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Study from TAU identifies differing levels of COVID-19 antibodies in men and women

A joint study conducted by researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the Shamir Medical Center (Asaf Harofe) indicates that the level of COVID-19 antibodies in the human blood stream differs according to age groups, gender, symptoms, and time elapsed since vaccination. The research examined the level of antibodies in over 26,000 blood samples taken… Read More

TAU discovery sheds new light on elusive workings of ALS

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have identified a previously unknown intracellular process in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) that may serve as a basis for the development of new treatments for the fatal neurodegenerative disease. “Our discovery provides new encouragement for developing ALS treatments,” says the study’s lead researcher, Professor Eran Perlson of the Department… Read More

New nanotech from TAU produces “healthy” electric current from the human body itself

A new nanotechnology development from an international research team led by Tel Aviv University researchers will make it possible to generate electric currents and voltage within the human body itself through the activation of various organs using mechanical force. The development involves a new and very strong biological material, similar to collagen, which is non-toxic… Read More

New TAU method delivers therapeutic RNAs exclusively to cancer cells

Researchers at Tel Aviv University have created a new method of transporting RNA-based drugs to a subpopulation of immune cells involved in the inflammation process, and target disease-inflamed cells without causing damage to healthy cells that surround them. The new technology may revolutionize the treatment of cancer and a wide range of diseases and medical… Read More

TAU researchers develop artificial gold nanoparticle to improve cancer treatments

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) have developed a nanotechnology that can serve as a basis for innovative medical approaches to diagnosing and delivering light-activated drug therapies for cancer patients. The technology transforms a transparent calcite nanoparticle into a sparkling gold-like particle, turning an “invisible” particle into one that is visible despite its very small… Read More

TAU research discovers how “good” viruses can selectively destroy DNA of “bad” bacteria

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) revealed a mechanism through which “good” viruses can attack the genetic systems of “bad” bacteria, destroying them and blocking their reproduction. The researchers demonstrated that the “good” virus (bacteriophage) is able to block the replication mechanism of the bacteria’s DNA without damaging its own. Their discovery reveals… Read More

Treatment for Alzheimer’s disease found effective in preventing inflammation in orthopedic implants

Dental and orthopedic implants are widely used around the world. Common causes for implant failure are the immune response against oral bacteria and titanium particles shed by the implant. These and other phenomena can generate an inflammatory response, activating the osteoclasts (bone resorbing cells), and ultimately leading to osteolysis (destruction of bone tissue) around the… Read More