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New Tel Aviv Online MBA at TAU’s Coller School of Management

Israel’s Council for Higher Education has approved the Tel Aviv Online MBA program at the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University (TAU). This is the first time the Council has approved an entirely online degree taught by a research university, with no requirements for on-campus presence. All the residential MBA programs at the… Read More

TAU climbs to seventh place in global entrepreneurship ranking

814 entrepreneurs with bachelor’s degrees from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have established 677 companies and raised a total of $26.5 billion, bringing TAU to the seventh-ranked place in the world and first-ranked place outside the USA in the 2022 PitchBook ranking. Every year PitchBook, a business data research firm, publishes an annual ranking of the… Read More

PitchBook ranks TAU eighth in the world for alumni entrepreneurship

912 TAU undergraduate alumni, who have founded 761 companies and raised $26.8 billion in venture capital, make Tel Aviv University (TAU) eighth in the world and first outside the US among universities that produce successful entrepreneurs, according to the financial data company PitchBook. Topping the 2021 PitchBook list are four leading American universities: Stanford University… Read More

TAU ranked fifth in the world for entrepreneurship by Startup Genome

Tel Aviv University (TAU) was ranked fifth in the world in the 2021 ranking of Startup Genome, a world-leading innovation policy advisory and research firm. The prestigious ranking reflects the involvement of alumni of the world’s leading universities in entrepreneurship, and in the establishment of scaleup companies (companies that have advanced beyond the startup stage… Read More

Be nice to your doctor — you may receive better care

The good news: A new Tel Aviv University study published in Pediatrics on March 7 finds that positive interactions with patients drive improved medical team performance under most conditions. The bad news: Positive interactions with superiors had no significant effect. Moreover, a second in-press study by the same researcher to be published in Human Relations… Read More

Why diversity programs promoting women and minorities in management fail

A new study published in the Harvard Business Review by Tel Aviv University and Harvard University researchers finds that despite millions of dollars spent to settle discrimination lawsuits over the past two decades, women and minorities have not gained much ground in management in that time period. Organizations are trying to reduce bias using the… Read More