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Steyer Scholarship Fund


Steyer Scholarship Fund Promotes Excellence in Music Performance

Helen Sarah Steyer and
Thomas Mark Steyer hold
scroll commemorating
the Steyer Scholarship Fund

The Diana Mary Steyer Scholarship Fund for Excellence in Music Performance at TAU's Buchmann–Mehta School of Music provides full undergraduate scholarships for Israeli students with exceptional talent and significant financial need, starting with the first year of studies and continuing through to graduation. Scholars are hand-picked by a committee whose members are appointed by the head of the school.

The fund was established by Helen Sarah Steyer and Thomas Mark Steyer in loving memory of their mother Diana Mary Steyer, a gifted opera singer who excelled on the piano, organ and guitar. She cherished her time on stage and in the studio. It reflects her passion, grace and sophistication. Scholarships are awarded only to Israeli students in performance who have limited finances but who exhibit the greatest merit, ingenuity and potential, well above and beyond their peers. Each grantee is a promising artist who has demonstrated a commitment to elevating the Israeli music scene and who would otherwise be forced to choose between working and taking out loans.

The Buchmann–Mehta School of Music at TAU is the champion of many of Israel's most gifted young musicians. It embodies the creative vision of its founder and Honorary President, Maestro Zubin Mehta, and his philanthropic partner, Joseph Buchmann. The Maestro is Music Director of the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra (IPO) and his involvement at the School ensures its commitment to the highest standards of artistic greatness. Through programs like the Steyer Fund, the school is expanding its capacity to award scholarships to Israel's most talented young musicians; to remove their financial obligations and allow them to devote all of their time to music.


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