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A new discovery by TAU archaeologists supports biblical accounts of the last days of Judah.


Renowned war journalist and TAU lecturer Itai Anghel discusses reporting in places of dangerous conflict with the mother of slain journalist James Foley on April 8.


The Yosef and Farang Shahery Lobby at the new Check Point Building honors a family of compassionate humanitarians and advocates of higher education.


McDonald's purchases machine learning/big data firm co-founded by TAU alum Liad Agmon.


TAU's CityZone initiative will enable early-stage start-ups to develop technologies and solutions relevant to the real needs of the modern city.


TAU researcher says layoffs hit women and minorities hardest.

Thumbnail Title Date Caption
LocalTAU Tackles Florida Stormwater Runoff in Inaugural Pitch Competition April 17, 2019 Top scientific teams from Israel's leading university pitch novel solutions to local crisis.  
TAU Scientists Print First 3D Heart Using Patient’s Own Cells and Materials April 15, 2019 Engineered heart completely matches the immunological, cellular, biochemical and anatomical properties of the patient.  
Woolly Mammoths and Neanderthals May Have Shared Genetic Traits April 8, 2019 Findings point to molecular resemblance in climate adaptation traits of the two species, TAU researchers say.  
Brain Alterations Make It Difficult for Parkinson’s Disease Patients to Turn While Walking April 5, 2019 Turning is also associated with freezing of gait and falls in Parkinson's patients, TAU researchers say.  
Low-Bandwidth Radar Technology Provides Improved Detection of Objects April 2, 2019 New TAU research breaks with long-held principles used in developing radar technologies.  
Genetically Encoded Sensor Isolates Hidden Leukemic Stem Cells March 12, 2019 Cells express surface markers that help them escape most targeted therapies, TAU researchers say.  
Be Nice to Your Doctor — You May Receive Better Care March 7, 2019 Under most conditions, positive social interactions have beneficial implications for employee performance, say TAU researchers.  
PCV Vaccine Leads to Steep Decline in Childhood Hospitalizations Due to Community-Acquired Bacteremia March 5, 2019 Vaccine also decreased antibiotic resistance patterns, TAU researchers say.  
Physicists Solve 35-Year-Old Mystery About Quarks March 4, 2019 Number of proton-neutron pairs in an atom determines how fast particles move, say TAU, MIT, Thomas Jefferson researchers.  
New Blood Test May Map Fetal Genome for Countless Mutations February 20, 2019 Test could detect innumerable diseases caused by minuscule impairments in the fetal genome, TAU researchers say.  
New Imaging Technology Captures Movement of Quantum Particles With Unprecedented Resolution February 19, 2019 Method paves the way for ultrafast control and extreme spatiotemporal imaging of condensed matter, TAU researchers say.  

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