TAU’s School of Medicine makes accommodations for students from European medical schools

Roy Benkovich (left) and Nofar Levy (right) with Professor Karen Avraham, Dean of TAU's School of Medicine (center).

Israeli students returning from Europe to continue their education at TAU

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The School of Medicine at Tel Aviv University (TAU) has made admission exceptions for some European students because of the war in Gaza.

Many Israeli students studying medicine in Europe returned to Israel in the wake of the October 7 attack, either to serve in the war or to mourn a family member killed on October 7. As a result, they lost their spot in their European medical studies for the year.

So that they would not lose a year of their studies, the TAU School of Medicine accepted 15 of these students. The effort was done in coordination with all of the medical schools in Israel, at which additional 20 students were accepted. In addition, one Israeli student who was on the waiting list and served in the war was also accepted at TAU, and another 28 in similar circumstances were accepted by other medical schools.

The students were in various stages of their medical education, and class sizes were expanded to accommodate the new students.

New standards ensure the continuing education of European students who returned to Israel because of the war