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May 15–20, 2017

Six Magnificent Days in May:
Third Annual Mission

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May 15, 2017

Leadership session with Prof. Itamar Rabinovich; Sarona WEWORK with Assaf Luxembourg about Israel business development and marketing; lunch at Sarona Market; Peres Center with Nadav Tamir; EATWITH TAU President Prof. Joseph Klafter and VP for Public Affairs and Development Amos Elad.

May 16, 2017

Helicopter ride to the Golan Heights

May 17, 2017

Jerusalem: Yad Vashem Museum; the Knesset; the Supreme Court; the "Batcave" with Dr. Yossi Yovel

May 18, 2017

Campus Day: The Porter School; Personalized Learning; Science, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship; The Steinhardt Museum of Natural History; Honorary Degrees program

May 19, 2017

Architecture tour; "The Polarized Global System" geopolitical symposium with Ambassador Stuart Eizenstat, The Hon. Tony Abbott MP, and Mr. Jean-Claude Trichet

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