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Bats “know” the speed of sound from birth, TAU researchers say

A new Tel Aviv University study has revealed for the first time that bats “know” the speed of sound from birth. Unlike humans, who map the world in units of distance, bats map the world in units of time, the researchers say. The research was led by Professor Yossi Yovel, head of the Sagol School… Read More

Google and TAU launch “AI for Social Good”

Google and Tel Aviv University (TAU) recently launched “AI for Social Good,” a program for promoting artificial intelligence-related multidisciplinary research for the benefit of society. It aims to support research and collaborations in data science and artificial intelligence that address social issues on the global agenda. It was established within the framework of the TAU… Read More

TAU researchers identify proteins that cause intestinal disease

Researchers from Tel Aviv University (TAU) have created an artificial intelligence platform that can identify the specific proteins that allow bacteria to infect the intestines. The platform paves the way for the creation of smart drugs that can neutralize the proteins and prevent disease, eliminating the use of antibiotics. Participating in the study, which was… Read More

Optical technology from TAU can make an immediate melanoma diagnosis

An innovative optical technology that can distinguish between different types of the skin cancer melanoma has been developed in the laboratory of Professor Abraham Katzir of the Raymond and Beverly Sackler Faculty of Exact Sciences at Tel Aviv University. The method, which is rapid, non-invasive, and painless, was tried successfully on about one hundred patients… Read More

TAU researchers achieve breakthrough in battle against brain cancer

Groundbreaking research from Tel Aviv University may lead to a significant breakthrough in the battle against deadly brain cancer. TAU researchers have identified a failure in the brain’s immune system that leads to the amplification of cell division and spread of glioblastoma cancer cells. The failure results partially from the secretion of a protein called… Read More

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