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Standardization of measurement can help fight plastic pollution in the world’s oceans

A new review from Tel Aviv University (TAU) has determined that global standardization of methodologies for monitoring and measuring plastic pollution in the world’s oceans can significantly boost international efforts to mitigate this troubling phenomenon. In a comprehensive survey of all methods described in existing literature, the researchers charted the great complexity and diversity of… Read More

New Steinhardt Museum exhibition focuses on climate change

In recent years the climate crisis has evolved from a scientific term to a tangible reality. The average temperature measured on the earth’s surface is rising, more and more temperature records are being broken in many places around the world, and we’ve experienced extreme weather events, ecological destruction and a negative impact on biodiversity. About… Read More

TAU researchers take underwater journey to study how sponge species vanished

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) embarked on an underwater journey to solve a mystery: Why did sponges of the Agelas oroides species, which used to be common in the shallow waters along the Mediterranean coast of Israel, disappear? Today, the species can be found in Israel mainly in deep habitats that exist at a… Read More

TAU study finds “environmentally-friendly” disposable tableware has negative effects on marine animals

A new Tel Aviv University study compares the effects of two types of disposable dishes on the marine environment — regular plastic disposable dishes and more expensive bioplastic disposable dishes certified by various international organizations — and determines that the bioplastic dishes had a similar effect on marine animals as regular plastic dishes. Moreover, the… Read More

Water vapor in the atmosphere may be prime renewable energy source

The search for renewable energy sources, which include wind, solar, hydroelectric dams, geothermal, and biomass, has preoccupied scientists and policymakers alike, due to their enormous potential in the fight against climate change. A new Tel Aviv University study finds that water vapor in the atmosphere may serve as a potential renewable energy source in the… Read More