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TAU researchers map genomic risk factors for complex eye disease

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have identified a new genetic risk factor for the complex eye disease Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD), a leading cause for loss of eyesight at an advanced age. For the first time, they identified proteins that play a key role in the development and functioning of the tissue affected by… Read More

TAU establishes first satellite observatory for quantum optical communication

The Center for Quantum Science and Technology at Tel Aviv University (TAU) has built the first ground station in Israel — and among the most advanced in the world — for tracking, sensing, hyperspectral imaging, and optical and quantum communication with satellites in orbit around the Earth. The station includes a satellite observatory dome with… Read More

People with autism experience pain at a higher intensity, TAU study finds

A new Tel Aviv University (TAU) study has found that people with autism experience pain at a higher intensity than the general population and are less adaptable to the sensation. This finding is contrary to the prevalent belief that people with autism are  “indifferent to pain.” The researchers expressed the hope that the findings of… Read More

MRI scans reveal that differences in brain activity can predict political orientation

A first-of-its-kind study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) found that the brains of “right-wing” and “left-wing” subjects reacted differently as they watched campaign ads tailored to a specific political point-of-view, even in brain regions involved in vision and hearing. The responses in those regions were unique enough to accurately predict an individual’s political views. The… Read More

Coller School of Management among world’s top 100 business schools

The Coller School of Management at Tel Aviv University (TAU) was ranked among the 100 “Best Business Schools in The World For 2023”  by CEOWORLD magazine, the only Israeli school to be included in this comprehensive international ranking. The ranking was conducted through the 2023 Global Business Schools survey among thousands of senior executives around… Read More

TAU researchers invent robot able to “smell” using a biological sensor

A new technological development from Tel Aviv University (TAU) has made it possible for a robot to smell using a biological sensor. The sensor sends electrical signals as a response to the presence of a nearby odor, which the robot can detect and interpret. In this new study, the researchers successfully connected the biological sensor… Read More

TAU study identifies new cause of brain development disorders in Williams syndrome

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Hebrew University found that abnormal processes lead to a disruption in the expression of genes essential for brain development in people suffering from Williams syndrome (WS), a rare, multisystem genetic syndrome that causes disorders in brain development. Its findings may contribute to the future development of… Read More