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Smithsonian magazine profiles the Steinhardt Museum of Natural History at TAU!


Watch nine successful TAU alums as they describe the path to success!


Symantec, world's leading cybersecurity company, acquires Skycure, mobile cybersecurity firm founded by TAU alum Adi Sharabani!


Yuval Shraibman, CEO of TAU Online, on "Disrupting Israeli Higher Education."

Thumbnail Title Date Caption
Marine Vessels are Unsuspecting Hosts of Invasive Species July 11, 2017 Half of the ships passing along the Mediterranean coast of Israel carry damaging ascidians, TAU researchers say.  
Inauguration of Steinhardt Museum of Natural History Celebrated at TAU on June 26 July 7, 2017 Historic event held in presence of philanthropist Michael Steinhardt and family, TAU governors, board members and faculty.  
Baxter, Ramot at TAU and Tel Aviv Sourasky Medical Center Partner to Bring New Surgical Innovations Worldwide July 7, 2017 Agreements will explore potential applications of promising early-stage research in areas of unmet need.  
Wild Wheat Genome Sequencing Provides "Time Tunnel" Capable of Boosting Future Food Production and Safety July 6, 2017   
3,000-Year-Old Textiles Are Earliest Evidence of Chemical Dyeing in The Levant June 28, 2017 Discovery provides insight into society and copper production in the Timna region at the time of David and Solomon, TAU researchers say.  
Zuckerman Scholar Launches State-of-the-Art Laser Laboratory at TAU June 23, 2017 Dr. Ishay Pomerantz hopes to lower the cost and size of particle accelerators for more practical social applications.  
The Brain Mechanism Behind Multitasking June 21, 2017 The brief reactivation of a learned memory can block interference from competing tasks, TAU researchers say.  
DNA Delivery Technology Joins Battle Against Drug-Resistant Bacteria June 19, 2017 New tool is major milestone against lethal condition, TAU researchers say.  
Cardiac Stem Cells from Heart Disease Patients May Be Harmful June 15, 2017 TAU researchers discover molecular pathway involved in toxic interaction between host cells and immune system.  
Multispectral Imaging Reveals Ancient Hebrew Inscription Undetected for Over 50 Years June 14, 2017 Military correspondence from the First Temple period discovered on reverse of artifact at The Israel Museum, TAU researchers say.  
Earliest Human Impact on the Environment Took Place 11,500 Years Ago June 5, 2017 The earliest geological indication of humans' impact on the environment discovered in the Dead Sea, TAU researchers say.  

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