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AFTAU's National Chairman Richard Sincere looks forward to the 2017 mission.


Steve Tisch School student film to screen at Cannes in May!


National Geographic reports on Tel Aviv University's excavation site.


TAU researcher discovers a genetic mechanism that makes octopuses and squids "the most intelligent invertebrates."

Thumbnail Title Date Caption
Israeli Student Film Sets Guinness World Record April 5, 2017 Lior Geller's "Roads" noted for most awards won by a short student film.  
Tiny Whiteflies Provide Insight into Stabilizing Manmade Drones during Takeoff April 5, 2017 The insects spread their wings only after leaping, rotating and reversing direction in midair, TAU researchers say.  
Where the Jordan Stops Flowing April 3, 2017 Regional cooperation key to river restoration strategy that could be emulated around the world, says TAU researcher.  
Infant Vitamin B1 Deficiency Leads to Poor Motor Function and Balance March 29, 2017 Lack of vitamin has long-term consequences for children's health, TAU researchers say.  
Scientists Discover Mechanism That Causes Cancer Cells to Self-destruct March 27, 2017 Modifying specific proteins during cancer cell division unleashes a natural killing mechanism, say TAU researchers.  
Insulin Resistance May Lead to Faster Cognitive Decline March 21, 2017 Executive function and memory are particularly vulnerable to the effects of insulin resistance, TAU researchers say.  
Study Finds Disruptive Children Do Not Inspire Similar Behavior in Their Siblings March 6, 2017 Siblings are more likely to learn how not to behave, say TAU researchers.  
Sponge Bacterium Found to Encapsulate Arsenic Drawn from Environment February 27, 2017 Entotheonella sequesters and neutralizes toxins within sponge host, say TAU researchers.  
Outdoor Adventure Program Is a Promising Complementary Treatment for Autism Spectrum Disorder February 15, 2017 Challenge-based intervention may be effective in reducing the severity of autism symptoms, TAU researchers say.  
Ancient Jars Found in Judea Reveal Earth's Magnetic Field is Fluctuating, Not Diminishing February 14, 2017 New evidence says geomagnetic force "spiked" in 8th century BCE, say TAU, Hebrew University, UC San Diego researchers.  
The Zuckerman Post-Doctoral Scholarship Program at TAU Calls for Applications February 7, 2017 Initiative designed to support future generations of leaders in STEM disciplines in the US and Israel.  

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