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PitchBook ranks TAU eighth in the world for alumni entrepreneurship

912 TAU undergraduate alumni, who have founded 761 companies and raised $26.8 billion in venture capital, make Tel Aviv University (TAU) eighth in the world and first outside the US among universities that produce successful entrepreneurs, according to the financial data company PitchBook. Topping the 2021 PitchBook list are four leading American universities: Stanford University… Read More

The Covid-19 Vaccine Revolution

TAU Professor Jonathan Gershoni tells the story of the significant scientific landmarks that led to the creation of RNA vaccines, that are significant in the global battle against the pandemic.

New Tel Aviv Online MBA at TAU’s Coller School of Management

Israel’s Council for Higher Education has approved the Tel Aviv Online MBA program at the Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University (TAU). This is the first time the Council has approved an entirely online degree taught by a research university, with no requirements for on-campus presence. All the residential MBA programs at the… Read More

New TAU technology exposes “liars” through examination of facial muscles

Technology developed by researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) detected 73% of the lies told by trial participants based on the contraction of their facial muscles, a higher rate of detection than any known method. The study identified two different groups of “liars”: those who activate their cheek muscles when they lie, and those who… Read More

UAE Minister of Education visits TAU

Tel Aviv University (TAU) recently hosted a delegation headed by the Emirati Minister of Education, Hussain bin Ibrahim Al Hammadi, for a historic visit. The visit took place in the presence of TAU’s President Professor Ariel Porat and Vice President of International Academic Affairs Professor Milette Shamir. The visit focused on promoting innovation and multidisciplinary… Read More

TAU researchers identify coronavirus proteins that can damage blood vessels

A team of experts led by Tel Aviv University (TAU) has identified five of the 29 proteins in the coronavirus that are responsible for damaging blood vessels. The researchers hope that the identification of these proteins will help develop targeted drugs for COVID-19 that reduce vascular damage. The study was led by Dr. Ben Maoz… Read More

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