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Parents’ smartphone use may harm child development

A new study from Tel Aviv University found that mothers devote only 25% of their attention to their toddlers while using smartphones, a practice which may impair child development. The researchers believe the findings are applicable to fathers as well. In a survey, the researchers found that mother-child interactions occurred two-to-four times less frequently when… Read More

New TAU technology exposes “liars” through examination of facial muscles

Technology developed by researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) detected 73% of the lies told by trial participants based on the contraction of their facial muscles, a higher rate of detection than any known method. The study identified two different groups of “liars”: those who activate their cheek muscles when they lie, and those who… Read More

Google and TAU launch “AI for Social Good”

Google and Tel Aviv University (TAU) recently launched “AI for Social Good,” a program for promoting artificial intelligence-related multidisciplinary research for the benefit of society. It aims to support research and collaborations in data science and artificial intelligence that address social issues on the global agenda. It was established within the framework of the TAU… Read More

New technology allows cameras to capture colors invisible to the human eye

New research from Tel Aviv University will allow cameras to recognize colors that the human eye and even ordinary cameras are unable to perceive. The technology makes it possible to image gases and substances such as hydrogen, carbon and sodium, each of which has a unique color in the infrared spectrum, as well as biological… Read More

TAU-Led International Collaboration: High Variability Is Consequence of Complex Data Workflows, Finds Nature Study

A new Tel Aviv University-led study published on May 20 in Nature offers new evidence that the complexity of contemporary analytical methods in science contributes to the variability of research outcomes. Previous studies in the fields of psychology, cancer biology and behavioral economics revealed many failures in the attempt to reproduce methodologies and mirror results…. Read More

TAU researchers demonstrate optical backflow of light

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have for the first time demonstrated the backflow of optical light propagating forward. The phenomenon, theorized more than 50 years ago by quantum physicists, has never before been demonstrated successfully in any experiment — until now. “This ‘backflow’ phenomenon is quite delicate and requires exquisite control over the state of a particle,… Read More