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Innovative technology-driven treatment from TAU is as effective as some psychiatric medications

A new clinical trial conducted at Tel Aviv University (TAU) has demonstrated an effective technology-driven alternative to psychiatric medications for people with social anxiety. The groundbreaking study found that Gaze-Contingent Music Reward Therapy (GC-MART) is as effective in treating social anxiety disorder as drugs from the SSRI family. The study found that the innovative treatment,… Read More

Bacteria in saliva may indicate post-trauma syndrome in veteran soldiers

A scientific breakthrough from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Haifa University may facilitate speedy, objective, and accurate diagnosis of people suffering from PTSD using saliva samples. As part of the study, the researchers characterized the psychological, social, and medical conditions of about 200 participants while collecting saliva samples from them. The findings show a typical… Read More

TAU achieves breakthrough in treatment of post-traumatic stress disorder

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Israel’s Shamir Medical Center were able to successfully relieve the symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder  (PTSD) in military combat veterans using a new protocol of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). In a controlled clinical trial involving Israeli army veterans who suffered from treatment-resistant PTSD, the approach demonstrated significant… Read More

Siblings of children with intellectual disabilities score high on empathy, teaching and closeness

The sibling relationship is the longest most people will enjoy in their lifetimes and is central to the everyday lives of children. A new Tel Aviv University and University of Haifa study finds that relationships between children and their siblings with intellectual disabilities are more positive than those between typically developing siblings. The research examines the relationships… Read More

Antidepressants may prevent hospitalization relapses in bipolar depression patients

Bipolar disorder patients, who comprise 1-4 percent of the population, suffer from chronic mood swings that alternate between “manic” episodes, characterized by inflated energy, self-esteem and risky behavior, and depression, which can take a suicidal turn. A new Tel Aviv University study finds that antidepressant therapy minimizes the incidence of rehospitalization from bipolar depression. “This… Read More

Having a sibling makes you more empathetic, study finds

A new Tel Aviv University study finds that both older and younger siblings positively influence each other’s empathy. Dr. Ella Daniel of TAU’s Jaime and Joan Constantiner School of Education has determined that children whose younger brothers and sisters are kind, warm and supportive grow up to be more empathic than children whose younger siblings… Read More