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Brookline, MA

Logo: Tel Aviv Night at the MoviesTel Aviv Night at the Movies

Monday, March 4, 2013
7:00 – 9:00 p.m.

Coolidge Corner Theater
290 Harvard Street
Brookline, MA 20446

Popcorn, refreshments, and award-winning films by graduates of TAU's celebrated Department of Film and Television! With special guests Joanna Langfield and Prof. John Bernstein.

Read more about the speakers and the films here.

$20.00 general admission
$10.00 for TAU graduates 2003-13

For more information, call Shiri Stern at 212.742.0145 or email sstern@aftau.org.


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Tel Aviv Night at the Movies
Alumni Film Screening from several panelists (
Monday, March 04, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Units: 1 $ 20.00 ea.
Units: 1 $ 10.00 ea.



Joanna Langfield
President, Joanna Langfield Productions, Inc.

Her voice is heard throughout the 50 states and around the world by more than one million listeners on her syndicated radio programs: Joanna Langfield’s People Report and Video and The Movie Minute. She’s also seen and heard as a regular contributing commentator on CNN International, CNN, Fox News, and CNBC.

Joanna Langfield is known for taking interviews to another level, with probing looks at celebrities’ insights rather than just their latest projects. Her career began in Boston, on the production staff of a local television station. In New York, she was executive producer at WMCA-AM for top talk personalities Barry Gray and Sally Jessy Raphael, and began hosting the one-minute movie reviews that led to her top-rated The Joanna Langfield Show.

Subsequently, she hosted Today’s People on 300 stations on the ABC Radio network, and also appeared on WABC-TV as a regular on-air contributor. In 1989, she formed a radio production company, Joanna Langfield Entertainment Reports, to syndicate her radio reports. She is considered one of the top authoritative commentators on the entertainment industry.

John Bernstein
Associate Film Professor, Playwright, Screenwriter

Professor Bernstein has taught at Tel Aviv University, the University of Texas, Duke University, and the University of Copenhagen. He has conducted professional film seminars at the Munich Film School and the National Film School of Denmark. He has also worked as Director of Development, Film Consultant, Story Editor, and Dramaturge for major film companies and theaters.

A number of his plays have won national prizes. His film A Scent of Paradise (starring Penelope Cruz) has won a variety of international prizes. Bernstein’s film Better Off Dad premiered in 2003. His most recent film is Adele, starring Giancarlo Esposito (Do the Right Thing and The Usual Suspects), released in 2011.


A film by Yoav Hornung
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Film and Television
Tel Aviv University, 2007-2011

An attractive older woman attracts the attention of a much younger man. When her granddaughter arrives to visit, an unexpected turn occurs.

Negative, Yoav Hornung’s second short film, won Best Fiction Film at the B&W Audiovisual, and took second place for best student film at Palm Springs Shortfest. It has been featured at festivals including New Filmmakers Los Angeles, York City International Film Festival, DC Shorts Film Festival, and more.

Yoav Hornung shot his thesis film — Deserted — several months ago, and post-production is expected to be completed in May. It tells the story of two female soldiers in their final drill in officers school, during which one loses her weapon.

He is currently in Palo Alto taking part in an accelerator program for selected israeli startups that provides time to develop products, and find partnerships and investors. Hornung’s startup, in partnership with Oren Hod, lead actor of Negative, is "Veed.me" — a video creation marketplace that connects businesses needing a video with video creators from around the world.

When You Played
A film by Itai Tal
Bachelor's candidate, Department of Film and Television
Tel Aviv University

In the middle of the night, she knocks on the door. “Who are you looking for?” the old man asks. “I live here,” she says, and enters his life.

When You Played was screened at the Montreal World Film Festival, the Jerusalem Film Festival, the Warsaw Jewish Film Festival, and the Nice Israel Film Festival.

Just 28, Itay Tal has been directing and editing short films for the last 10 years. Currently completing his BA in Cinema at TAU, he is also working on his first feature film.

He previously worked in two startups and several advertising companies as an offline and online video editor, and during his army service, he edited multiple films for his unit. He is a co-inventor of a pending patent in the area of video-messaging at Vringo, a mobile-media high-tech company.

The Decision Maker
A film by Danny Yagil
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Department of Film and Television
Tel Aviv University, 2004-2010

As he arrives for a crucial re-election TV debate, Israeli Prime Minster Gideon Harel’s prospects are not good — and neither is his health. Coming upon a tape of his life and career being held for broadcast on his death changes the way he sees himself, and his achievements, leading him to a dramatic — and very funny — change of course.

The Decision Maker was screened at the Jerusalem International Film Festival in 2010, and at a number of Jewish film festivals in North America.

Danny Yagil, the son of a famous actor-comedian and a grandson of an actor, was drawn into the world of theatre and cinema at an early age. In 2002, he wrote, directed and acted in The Lizardman, which was screened in international film festivals; shown in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem cinematheques; and aired on Israeli TV Channel 1.

For the past ten years, he has been a a copywriter, and is currently senior copywriter at the largest advertising agency in Israel. He is currently writing a cable TV show for children and is writing a comic series of his own.


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