TAU’s students are tomorrow’s leaders and innovators, ensuring that Israel will continue to thrive in science, technology, medicine, arts and culture. The University is committed to providing a first-rate education to all students including those who are under-represented, disabled, or part of ethnic minorities.  Scholarships help ensure that Israel’s brightest minds have access to quality education.

By supporting scholarships at TAU you will provide a lifeline to the young people who will conceive Israel’s next big ideas:

Gil, the second of three siblings in a single parent home. His mother works as a secretary and his father lives separately from the family and has a history of substance abuse.  During his studies, G. has received academic assistance due to a learning disability he was diagnosed with at a young age. The past year was very difficult for G. as he suffered from a complicated medical condition that required surgery and constant medical treatment. He is studying Mechanical Engineering at TAU thanks to the help of scholarship.

Shira, who grew up in central-southern Israel. She was born in Israel in 1994 and has two siblings. Her parents were born in Ethiopia. Her father has no formal education and her mother studied through high school. She served two years in the IDF and is currently studying biomedical engineering.

Amir, who is 26 years old, single, and lives in a Druze village with her parents and siblings. Both of her parents were born in Israel. She has two brothers; her sister was killed in a terror attack. A. works a part-time job and volunteers assisting people with mental disabilities. She is currently studying for an M.A. in educational consulting at TAU.

Ruti, who is 35 years old, married with three young children and lives between Tel Aviv and Jerusalem. She was born to Israeli parents and completed army service as a combat soldier. R has volunteered with charitable organizations dedicated to helping weaker populations in Israel. She already holds a bachelor’s and master’s degree in Life Sciences and is now studying for a graduate degree in medicine.

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