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TAU paleontologists unearthed what may be the earliest example of humans storing food for later consumption.


TAU archaeologists reveal why ancient humans in Israel collected feathers 420,000 years ago.


TAU launches its new Center for Quantum Science and Technology.


TAU archaeologists may have found Emmaus, where Jesus is said to have appeared after crucifixion.


TAU research ties an active sex life to long-term survival after a heart attack.


TAU debate team wins the European Round Robin, an exclusive university-level debate competition held in Warsaw, Poland.

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Study Finds Prehistoric Humans Ate Bone Marrow Like Canned Soup 400,000 Years Ago October 9, 2019 Bone and skin preserved the nutritious marrow for later consumption, TAU researchers say.  
TAU and Ichilov Researchers Develop Innovative Treatment for Familial Adenomatous Polyposis October 3, 2019 Adolescents and young adults with the inherited disorder bear a high risk of developing colorectal cancer.  
Engineered T Cells May Be Harnessed to Kill Solid Tumor Cells October 2, 2019 Novel immunotherapy extends therapy now used in fighting leukemia, TAU researchers say.  
Researchers Discover How a Protein Connecting Calcium and Plant Hormone Regulates Plant Growth September 26, 2019 Mechanism enables plants to adapt their development to their environment, TAU researchers say.  
LocalTAU Top Scientists Move Closer to Securing Pilot Program in Miami September 19, 2019 Fellows from competition return to Miami to present at marine health summit and participate in high-level meetings.  
TAU Researchers Discover Evidence of Biblical Kingdom of Edom in Arava Desert September 18, 2019 Findings also suggest pharaoh's influence on Edom turned kingdom into copper powerhouse, say TAU researchers.  
Business and Civic Leader Mort Mandel Awarded TAU Honorary Doctorate September 16, 2019 Mr. Mandel cited for his visionary philanthropy and establishment of the Jack, Joseph and Morton Mandel Center for STEM and the Humanities at TAU.  
Early Humans Used Tiny, Flint "Surgical" Tools to Butcher Elephants September 11, 2019 New discovery by TAU-led research group suggests early humans in the Levant were sophisticated and environmentally conscious.  
TAU Ranks Among Top 10 Undergraduate Programs Producing Most Venture Capital-Backed Entrepreneurs September 10, 2019 Joining Stanford, UC Berkeley, and MIT, TAU is the only non-U.S. university to make top 10 of global VC list.  
Protein Mapping Pinpoints Why Most Metastatic Melanoma Patients Do Not Respond to Immunotherapy September 9, 2019 Lipid metabolism found to affect cancer cells' visibility to the immune system, say TAU, Sheba Medical Center researchers.  
Breakdown in Coral Spawning Places Species at Risk of Extinction September 5, 2019 Synchronized coral spawning has become erratic, endangering the long-term survival of coral species, TAU researchers say.  

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