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TAU archaeologists discover 3,200-year-old remains of a pregnant Egyptian woman.


AFTAU Board member the Hon. Ramy Djerassi writes about a recent trip to Israel for the American Inns of Court magazine.


TAU produces groundbreaking reptile conservation research for National Reptile Awareness Day!


Watch nine successful TAU alums as they describe the path to success!


Symantec, world's leading cybersecurity company, acquires Skycure, mobile cybersecurity firm founded by TAU alum Adi Sharabani!


Israel's top business newsletter names TAU alums Guy Franklin and Yasmin Lukach as Israeli economy influencers!

Thumbnail Title Date Caption
AFTAU to Celebrate the Steve Tisch School of Film & Television at Annual Gala Dinner November 15, 2017 Philanthropist and producer Steve Tisch to be honored; prominent industry leaders to serve as vice chairs.  
Children's Exposure to Secondhand Smoke May Be Vastly Underestimated by Parents November 15, 2017 Smoking parents misperceive where and when their kids are exposed to cigarette smoke, TAU researchers say.  
Your Stress and Mine November 13, 2017 TAU study assesses how we perceive other people's stress levels in the workplace.  
Consumption of Nicotine in Adolescence May Lead to Increased Alcohol Intake Later in Life November 9, 2017 Nicotine "memories" from adolescence may lead to alcoholism years later, TAU researchers say.  
When You're Tired, Your Brain Cells Actually Slow Down November 7, 2017 Sleep rhythms can disrupt normal activity in specific regions of the brain, say TAU, UCLA and UW researchers.  
TAU Hosts First Zuckerman US-Israel Symposium November 6, 2017 Supporting future generations of STEM leaders, Zuckerman scholarship programs engage top-tier talent.  
Mammals Switched to Daytime Activity After Dinosaur Extinction November 6, 2017 Change occurred during a stage of mixed day and night activity over millions of years, TAU and University College London researchers say.  
Navigating the Genome to Cure Deafness November 2, 2017 Discovery of long-encoding RNAs in the auditory system may solve a piece of the deafness puzzle, TAU researcher says.  
Young Bats Learn Bat "Dialects" from Their Nestmates October 31, 2017 The New York Times reports on Prof. Yossi Yovel's research into bat language.  
Reptile Atlas Pinpoints Areas of Conservation Concern October 25, 2017 New reptile map completes planet's "atlas of life," TAU researchers say.  
Turning Brain Cells into Skin Cells October 18, 2017 TAU and Weizmann Institute researchers transform mature cells from the brain, heart and more into skin cells.  

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