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The Zuckerman STEM Leadership Program is now accepting applications for Postdoctoral Fellowships.


TAU ranks in the top ten when it comes to start-ups with billion dollar valuations, Forbes reports!


TAU alumni Jecka Glasman of Mitsubishi Fuso Trucks and Amnon Shashua, co-founder of Mobileye, bring the first collision avoidance system to the truck industry!


Watch TAU Profs Inna Slutsky and Neta Gazit describe their groundbreaking research to treat and possibly reverse this devastating disease.

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Outdoor Adventure Program Is a Promising Complementary Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder February 15, 2017 Challenge-based intervention may be effective in reducing the severity of autism symptoms, TAU researchers say.  
Ancient Jars Found in Judea Reveal Earth's Magnetic Field is Fluctuating, Not Diminishing February 14, 2017 New evidence says geomagnetic force "spiked" in 8th century BCE, say TAU, Hebrew University, UC San Diego researchers.  
The Zuckerman Post-Doctoral Scholarship Program at TAU Calls for Applications February 7, 2017 Initiative designed to support future generations of leaders in STEM disciplines in the US and Israel.  
Drug Candidate Stabilizes Essential Transport Mechanism in Nerve Cells January 31, 2017 NAP blocks formation of "tangles" that contribute to Alzheimer's disease, says TAU researcher.  
New Smartwatch Software May Now Verify Your Signatures January 30, 2017 Software measuring wrist movements could replace tablets and digital pens, say TAU and Ben-Gurion University researchers.  
Bioinvasion is Jeopardizing Mediterranean Marine Communities January 23, 2017 Non-indigenous organisms introduced through the Suez Canal are causing irreversible damage, say TAU researchers.  
Preserved Fortification, Donkey Stables Dating to King Solomon Discovered at TAU's Timna Valley Excavations January 17, 2017 Intact defensive structure, livestock pens provide insight into complexity of Iron Age copper production.  
Bat Calls Contain Wealth of Discernible Information December 27, 2016 Analyzing some 15,000 bat vocalizations, TAU researchers identify speakers, objectives and contexts of bat conversations.  
Food Supplement May Be Key to Treatment of Rare Disease December 21, 2016 Familial Dysautonomia may be slowed by phosphatidylserine, TAU researchers say.  
New Virtual Reality Technology May Improve Motor Skills in Damaged Limbs December 14, 2016 Novel training may rehabilitate impaired limbs by allowing healthy limbs to lead "by example," say TAU researchers.  
Genetic Memory of Starvation May Curtail Lifespan of Men December 5, 2016 TAU study finds famine may have a lasting impact on male descendants of its victims.  

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