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We get the inside story on world affairs from the Hon. Dore Gold

At the Jerusalem Center for Public Affairs, we enjoyed courtside seats for the current complex political mesh involving the U.S., Israel, and Iran. Hosted by former Israeli ambassador to the United Nations and adviser to two Israeli prime ministers, the Hon. Dore Gold, we heard first-hand insight into the current tensions surrounding Iran's nuclear armament.

"My friends, Iran is once again an empire, with boots on the ground in Syria and terrorist operations all over the Middle East and as far away as Argentina, Mexico, and Venezuela," he said. "The sunset clause in the U.S. deal with Iran, which put an expiration date on restrictions on Iran, is incredibly problematic, to say the least."

"Russia is not going to cooperate to end the hegemony in Iran; the U.S. knows and doesn't trust Iran, but doesn't seem to have an appetite for anything stronger than the current agreement," Philip Weingold of New York City noted. "What's Israel to do? What's Netanyahu's answer?"

"A better agreement," said Gold. "And to make sure Iran changes its behavior before signing any agreement. This may have created tension between the U.S.-Israel relationship, but we felt we had to tell the truth. Israel and the U.S. are strong allies, but allies may voice their opinions on issues of major concern."


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