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April 2019: TAU Connections

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Woolly Mammoths and Neanderthals May Have Shared Genetic Traits
Findings point to molecular resemblance in climate adaptation traits of the two species, TAU researchers say. more


Brain Alterations Make It Difficult for Parkinson's Patients to Turn While Walking
Turning is also associated with freezing of gait and falls, TAU researchers say. more

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Low-Bandwidth Radar Technology Provides Improved Detection of Objects
New TAU research breaks with long-held principles used in developing radar technologies. more


Genetically Encoded Sensor Isolates Hidden Leukemic Stem Cells
Cells express surface markers that help them escape most targeted therapies, TAU researchers say. more


Be Nice to Your Doctor — You May Receive Better Care
Under most conditions, positive interactions have beneficial implications for employee performance, say TAU researchers. more


PCV Vaccine Leads to Decline in  Hospitalizations Due to  Bacteremia
Vaccine also decreased antibiotic resistance patterns, TAU researchers say. more


Physicists Solve Mystery About Quarks
Number of proton-neutron pairs in an atom determines how fast particles move, say TAU, MIT, Thomas Jefferson researchers. more


New Blood Test May Map Fetal Genome for Countless Mutations
Test could detect diseases caused by small impairments in the genome, TAU researchers say. more


New Technology Captures Movement of Quantum Particles with Higher Resolution
Method improves control and imaging of condensed matter, TAU researchers say. more


Lightning May Have Protective Properties
Extremely low frequency fields may have played an evolutionary role in living organisms, say TAU researchers. more





Dear Friends,

I took my last ski run of the season this past weekend. The snow was crusty and worn. Tree branches were starting to peek through the snow cap. Signs of spring are emerging. As much as I love skiing, I'm always so excited to welcome the arrival of spring — and even more so this year as American Friends of Tel Aviv University goes through its own rebirth.

My fourth and final year as AFTAU National Chairman ends this month. Clement Erbmann, another Chicagoan, officially takes the helm on April 17. He is currently a managing director of First Analysis Corp., where he is a General Partner in the Private Equity Funds specializing in education, marketing services and clean-tech investing. He has been investing in education for more than 15 years, particularly in technology applications for Alternative and Special Education. Clement serves on the Scientific Advisory Board of Minducate, TAU's Research and Innovation Center for the Science of Learning. He earned his MBA at Northwestern's Kellogg School of Management and B. Bus. Science at the University of Cape Town.

As much as I have enjoyed Clement's friendship over the past four years, I really look forward to his leadership. I'm confident that the changes we've experienced together will give rise to even greater success and opportunity.

One of the most exciting changes for AFTAU is that we no longer rely on one person. We boast one of the most impressive non-profit boards and professional staffs that I've ever had the privilege to work with in more than 40 years of activism and philanthropy.

I believe that AFTAU's ability to attract top-tier donors and professionals is directly attributed to TAU's own success. And for that I credit President Prof. Joseph Klafter, who is also in the final days of his term. President Klafter has built a team of talented, committed administrators and volunteers who have helped TAU gain international recognition, broaden and deepen relationships with the world's leading research and teaching institutions, and establish extraordinary connections to some of the world's most generous, most forward-thinking philanthropists and business leaders.

Under his leadership, TAU has also paved the way for groundbreaking, interdisciplinary research in Israel, which in turn has brought scores of brilliant Israeli scientists and scholars home.

President Klafter has also encouraged unique collaborations among faculty, professionals, lay leaders and donors that have allowed all of us in the worldwide Friends Association to meet new donors to share exclusive opportunities to invest in Israel's most exciting university.

As those of you who have read my Connections newsletter already know, I am a very proud alum. And as such, I am particularly thrilled to see more and more alumni engaging with TAU — men and women around the world who are speaking out on behalf of this still young university, seeking mentoring opportunities and collaborating on a full array of one-of-a-kind scholarship and award programs that are bringing hundreds more people every year to what I believe is Israel's most exciting campus.

It has been 46 years since I first set foot on the TAU campus as a scholarship student. Tel Aviv University was still in its infancy then. Little did I know that by the end of my 1973-1974 academic year I would be fluent in Hebrew and have a much more global outlook on life.

TAU is a significant part of me. It has been a privilege to be the Chairman of the Board of Directors of American Friends of Tel Aviv University for the past four years. I've returned to TAU 15 times in the past six years and its extraordinary growth continues to astound me. Thank you all for the opportunity.

I know you will join me in wishing Clement great success. I'm proud that he has generously invited me to continue my work on behalf of my beloved Tel Aviv University as a member of the AFTAU Executive Committee.

I anticipate this to be a very, very wonderful spring!

Happy Passover to you all,

Richard Sincere
National Chairman




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