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TAU satellite protects electronic systems from hazardous radiation effects in space

Tel Aviv University (TAU) recently launched the TauSat-3 satellite to space, a technological demonstrator of the COTS-Capsule, an innovative space mechanism for detecting and mitigating cosmic-ray-induced damage to space systems. TauSat-3, which is approximately the size of a shoebox, was carefully designed and built by TAU’s team of experts and will examine the performance of… Read More

In exclusive event, astronaut Jessica Meir addresses TAU Governors

On October 21, 2021, NASA astronaut Dr. Jessica Meir addressed the 2021 Board of Governors Meeting of Tel Aviv University (TAU), discussing her missions to space, life under extreme environmental conditions, and the relationship between her research and combating climate change. Meir, who is also a marine biologist and physiologist, delivered her remarks by live… Read More

TAU builds and plans to launch a small satellite into orbit

The TAU-SAT1 nanosatellite, approximately the size of a shoebox, is currently undergoing pre-flight testing at the Japanese space agency JAXA prior to a planned launch by NASA in the first quarter of 2021. TAU-SAT1 was entirely devised, developed, assembled, and tested at Tel Aviv University’s Nanosatellite Center, an interdisciplinary endeavor of the University’s Iby and… Read More

Astronomers discover giant relic of disrupted “tadpole” galaxy

A team of astronomers from Israel, the United States and Russia have identified a disrupted galaxy resembling a giant tadpole, complete with an elliptical head and a long, straight tail, about 300 million light years away from Earth. The galaxy is 1 million light-years long from end to end, 10 times longer than the Milky… Read More