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EMEA Workshop

October 16–18, 2017

Four universities from Israel, UK, Ireland and India partnered to create this exciting three-day workshop on brain/machine interface and brain-inspired technologies and computing. The workshop brought together seven top graduate students from each of the universities to explore rapidly advancing cross-disciplinary inquiries into how "to engineer the brain." The workshop focused on emerging integrated research between engineering, neuroscience and computer science, aiming to build long-term collaborations between the students. Students worked in interdisciplinary teams to design new collaborative projects, and their projects were presented in front of a distinguished jury of experts.

The workshop also included tours around Israel and several social events.

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Personally, when you work in teams, you learn how people work and solve problems. For sure I will be reaching out to these coworkers in the future. In ten years, I will be definitely contacting them.

—Amparo Guemes Gonzalez
Imperial College, London

The highlight for me is the stimulating environment they created here. The group of people of different backgrounds but who shared similar interests. Everyone was highly motivated to work on the project.

—Timo Lauteslager
Imperial College, London

The mission to formulate a research question in such a small time frame with people from so many different backgrounds was challenging. It was truly disciplinary. It was a true learning experience. You have to learn to trust the experts from other disciplines — trust is a big thing.

—Orly Fuhrman
Tel Aviv University

Everything was amazing. The street project — walking around and finding the culprit. I love being a part of a group and solving puzzles. This trip has been amazing.

—Bhavya Bhaskar
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

I love history and traveling. Old Jaffa, the different modernity and ancient journeys. Interacting with people from other backgrounds. It's been a great experience.

—Agrita Dubey
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

I have so enjoyed the collaboration. And the city! I had a sense that it would be very secure but so far it feels very free.

—Suresh Kirthi
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore

Learning new information in such a short period of time was stimulating and meeting people from all different backgrounds was awesome. Everyone has his own perspective. It has been great fun. Being in Israel has been delicious and colorful and great all around.

—Viet Nguyen
University College Dublin

I feel like I've known these people for a really long time. We share some personal aspects of ourselves because of the way it was structured. Every night we have been going to the rooftop to chat. I learned so many new things about Israel today. I want to learn so much more.

—Dorian Haci
Imperial College, London

It's been very interesting. It has been a very heterogeneous group, great to be exposed to so many cultures.

—Tunvez Boulic
Imperial College London

Meeting everyone has been the best, fostering a really interesting community. Usually these groups aren't very diverse and there aren't many women. It's the opposite here. And sometimes you get bogged down in your research. Here our minds have been opened to so much.

—Thao Nguyen
UC Irvine


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