Environment & Ecology News

New TAU study finds correlation between thunderstorms and formation of cirrus clouds

A new Tel Aviv University (TAU) study has found a significant statistical correlation between thunderstorms occurring around the world and the formation of wispy cirrus clouds that might increase global warming. The researchers say that although it is known that cirrus clouds can contribute to global warming, it is very difficult to track these clouds… Read More

Bats can tell that air over the urban areas is warmer than air over parks

In a creative collaborative effort between zoologists and geographers from Tel Aviv University (TAU), a new study utilizing bats to map “Urban Heat Islands” in the Gush Dan metropolitan area of Israel reveals that the air over the Ayalon Highway can be up to 5° Celsius (41° Fahrenheit) warmer than the air in Yarkon Park… Read More

TAU researchers succeed in producing highly efficient, low-cost “green” hydrogen

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have succeeded in producing “green” hydrogen through the use of green electricity. The resulting hydrogen is produced without air pollution and with a high level of efficiency. The new method was developed by doctoral student Itzhak Grinberg and Dr. Oren Ben-Zvi under the guidance of Professor Iftach Yacoby of… Read More

“Super Seaweed” from TAU produces natural health compounds and medicine

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the Israel Oceanographic and Limnological Research Institute (IOLR) have succeeded in significantly increasing the ability of seaweed to produce healthy natural materials. Their research findings may serve the pharmaceutical, cosmetics, food, and nutritional supplement industries. The new methods enhanced the production of bio-active compounds that offer medical benefits… Read More