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Mountain View, CA
March 18, 2019

ISIS — The Day After: A Look from Within

AFTAU held its first-ever event for Tel Aviv University alumni in the San Francisco Bay Area, bringing together more 100 guests on Monday, March 18, at Fenwick & West LLP in Silicon Valley to hear war correspondent, filmmaker and TAU alum Itai Anghel.

Anghel discussed the progression and eventual downfall of the Islamic State and the historical changes taking place in the Middle East. He shared his rare encounters with ISIS fighters, dynamic and updated maps of the region, and exclusive pieces of his documentaries from Iraq and Syria over the years.

The event was organized by the TAU Core Alumni Leadership committee, a group of local alumni including Bay Area resident and AFTAU board member Shira Ronen. The group plans to host more events in the region as they work toward building a more vibrant, connected alumni network across the U.S.

Anghel is a recipient of the 2017 Sokolov Prize — Israel's Pulitzer. He is the only Israeli journalist who has covered the Middle East region from the frontlines since the fall of Saddam Hussein to the present day's breakup of Syria and Iraq.

The event was sponsored by AFTAU and all proceeds from ticket sales supported the TAU Alumni Global Scholarship Campaign.

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