression of Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech in Congress — you've been extremely informative.

—The Hon. Dore Gold to Meryl Topchik, Whitehorse Station, NJ

This has been an amazing bonding experience. We lost our mother last month, and my sister has never been to Israel before, so the trip — which has been fascinating and fulfilling all around — has even greater personal meaning for us.

—Alison Axelrod, Upper Saddle River, NJ

Having been to Berlin and now coming here to Israel, I have a newfound appreciation. What sticks is the irony of the Jews being able to leave Germany in the beginning — but of their having nowhere to go. Had other countries only allowed them in, we might not be at Yad Vashem today.

—Janene Edlin, Tenafly, NJ

For me this has been an incredible journey back to my roots. I knew the people whose names are engraved on the buildings of Tel Aviv University — they were dear friends of mine. It is heart-warming and truly inspiring to be back here.

—Phyllis Topchik, Boca Raton, FL


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