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TAU study identifies new cause of brain development disorders in Williams syndrome

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Hebrew University found that abnormal processes lead to a disruption in the expression of genes essential for brain development in people suffering from Williams syndrome (WS), a rare, multisystem genetic syndrome that causes disorders in brain development. Its findings may contribute to the future development of… Read More

TAU researchers examine the “secret magic” of medical clowns

A new study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and the Israel Center for Medical Simulation (MSR) tested and categorized the skills of medical clowns and found that their importance goes far beyond just creating a good mood for patients. The researchers identified 40 different skills of medical clowns, including establishing an emotional connection and creating… Read More

TAU study uses smartwatches to measure safety of coronavirus vaccines

Researchers at Tel Aviv University (TAU) equipped close to 5,000 Israelis with smartwatches and monitored their physiological parameters over two years. Of those monitored, 2,038 received the booster dose of the coronavirus vaccine, allowing the researchers to objectively compare measures before and after the participants took the vaccine and to confirm the safety of the… Read More

TAU establishes Multidisciplinary Center for Research of Autoimmune Diseases

Tel Aviv University (TAU) has established The Colton Center, Israel’s first multidisciplinary center for the study of autoimmune diseases, chronic conditions involving an abnormal response of the immune system within body tissues. The new Center will collaborate with Israel’s medical centers and health services, including HMOs and hospitals as well as selected scientists from other… Read More

New TAU technology allows efficient encapsulation and UV light-regulated release of biomolecules and drugs

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have developed a new technology that will allow controlled encapsulation and release of molecules by exposure to UV light. Efficient encapsulation of molecules has been considered a major technological challenge, say the researchers. The new technology, which allows for efficient encapsulation and high loading capacity of molecules, might address… Read More

TAU research finds common drugs can reduce risk of cancer metastases

A short, simple, and safe drug treatment developed at Tel Aviv University (TAU) reduced the risk of the spread of cancer metastases after surgery to remove the primary tumor, according to the first clinical study of its kind conducted among 34 colon cancer patients at Sheba Tel Hashomer Medical Center. The research was led by… Read More

TAU study faults masculine dominance for medical focus on reproduction instead of women’s health

A new preliminary study from Tel Aviv University (TAU) reveals that most gynecological research focuses on childbirth and reproduction rather than women’s health and wellbeing because of masculine dominance of the gynecological science field. Mapping scientific journals in the category of gynecology and obstetrics, the study found that the majority deal with fertility, pregnancy, fetuses,… Read More

Combination of ultrasound and nanobubbles destroys cancerous tumors, TAU study finds

A new technology developed at Tel Aviv University (TAU) makes it possible to destroy cancerous tumors in a targeted manner, via a combination of ultrasound and the injection of nanobubbles into the bloodstream. According to the research team, this latest technology enables the destruction of the tumor in a non-invasive manner, unlike invasive treatment methods… Read More