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One of every three reservists on Tel Aviv University campus is a woman

In the first months of the current war, 6,657 Tel Aviv University (TAU) students were called up for reserve duty in the Israel Defense Forces (IDF), more than in any other Israeli university, including 2,228 women — 34% of the total. Moreover, in January 2024, after most reserve soldiers had been discharged, 2,545 TAU students,… Read More

Help TAU’s reservist students fulfill their true calling

When duty called, they came. Now, it’s up to us to help them return to class, worry-free, and become the bright future of Israel. The moment the Hamas-Israel war broke out, Israel reenlisted its reservists. Over 6,000 of them are Tel Aviv University students. They already completed regular IDF duty and are now in a… Read More

TAU urgently launches National PTSD Clinic for civilians and soldiers

Tel Aviv University (TAU) is launching a National PTSD Clinic in response to urgent needs. The Clinic will serve as the therapeutic arm of TAU’s National Center for Traumatic Stress and Resilience, which combines research, training, and intervention in the field of post-trauma and related mental health disorders. In the coming year, the Clinic is… Read More

TAU student from Canada joins task force to counter war misinformation

Ben Bright, 28, from Montreal, Canada, was one of the first to join a task force of international students at Tel Aviv University (TAU) that is using social media and other means to boldly combat fake news and tell the true story about the October 7 terror attacks and the Israel-Hamas war. Bright, who is… Read More

Israelis volunteered and donated extensively in third week of Iron Swords War

A new report from Tel Aviv University (TAU) and Ben-Gurion University of the Negev reveals the scope of volunteering and donations in Israel during the Iron Swords War. Focusing on the third week of the war, the report’s findings reflect a picture of extraordinary solidarity, with rates of volunteering and donations that are much higher… Read More

TAU International students unite to combat disinformation and oppose terror

Following the horrific October 7, 2023, terror attack by Hamas and the disturbing proliferation of fake news across digital platforms, a group of about 30 international students at Tel Aviv University (TAU) has formed a task force to tell the verified story of what they’re seeing and hearing in Israel right now. “We’re a group… Read More

TAU exhibit honors victims of Hamas attack

Tel Aviv University (TAU) held a special exhibit on Thursday, October 19, at its 1,000-seat Smolarz Auditorium. Pictures of all persons abducted, missing, murdered, or killed in the October 7 Hamas attack on Israel — both citizens and IDF soldiers — were displayed on the empty seats. The initiative was led by Daniel Zilber, Chair… Read More