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TAU archaeologists may have found Emmaus, where Jesus is said to have appeared after crucifixion.


TAU research ties an active sex life to long-term survival after a heart attack.


TAU debate team wins the European Round Robin, an exclusive university-level debate competition held in Warsaw, Poland.


TAU researchers engineer a model of a "receptive" human uterus, shedding light on creation of early human life.


TAU's School of Physics and Astronomy welcomes world's best and brightest high school physics students.


A new fund aimed at revolutionizing learning was inaugurated by Dr. Garry Rayant and Dr. Kathy Fields-Rayant at the 2019 BOG.

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Early Humans Used Tiny, Flint "Surgical" Tools to Butcher Elephants September 11, 2019 New discovery by TAU-led research group suggests early humans in the Levant were sophisticated and environmentally conscious.  
TAU Ranks Among Top 10 Undergraduate Programs Producing Most Venture Capital-Backed Entrepreneurs September 10, 2019 Joining Stanford, UC Berkeley, and MIT, TAU is the only non-U.S. university to make top 10 of global VC list.  
Protein Mapping Pinpoints Why Most Metastatic Melanoma Patients Do Not Respond to Immunotherapy September 9, 2019 Lipid metabolism found to affect cancer cells' visibility to the immune system, say TAU, Sheba Medical Center researchers.  
Breakdown in Coral Spawning Places Species at Risk of Extinction September 5, 2019 Synchronized coral spawning has become erratic, endangering the long-term survival of coral species, TAU researchers say.  
Joanna Naftali Named Associate Vice President, Midwest of AFTAU August 19, 2019 Accomplished fundraiser has deep roots in educational, philanthropic, and arts sectors.  
Blocking Inflammatory Pathway Key to Preventing Brain Metastasis from Melanoma August 19, 2019 Tumor cells "hijack" their way to the brain through an inflammatory factor secreted by brain cells, say TAU researchers.  
TAU and Technion Researchers Wrest Control of One of World's Most Secure PLCs August 8, 2019 Rogue engineering station instigated "hostile intervention" of Siemens programmable logic controller that runs industrial processes.  
Novel Immunotherapy May Prevent Brain Metastases August 6, 2019 Injection of synthetic DNA material found to activate brain's immune cells and kill invading tumor cells, TAU researchers say.  
TAU Scientists Develop Novel Nano-Vaccine for Melanoma August 5, 2019 Injection of nanoparticle has proven effective in mouse models, researchers say.  
Genetic Screen Identifies Genes That Protect Cells from Zika Virus July 25, 2019 Genes found to safeguard against infection as well as resuscitate infected cells, TAU researchers say.  
Jennifer Gross Named Chief Executive Officer of AFTAU July 23, 2019 Accomplished executive brings extensive experience from Jewish philanthropy and the financial services industry.  

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