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Miami, FL
May 3, 2016

Putting Israeli Technology, Entrepreneurship and Chutzpah to Work

Guests gathered at the historic Alfred I. Dupont Building in downtown Miami for a breakfast and discussion hosted by Uri Benhamron and Tilia Management. Dr. Ram Fishman, a recognized leader and innovator in the field of sustainability who was recently recruited back to Tel Aviv to open the Ram Fishman Lab for Sustainable Development, spoke about poverty and sustainability.

Ram shared his conviction that Israel is in a unique position to transform the environmental issues facing India, Africa and much of the world's semi-arid regions today. He likened his lab to a start-up — an incubator for innovative and transformative ideas. He explained he returned to TAU because he is a true Zionist and sees Israel's role in the alleviation of these problems as true to the original meaning of Zionism.

Following the presentation and Q&A, Itai Benosh, Co-Chair of the AFTAU South Florida Alumni Division, thanked everyone for attending and introduced his Co-Chair, Meital Stavinsky, who is involved in the upcoming Start Up Nation Conference with Star TAU and the Idea Center at Miami Dade College.

Meital Stavinsky, Dr. Ram Rishman, Itai Benosh, and host Uri Benhamron
Meital Stavinsky, Dr. Ram Rishman, Itai Benosh, and host Uri Benhamron


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