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The network reports on the Israeli military's use of antibody tests developed at TAU.


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Thumbnail Title Date Caption
COVID-19 Pandemic Has Unleashed Unique Worldwide Wave of Anti-Semitism June 23, 2020 Kantor Center at TAU releases special report.  
TAU Researchers Destroy Cancer Cells with Ultrasound Treatment June 22, 2020 Technique combines ultrasound application and tumor-targeted microbubbles that attach to cancer cells and explode.  
Bayer to Test New Drugs Using Human Heart Tissues 3D-Printed at TAU June 22, 2020 Technique permits faster, cheaper toxicological screening of early drug candidates.  
Water Vapor in the Atmosphere May Be Prime Renewable Energy Source June 9, 2020 Electricity generated by interactions between water molecules and metals may be turned into a source of energy, TAU research reveals.  
Human Activity Threatens 50 Billion Years of Vertebrate Evolutionary History June 3, 2020 Research led by the Zoological Society of London, Imperial College London and TAU highlights which endangered species should be prioritized for conservation.  
Dead Sea Scrolls "Puzzle" Pieced Together with DNA Extracted from Animal Skins on Which Scrolls Were Written June 2, 2020 Ancient DNA extracted from Dead Sea Scrolls by TAU researchers permits rare, unanticipated glimpse into world of Second Temple Judaism.  
TAU and IDC Herzliya Researchers Thwart DDoS Technique That Threatened Large-Scale Cyberattack May 28, 2020 Attack could have been 800 times more destructive than the cyberattack that brought down parts of the Internet on the U.S.'s East Coast in 2016.  
How Do We Disconnect from the Environment During Sleep and Under Anesthesia? May 27, 2020 Natural disconnection is caused by low noradrenaline activity, say TAU researchers.  



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