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TAU ranks at #88 in Reuters' list of the most innovative universities in the world, The Jerusalem Post reports.


TAU archaeologists discover 3,200-year-old remains of a pregnant Egyptian woman.


AFTAU Board member the Hon. Ramy Djerassi writes about a recent trip to Israel for the American Inns of Court magazine.


TAU produces groundbreaking reptile conservation research for National Reptile Awareness Day!


Watch nine successful TAU alums as they describe the path to success!


Symantec, world's leading cybersecurity company, acquires Skycure, mobile cybersecurity firm founded by TAU alum Adi Sharabani!

Thumbnail Title Date Caption
Buchmann-Mehta in Miami January 18, 2018 Musicians from the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra and TAU will showcase their institutions' historic partnership on February 8.  
Israel Dig Unearths Prehistoric "Paradise" January 17, 2018 TAU, Israel Antiquities archaeologists uncover 500,000-year-old site described as a "paradise" for hunter-gatherers.  
TAU Archaeologists Discover "Oldest School in the World" January 9, 2018 Ancestors of modern humans taught their children how to make flint tools at prehistoric school, researchers say.  
Novel Nanomedicine Inhibits the Progression of Pancreatic Cancer in Mouse Models, TAU Researchers Say January 2, 2018 Survival rates in pancreatic cancer linked to inverse correlation between specific oncogene and tumor suppressant.  
From the Omelette to the Egg: Reversing Protein Aggregations December 18, 2017 Some protein aggregations are reversible and beneficial, TAU researchers say.  
TAU Scientists Make Paralyzed Rats Walk Again December 14, 2017 Using stem cell-based biomedical engineering to rehabilitate a severed spinal cord, TAU and Technion scientists restore control of their legs.  
Byzantine Mosaic Unearthed at Ashdod-Yam in Israel December 12, 2017 Greek inscription is earliest known use of the Georgian calendar, TAU researchers say.  
Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy May Alleviate Symptoms of Alzheimer's Disease December 5, 2017 Treatment has potential to correct behavioral and physical deficits associated with the disease, TAU researchers say.  
Skipping Breakfast Disrupts "Clock Genes" that Regulate Body Weight and Glucose November 30, 2017 Consuming breakfast normalizes the expression of genes that improve insulin and glucose responses all day long, TAU researchers say.  
Dual Virtual Reality/Treadmill Exercises Promote Brain Plasticity in Parkinson's Patients November 28, 2017 Therapy effective even in later stages of the disease, TAU researchers say.  
AFTAU to Celebrate the Steve Tisch School of Film & Television at Annual Gala Dinner November 15, 2017 Philanthropist and producer Steve Tisch to be honored; prominent industry leaders to serve as vice chairs.  

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