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TAU researchers discover why tanning takes time

Beachgoers are familiar with the experience of spending an afternoon in the sun, going home, and noticing that their skin has changed color hours later. A new Tel Aviv University (TAU) study uncovers the science behind the mystery of why the body’s tanning process does not occur immediately after sun exposure, but only after a… Read More

RNA-based drug delivered by nanoparticles destroys most cancer cells in bone marrow

Using an RNA-based drug delivered to multiple myeloma blood cancer cells by targeted lipid nanoparticles, researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) destroyed 90% of the cells under laboratory conditions and 60% of the cells in human tissues. The researchers developed lipid-based nanoparticles, similar to those used in the COVID-19 vaccine, containing RNA molecules that silence… Read More

New TAU research advances personalized medicine for infectious diseases

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have identified a method, using experiments and computational tools, to classify two central components of the immune response that operate as a result of severe infectious disease. The discovery provides a doorway to the world of personalized medicine in the field of infectious diseases and the provision of more… Read More

TAU discovery may help children suffering from Dravet syndrome

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) and other institutions have developed an innovative gene therapy that may help children suffering from Dravet syndrome (DS). The severe developmental epilepsy results from a mutation not inherited from the parents but occurring randomly in the fetus in a gene called SCN1A. DS manifests as severe epilepsy that is… Read More

TAU and UCLA researchers use deep-brain stimulation during sleep to improve memory consolidation

A breakthrough study has demonstrated for the first time that long-lasting memories are consolidated in the human brain through communication between the hippocampus and the cerebral cortex during sleep. The researchers also found that by inducing deep-brain stimulation during sleep, they can improve memory consolidation. The unique study, published on June 1, 2023, in the… Read More