Technology from TAU will use smart sensors to ensure vaccine safety

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) enables vaccine developers to determine vaccine safety via smart wearable sensors that measure objective physiological parameters. According to the researchers, most clinical trials testing the safety of new vaccines. including COVID-19 vaccines, rely on participants’ subjective reports, which can lead to biased results. In contrast, objective physiological… Read More

TAU researchers develop dietary supplement to provide protection against COVID-19

Experts from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have shown that a new combination of common dietary supplements can provide protection against the COVID-19 virus as well as several common winter illnesses. The study was led by Professor Ehud Gazit, Professor Eran Bacharach, and Professor Daniel Segal of the Shmunis School of Biomedicine and Cancer Research at… Read More

The Covid-19 Vaccine Revolution

TAU Professor Jonathan Gershoni tells the story of the significant scientific landmarks that led to the creation of RNA vaccines, that are significant in the global battle against the pandemic.

TAU researchers identify coronavirus proteins that can damage blood vessels

A team of experts led by Tel Aviv University (TAU) has identified five of the 29 proteins in the coronavirus that are responsible for damaging blood vessels. The researchers hope that the identification of these proteins will help develop targeted drugs for COVID-19 that reduce vascular damage. The study was led by Dr. Ben Maoz… Read More

Study from TAU identifies differing levels of COVID-19 antibodies in men and women

A joint study conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the Shamir Medical Center (Asaf Harofe) indicates that the level of COVID-19 antibodies in the human blood stream differs according to age groups, gender, symptoms, and time elapsed since vaccination. The research examined the level of antibodies in over 26,000 blood samples taken… Read More

Sick bats use “social distancing” to prevent the outbreak of epidemics

The Covid-19 pandemic led to expressions like “lockdown,” “isolation,” and “social distancing” becoming part of social conduct all over the world. Now it appears that bats also maintain social distancing, which might help prevent the spread of contagious diseases in their colonies. In a new study published in the Annals of the New York Academy… Read More

TAU study finds COVID-19 vaccine less effective against the South African variant compared to British variant

Tel Aviv University and Clalit Research Institute researchers have found that the South African variant of the COVID-19 virus is significantly more likely to break through the protective effect of two doses of the Pfizer vaccine compared to the British COVID-19 variant. Researchers say that the exact reduction in effectiveness cannot be accurately assessed from… Read More