TAU researchers identify heaviest known black hole in a binary star system in the Milky Way

Black hole more than three times heavier than the known black holes in our galaxy


TAU study reveals mechanism linking heart disease to cancer development

Study sheds light on the potential connection between extracellular bubbles released after a heart attack and an increased risk of cancer


Existing drugs may hinder development of bone metastasis in breast cancer patients

TAU research on animal models may be extended to human therapies


Heart patients live longer in a “greener” environment, TAU study finds

Exposure to a green environment may be a beneficial factor in recovering from trauma


Combined deforestation and climate change may be devastating for the animal kingdom

Joint TAU/University of Colorado study focused on lizards, but may have wider application


Scholarships help ensure that Israel’s brightest minds have access to quality education


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Upcoming Webinar

Israel After Iran’s Attack: Escalation or New Regional Coalition?

April 18, 2024: Featuring Professor Eyal Zisser, Vice Rector of Tel Aviv University and former Head of the Department of Middle Eastern and African History


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