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TAU researchers invent a transparent, self-repairing adhesive glass

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have created a new type of glass that is both highly adhesive and perfectly transparent at the same time. The glass, which forms spontaneously when the new material comes in contact with water at room temperature, could bring about a revolution in an array of diverse industries such as… Read More

TAU Cyber Week exhibition presents links between cybersecurity and ancient locks

“Protecting the World: Israeli CyberSecurity Technologies,” a groundbreaking new exhibition, has been launched and showcased at the 2024 Cyber Week conference at Tel Aviv University (TAU), presenting leading Israeli cyber technologies in an original way through the display of ancient historical locks collected from around the world. The exhibition, which runs from June 24 through… Read More

TAU researchers invent robot able to “smell” using a biological sensor

A new technological development from Tel Aviv University (TAU) has made it possible for a robot to smell using a biological sensor. The sensor sends electrical signals as a response to the presence of a nearby odor, which the robot can detect and interpret. In this new study, the researchers successfully connected the biological sensor… Read More

Blavatnik Prizes for Computer Science awarded to doctoral fellows

The second annual Blavatnik Prizes for Outstanding Israeli Doctoral Students in Computer Science were awarded on June 8 to four recipients, in a ceremony at Tel Aviv University (TAU). With generous funding from the Blavatnik Family Foundation, the prizes were established to highlight excellent research by Israeli Ph.D. candidates in the field of computer science… Read More

TAU researchers identify serious security flaw in Samsung’s Galaxy series

Tel Aviv University (TAU) researchers discovered a serious security flaw in Samsung’s flagship Galaxy series in May 2021, and in October the company released a software update that fixed the loophole. According to the researchers, users who have not updated their Android software since October are urged to do so as soon as possible, because… Read More

Parents’ smartphone use may harm child development

A new study from Tel Aviv University found that mothers devote only 25% of their attention to their toddlers while using smartphones, a practice which may impair child development. The researchers believe the findings are applicable to fathers as well. In a survey, the researchers found that mother-child interactions occurred two-to-four times less frequently when… Read More