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TAU experiment uses CRISPR-Cas to successfully diagnose diseases in space

Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers recently conducted a unique experiment in the International Space Station to test genetic diagnosis under microgravity conditions using the CRISPR system, a sort of molecular “search engine.” They proved that CRISPR-Cas  can be used to precisely and reliably identify viruses and bacteria infecting crew members during space missions. The study… Read More

Professor Karen Avraham elected Dean of Tel Aviv University’s medical faculty

Professor Karen Avraham was selected last week as the next Dean of the Faculty of Medicine at Tel Aviv University (TAU). She is the first woman appointed to the position. Professor Avraham’s tenure begins on September 1, 2022. She previously served as Vice Dean for Pre-Clinical Affairs at the Faculty of Medicine. “Medicine is undergoing… Read More

COVID-19 variants originate in immunocompromised patients, TAU researchers say

A new Tel Aviv University (TAU) study reveals that many SARS-CoV-2 variants are likely formed in chronic COVID-19 patients who suffer from immunosuppression. The researchers suggest that a weakened antibody response, particular in the lower airways of these chronic patients, may prevent full recovery from the virus and drive the virus to mutate many times… Read More

TAU technology offers single-injection treatment for HIV infection

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) offers a new and unique treatment for AIDS which may be developed into a vaccine or a one-time treatment for patients with HIV. The study examined the engineering of type B white blood cells in the patient’s body to secrete anti-HIV antibodies in response to the virus…. Read More

Blavatnik Prizes for Computer Science awarded to doctoral fellows

The second annual Blavatnik Prizes for Outstanding Israeli Doctoral Students in Computer Science were awarded on June 8 to four recipients, in a ceremony at Tel Aviv University (TAU). With generous funding from the Blavatnik Family Foundation, the prizes were established to highlight excellent research by Israeli Ph.D. candidates in the field of computer science… Read More

President of European Parliament visits TAU

European Parliament President Roberta Metsola visited Tel Aviv University on May 22 to discuss critical global and regional issues with students in her first stop on a three-day visit to Israel. Metsola said she was “impressed by the engagement, the questions and ideas put forward by students. Always good to listen and discuss the future… Read More